Hopeful Romantic
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hopefulROMANTIC is a universal story about loving, letting go, and holding onto faith that there's

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Hopeful Romantic is a universal story about loving, letting go, and holding onto faith that there's somebody for everybody. The nearly dialogue-free narrative is articulated solely through Matt Zarley and Andy Zulla (Smash)’s soulful pop score. . . introducing a fresh new format in musical storytelling. George Takei co-stars.

User Reviews
Bearljar 2016-03-10
Awesome soundtrack. Powerful message Matt's voice shines

Frankenpaul 2016-02-01
Matt Zarley’s “Hopeful Romantic” is a short film of unique quality. It’s a series of music videos that collectively creates something bigger than the music alone. Together the videos tell the story of love found, lost and eventually finding the strength to smile again and move on. Each song/video can stand alone as a separate piece listened to or viewed just for what it is: a heartfelt piece of emotion. In fact, each song represents a different emotion as one drifts through the multitude of stages a failed relationship brings. Collectively the entire piece expresses one big emotional truth… life is complicated but worth living. “Hopeful Romantic” is what you’d expect from a Matt Zarley project. His music history has always been centered around relationship experiences. You won’t find an aimless song in his repertoire with something like “Who Let The Dogs Out?” (although Matt does love dogs.) He writes from the heart. Matt is quite capable in front of the camera as well as he is behind the pen as a song writer. He truly has a stage presence and your eyes are fixated on him throughout. It would be nice to see him act in other projects. After you purchase “Hopeful Romantic” don’t forget to buy Matt’s full music albums too. His soothing voice and musical style is just what you need when you want to bring a certain emotion to the forefront. Someday I’m going to meet Matt and I’m going to give him a big hug for all the heartwarming smiles he’s given me over the years.

shyguy9561 2016-01-30
Matt seems to always know how to convey what you are feeling and put it into song. This is a fantastic and emotional journey from love at first sight to break up to healing and moving on. I love this from beginning to end.

magicastle77 2016-01-30
So wonderful to see 2 manly men in love! May it Spread far and wide with pride! Many thanks to the film makers for this body of work! We need more long form films!

wgidci 2016-01-30
I saw this film at the Outreels Cincinnati 2015...I was excited that Matt submitted ...the film is a love story told by song...a mini-musical...Matt's voice is a dream to listen to, and the guest cameo is a a nice touch too. Buy the soundtrack and enjoy reliving the film.

El Regio Takeshi 2016-01-26
Fortunately I have an America's iTunes account and I was able to bought it and enjoyed it from the beginning to the end... It made me feel free again after more than two years crying for somebody, somebody who never heard me as I wanted, now I'm starting to live again, step by step but in the end I believe in possibilities, all the journey was worth and I'll do it all over again... Gracias ! !! !!!

daver812 2016-01-26
A great short film with amazing singing and songs! Do check this out and the soundtrack album.

Tjallen82 2016-01-26
Matt Zarley has taken his talents beyond the mic and transferred them on to the screen. The story is both heartbreaking and yet heartwarming. The meaning throughout the whole short is no matter what happens in you relationships or love there is always "Someone 4 Everyone".

Nevadamatt13 2015-10-30
Always an incredible musical talent this film shows how versatile he is.

"Hopeful Romantic" Works 2015-10-18
I was skeptical of Matt Zarley's ability to build a piece that worked dramitically. He's an able pop singer, but popsters are not generally great dramatists. Still, I figured I would just give is a look, after having seen some of the teasers posted on YouTube. "Hopeful Romantic" is a series of pop songs, in a kind of extended, or album form, of music video; but Mr. Zarley did manage to build a dramtic arc through the film. It's a genuinely sweet film at its heart, and goodness and kindness shine through the piece from start to finish. It's all a bit too new-agey for me, but in the end I felt happier for spending the time to experience it. I am glad I spent the $2.99 for the download on iTunes, and I can recommend it.

David Jensen 2015-10-15
Hopeful Romantic is a truly amazing, very powerful, and beautifully unique film. It will make you both cry and smile. The music is truly amazing too. Please support Matt, and check out this short film.