Romancing the Stone
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Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner star alongside Danny DeVito in this high-flying romance

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Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner star alongside Danny DeVito in this high-flying romance adventure. After her sister is kidnapped by thugs amidst their search for a priceless gem in the Colombian jungle, a romance novelist (Turner) realizes that her own life is in danger! And when she sets out to rescue her sister, she meets a handsome fortune seeker (Douglas), who more than sidetracks her!

User Reviews
Idrisio77 2023-08-19
One of Michael Douglas’s best!!!

ifyoulikemyopinion788791 2021-07-28
Now this is a movie!

Megalightsaber 2018-09-07
The whole story, premise, characters, villains, they where all good. I love the guy, and I love the girl. It was just a big adventure film, and it embraces that. Give it a look. Loved it

Monki811 2018-09-01
This movie has alot of great action in a foreign jungle and great romance. Very happy ending. Some good humor as well. Most of all it was an excellent throwback to those classic 80s romance/adventure movies. This compares to Indiana Jones except with more romance.

Froggleep 2017-02-05
This movie started off fairly well, then really got bogged down in the middle. I had to fast forward through parts of it. It's OK, but barely. Michael Douglas as a romantic lead doesn't do much for me. He's not a bad actor, but nothing fabulous.

Kman81499 2016-08-22
This is one movie that is a must have. I can watch this one over and over. Kathleen Turner at her best. A movie classic.

likechicken_r 2016-08-13
One of my all-time favorites.

Romancingthestonelover 2015-09-12
want to buy it, not rent it. why isnt this for sale yet? Jewel of the Nile is for sale and its not nearly as good as this one. Please hurry up an release for sale.

Diz1200 2015-09-06
Great movie,but I don't want to rent it. I WOULD LOVE TO BUY THIS MOVIE!!!!!

nikanico 2015-08-09
I can literally recite every line of this movie out loud by heart. I have seen it more times than I can count. It is my favorite movie of all time, yet the furthest I can go with it technology-wise is a Blu-Ray disc and I'm not renting something I own on Blu-Ray. I know it's probably not Apple's fault that it's not available to buy, but if you have any sway whatsoever with whoever is the decision maker, please tell them to let me/us purchase this movie!!!

Elyons123 2015-07-31
But let us buy, not rent!

movie lvr 2015-07-26
I agree, I want to buy this one too!!!

Billy DTK421 2015-07-25
What? No purchase option??? C’mon iTunes!!!