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Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll centers on “Johnny Rock,” lead singer of a legendary early 90’s New York band called The Heathens. Known for living up to their name, the band partied so long and so hard that even Keith Richards thought they needed to slow things down. The Heathens were on the brink of becoming famous for their kickass live shows and the release of their highly anticipated first album. Until they broke up.

User Reviews
silmarilln 2016-07-01
Worth watching good humor and fresh ideas.

fre_gillies 2015-07-24
I am obsessed with SDRR. It's funny, it's beautiful, the chemistry of the cast is amazing and Liz Gillies' voice is the best thing that happened to music. I love how well the cast interacts with each other, there is a lot of improv and all the music is live, which makes it even more realistic. Best tv show I've seen in years.

700 Pages 2015-07-18
This is as funny as Rescue Me but with slightly less heavy drama (so far) and even more humor, which is great. At the same time, it's got an interesting, fun storyline as well. I wish I could binge watch the series- it's awesome!

MedicZero 2015-07-18
A show about broken dreams, unexpected fatherhood, desperation and getting the band back together… or maybe its not about that at all. Just having finished watching the pilot, I have to be honest, I was slow to warm to these characters. But, something happened as the story progressed; unexpected depth of character, cleaver turn of phrase, and moments of tenderness. It’s a little hard to see at first, but there might just be something great here. Well worth a watch.

MB171098 2015-07-17
The show definitely leaves you begging for more. I've only watched the pilot but I'm already hooked. I highly recommend it and I can't wait for next week's episode.

@hopeinbutera 2015-07-16
This show is funny. I'm literally obsessed, and can't get enough.

LM9393 2015-07-13
I got the chance to get a preview of the first couple of episodes of this show and I LOVED every second. ADORED it. The characters are funny on their own, but even funnier when they're acting together - they're a "dysfunctional family", as the cast have described them multiple times, and that term is pretty spot-on. Even though the show focuses on aging wannabe-rockstar Johnny Rock (Denis Leary), Elizabeth Gillies' character Gigi is the shining star of the show. Her character holds the band together and keeps them grounded; her maturity is her strong point in this rather chaotic constellation of musicians. And her vocals are absolutely incredible. A real and raw talent, which becomes even more evident knowing that all of the music in the show was recorded live. The pilot episode seems a little rushed, which can be excused, though, as 23 minutes isn't even nearly enough time to introduce such a variety of characters and backstories that need to come together somehow. The show gets better and better with every episode, and I cried laughing more than once watching it. You will be hooked after two episodes at most! I highly recommend watching this show!