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The fifth installment of the award-winning franchise, American Horror Story: Hotel, explores the depths of The Countess' (Lady Gaga) mayhem inside a haunted, historic Los Angeles hotel.

User Reviews
HEAM!!! 2022-09-02
Always going to be the best season of American Horror Story Their all good , ALL REALLY GOOD, but “HOTEL” is really to die for. And always will be. Really Awesome work on this one.

Brandonn831 2019-11-14
gaga was amazing in this season

MyownmE 2018-12-26
My Fav. seasons of AHS are: S5 (Hotel) S1 (Murder House) S8 (Apocalypse). they really fulfil my expectations, not like the rest of seasons.

JuliBerC 2018-10-07
The best season so far!!

#1Jackster 2018-08-13
AHS: Hotel is so comically inept that its addictive glamour and B-movie cheese prevail over its brutally boring gore, disjointed storytelling, and ostentatious sexuality.

takethedayhoff 2018-08-06
Seasons 1 and 2 showed such promise. What happened? Asylum was brilliant and the series really hit it's stride. I expected more greatness to follow. It's been a not-so-gradual downward spiral.

Reckia6 2018-04-14 got it, for there is tons and tons of blood in this season. This may be one of my least favorite seasons of AHS, but it is still enjoyable. Bad things-Evan Peters. My least favorite role of his. I hate his accent! There are also two many storylines in this. And as I said earlier, tons of blood, almost too much or one could say overkill. Good things-Wes Bentley. Nice to see him play a major role in this season. He does a great job. Denis O’Hare. My favorite role of his. Love his character. Chloë Sevigny. We get to see her butt in one scene! And I do like most of the storylines here, just wish there were fewer. So, overall, a good season but not one of my favorites.

myatnoeZ 2018-03-21
Gaga is so amazing🔥🔥🔥

#soonny😂 2017-11-06
Amazing season 🤟🏻 i really loved it 🤩💗

LGBTQueen 2017-09-25
This season was different but in amazing way the visuals and soundtrack were the best I’ve seen so far and Gaga’s the countess character truly made this show one of a kind ABSOLUTELY brilliant!

Zach564344 2017-09-07
As a huge Lady Gaga fan I went in with high hopes and let me say it does not disappoint. This season caught me right off the bat with the shocking opening scene. The whole season takes you through a series of twists and turns you never know where it is going. Also let's just say Gaga slayed it. She had a ruthless cold blood feel to her but at the same time she could be nice. Overall I definitely recommend watching this one although the plot is not as deep as some of the other seasons, the weird style and amazing performances make up for it.

I love this season, it's better than the others. Although, Asylum was good too. Lady Gaga was perfect, glad she got a Golden Globe.

Jfkkdkxk 2017-07-11
This season really set the theme and stuck with it very well. The Hotel has this ambience of mystery and loneliness which is amazingly done well. The story is really straight forward with good sub plots and really makes you feel as if you are there. Lady Gaga was really amazing as the Countess, the use of blood was too much at times, and the sex scenes, but this is American Horror Story. The story really captivates you and the cast seems really dark and evil but the back stories really show their reasons, and it all ties in very well.

Mrzzh 2017-03-05
Ryan Murphy has potential, but like always, throws it away with sex and murder. There's honestly no interesting or rational story this season at all. First of all, each episode focuses on someone new so much that when a new episode refocuses on a previous person, I forget what was even going on with them. Every time Ryan Murphy says that a season will be "scarier and better", it actually turns out to be stupid and worse.

Melisa231 2016-12-04
Idk why everyone is freaking out about the gore and stuff. I'm thirteen years old and I never flinched lol. Best show ever

Tnj1814 2016-12-04
Much better than the last one.

Lee567 2016-10-04
Season 1, 2 and 3 were terrific, with 1 being the strongest by far - because it had a strong story and writing. Freak Show was okay too, but you could see the series transitioning from storytelling to simple shock value. Now we've reached the bottom of the barrel. This is just gross and pointless. You have this great cast (and Gaga is actually pretty good) and no storyline...just pointless ultra-graphic killings episode after episode. All of the characters are completely one-note and its just completely unwatchable.

@KLuca143 2016-10-04
Stylish & terrifying. A must watch! Lady Gaga is amazing as "The Countess"!

RivRimErt 2016-09-15
One of the biggest seasons yet, has a massive inter connecting plot that has multiple questions. Highlights were the countess and Sally.

Tobes88989 2016-09-06
Loved the prior seasons, Murder house, coven and asylum. Freak show was ok, but hotel-I'm not sure how much I can tolerate. Vampires and sex crazed ghosts? The story is lacking and rape scenes are way too many. Most of the show is about Lady Gaga walking around half naked. Hoping season 7 will be better.

STXOF_88 2016-08-30
Yes I agree with people… this went from fun Hitchcock and freak friendly to just ……. disgusting. Rape is not funny or cool this is god awful…. The extreme sexually violent scenes are even eluded to they are show like a snuff…. horrible horrible horrible….. JESSICA LANG WAS THE BEST PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zachary R Newton 2016-08-29
I have nothing else to say

🏡🏫🏩💒 2016-08-10
If you can read then the title says it all! It's called that for a reason. It's to show how evil the world truly can be. If you don't have a strong stomach then you shouldn't be watching AHS! It is rated mature and there are some foul scenes but who cares. That's what it's all about. People are saying oh it's disgusting and foul! Well then you shouldn't watch it and get on with your life instead of writing a review. I understand that these things do happen in real life but it's just a tv show okay! I think AHS is amazing. But if you don't have a strong stomach then I don't suggest watching this! 😊💕

Ethanbrooks777777777 2016-08-08
Its not the same as the previous seasons. The characters are bland and boring and the story is impossible to get into.

DerekBianchi 2016-06-27
I love AHS! That being said I was disappointed with Freakshow & was hoping I wouldn't be disappointed with Hotel! Lady Gaga is no Jessica Lange but I do have to say that she impressed me! Ryan Murphy is a genius & a great story teller! Sarah Paulson is amazing! She can play anyone or anything & reminds me of a young Meryl Streep. I love how we get to see how each season overlaps with other seasons & characters from previous seasons are intertwined with current characters! It's amazing how deep we get to see every character & their background in only 12 episodes! As far as people rating this with only 1 star & saying that it's "disgusting" or "disturbing" they are absolutely right! That's what AHS is all about! Did they think they were gonna be watching some type of Rom-com? Some scenes were tough to watch but I think they were meant to make you feel uneasy! I absolutely can not wait for the next season.. I can't believe they still haven't released the theme for the upcoming season but it doesn't matter because I'm watching it regardless!

imykesan 2016-06-23
this show automatically gets 5stars cuz I've loved this show since the very first season (only 12 episodes). but I'm confused as to why the description declares the 13 episode fifth season and only displays 12 in the contents. is it missing an episode? have we been shorted (like season one) or was it really just a 12 episode season... either way can't wait to add this to my digital collection when it finally goes on sale.

Hejdjbeksnxvsiai 2016-06-09
The show is amazing but every time I try to start the show it just keeps pausing and once it's finally done pausing it happens again and again and to top it off it takes forever to load!!

gb0923 2016-05-10
We bought episode 1 assuming it would be cool like scream queens and scream. So I moved the curser half way through to see what's in store for us and I see lady Gaga on a bed having sex with someone ripping his heart out or something I couldn't believe my eyes. We actually hid the episode from our library and purchases because it is that disgusting. What I find even more disgusting is that society awarded her for this - she won a golden globe for being a horror movie porn star! Disgusting and especially if you have any children do not buy this horrible show.

Yasnyl 2016-05-06
This one did not hook me at all. It wasn't watchable. Every time I tried to watch an episode I found myself on my phone, iPad, or doing other things. Rape. Violence. Complete lack of creativity. It was just complete garbage. This show is going downhill fast.

Maur331 2016-05-03
Of course it's going to be gory with hard to watch scenes, it's called American Horror Story for a reason🤔, I loved all of the seasons can't wait to see this 3* for now. If you can stand to watch it than don't.🙄

Joey M Leiser 2016-04-29
I can only watch a minute of the episode!!! They are fully downloaded.

PaulMoses 2016-04-09
I'll be quick. I watched the first episode hoping to see a better series than Season 3. Disappointed to say the least. Then I watched episode 2 hoping it'd get better and so on through episode 12. It didn't get better. Ever. Save your money...

Jordan 😉 2016-04-02
I love this series I must admit Ryan Murphy is a Guinness I'm madly impressed with what he's turned the show into I like how he made every season a unique storyline my dream is to be an actor and there are some amazing actors and actresses on this show I got to admit I was really dumbfounded to not see Jessica Lange return in this season all though I expected it because I watch all the interviews but I love Jessica I'm really hoping that the next season isn't the farewell season because I'm madly in love with this show! ☺️ seeing a lot of these reviews makes me laugh because of the sexual content like are you a child or an adult because it's rate TV-MA for a reason get used to it! It's just a unique series that I really like

StevenGualteros 2016-03-22
Ryan Murphy did it again, ladies and gentlemen. After watching Freak Show I though this season was going to be a disaster, but I stand corrected. Not the best season of AHS, but I loved it.

lysslyssa 2016-03-07
Wow AHS has been declining every season since asylum to the point where it's trash. It need to go back to its roots where you were invested in the story and it was dramatic rather than watching senseless killing and sex every episode. There are too many cast members which makes for too many open ended plot lines. Ryan needs to go back the original smaller scale cast. You can't fully flesh out every character's story in 12 or 13 episodes with so much cast. You can feel that the writers are rushing to get the story told. For example Sally has been a heroine addict almost her entire life and in about 5 minutes they conclude her story by her overcoming her lifelong addiction by getting an iPhone and joining social media. What a joke. Not practical at all. No wonder why Jessica Lange left.

timecobb 2016-02-23
Very creative, different. Loved all of AHS seasons so far, however the ending was a little rushed on this one

reetyry 2016-02-13
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Bonita89g 2016-01-30
Great story and gorgeous wardrobe😍 gaga looks stunning 😍😍😍😍

Pippens. 2016-01-21
Guess what!?! It’s Thursday!!! You know what that means? American Horror Story Day! Oh wait no, it’s not because it’s not here. Where is episode 13?

Ashdubz13 2016-01-21
There are always 13 episodes where is number 13!!!!!????

Moonseeds 2016-01-20
This (season 5) was the first season I watched. The story is more complex than I thought it would be, but the actors are real pull. Everyone is in ultimate form, including the biggest surprise for me, Lady Gaga. My interest in her acting talent far exceeds that of her musical offerings. She is a superb actor and many congratulations to her well earned Golden Globe!. (Golden Globe [Winner] (2016) Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television.) Before I continue, this is one new fan of the show who notices the work put into the sets, lighting, wardrobe, hair styles, make up, and various accents spoken, which all come together in what appears to be effortless to transport the viewer to another reality. Top notch achievement! Pairing Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett?. HEAVEN!! What did we do to deserve such command performances from these two legends? New to me, Evan Peters (Seriously, he’s new to this?), Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, Finn Wittrock, Zachary Quinto, Wes Bentley, Matt Bomer, and Chloë Sevigny; you have my attention!. Holy cow, their acting craft is utterly (udderly?😉) mind blowing!. How did Hollywood cope with all of the talent working on AHS? After watching season five twice, I went back and watched all of the other seasons. Jessica Lange's art for the first four seasons was a grand celebration of her pure glamour and full command of all things Hollywood. What a gift she is!. Belated congratulations on her award win!. (Golden Globe [Winner] (2012) Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television.) I was so pleased to see Emma Roberts. After seeing her in "We're the Millers", I very much hoped to see her again. She, along with the rest of the cast, show more range in a mere five seasons than most box-office stars do in an entire career. I cannot figure out who is more lucky in this scenario. Is it the actors for getting a great gig that allows them to stretch and offer their acting prowess to the world, or the AHS show for securing this most amazing cast? I had to save my favorite of the show for last. DENIS O’HARE is a bona fide genius!!!!. From “Milk”, “Dallas Buyers Club”, “The Proposal”, and the most evil vampire, Russell Edgington, in “True Blood” (I only list the titles in which I’ve seen his work, but there’s so much more in his repertoire), the man executes more flexibility than Gumby and he nails it every which way from Sunday. For me this was a case of seeing a familiar face and being damned impressed with what I’d seen after just a few episodes of ‘Liz Taylor’ so I looked up his name, and almost all of the others I’ve mentioned above, on His breadth of work is beyond the bounds of extraordinary!. I won’t forget his name again, I know that much!. Bravo to everyone who works on this series, truly. I rarely write reviews for anything. As is obvious now they are quite long reviews when something is good enough to get my attention and keep me wanting more like American Horror Story has done. I cannot wait to see what you come up with next season.

EagreBeaver 2016-01-19
To the many viewers who were so totally offended by the sheer number of violent deaths in this installment of AHS I just wanted to say you’ve missed the point… it is about death, and life ever after and love of and old place, and self loathing and, and, and… It’s dark comedy at it’s very best! Over the top to be sure as all dark comedy should be. Graphic and violent and gory and bloody and in many ways so touching. It’s about life after death - and rebirth. It’s gruesome and beautiful. The characters are a stellar ensemble cast of wonderful actors - many of which are featured again and again from AHS’s previous episodes. No where can I remember seeing anything like it - where death is just the beginning and following the story the people killed and doing the killing are transformed with each new episode. Anyway - thumbs up for me!

Zhllion 2016-01-18
This season is amazing. I do miss Jessica but scenes with LG are very hot(and I am not into girls) and this time is scary like actually horror movie. And the blood excites me😂😍😍☺️

Monia0208 2016-01-17
Once you get through the first few episodes, you're sucked in. Seriously the best.

Jazzbea 2016-01-14
I love Jessica Lang and enjoyed the first three seasons. Season four was so lame I never finished watching. I was expecting much more since Jessica Lang was not returning. The opening theme song, which was changed to ridiculous circus music set the tempo for the entire season. Then when I heard Lady GaGa was staring in Season five I thought “this is going to be a waste” but I was pleasantly wrong. Season five really pushes the boundaries of what is and what is not appropriate for a TV series. Most excellent season. Definitely XXX-Rated.

Trill art 2016-01-14
Stick with it. This is the best season yet.

kevinislasok 2016-01-13
5 stars duh

Really 404 2016-01-09
A.H.S hotel is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!! If u don't like this season 🤐!! Cause I love it!!

DV8ed 2016-01-08
Best season ever!!!!! For the people that said they can't stomach it. Get over yourself!! Honestly, it says for mature audiences only. So you're obviously not mature enough to be able to handle it. Then don't watch it. I have seen waaaay worse movies in my 35 yrs. some episodes may be a little more disturbing than others. But reality is, it's a great show.

Delvin Lamar 2016-01-08
This is the best season ever. I don't know if I want to stop watching or start masturbating.