Star Wars: The Force Awakens
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Lucasfilm and visionary director J.J. Abrams join forces to take you back again to a galaxy far, far

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Visionary director J.J. Abrams brings to life the motion picture event of a generation. As Kylo Ren and the sinister First Order rise from the ashes of the Empire, Luke Skywalker is missing when the galaxy needs him most. It's up to Rey, a desert scavenger, and Finn, a defecting stormtrooper, to join forces with Han Solo and Chewbacca in a desperate search for the one hope of restoring peace to the galaxy.

User Reviews
Tiimmmy 2023-12-31
A complete recycle of the original Star Wars series with horrible acting, plot holes the size of the death star, and depressingly predictable. I waited years to see this because I was afraid it was going to be a disappointment, it was worse than I feared.

JoeCoolRunnings 2023-07-13
Easy now. Easy does it. ConcenTRAAAAAAAAAAAATE! Down goes the sardonic composure of the Sith, thanks to Dark Helmet--I mean, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). Far and fast falls the discipline of the Imperial staffers and commanders, namely General Hux (Dohmnall Gleeson) and Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie). Bomb-blasted is the adventurous nature and youthful spirit of the Jedi and their newfound friends, by way of Rey and Finn's self-certainty and timidity respectively (Daisy Ridley, John Boyega). CRASH! SMASH! RATTLE! go the engaging story, subtle energy, comic relief, and zero-aid of self-awareness that made the original trilogy work--and held up to a point in the prequel trilogy. [By way of "Master" Abrams and the other Padawan learners of this otherwise time-honored craft of sci-fi adventure and escape from ruggish, buggish reality. And the chief helmsman of LUCASFILM, need I mention?] To what ends is this jest? "To reflect present society. To represent the sidelined/broadsided. To empower the 'powerless'," you say. THAT IS WHY YOU FAIL.

St@rw@rs fan 4 life! 2023-06-19
I was like 5 when I started watching this and it was amazing and I loved Rey because that was my middle name so Rey was basically my idol.Now at 12 yrs I still love Star Wars I have always dreamed of being in a Star Wars film.who know maybe I will

Blue1975520 2023-05-19
Not as good as the originals, but better than 8.

windycityzenkane 2023-04-08
It has been five or seven years since I saw EPISODE VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS. Yet, I remember the ONLY reason I bothered to look: To see the old gang back together again. Re-enter Han Solo and Chewie. And Leia Organa. And C-3P0 and R2-D2 of course. And don't forget Luke Skywalker. But ESPECIALLY Han Solo. I also remember being slightly jumpy at the sight of the Millenium Falcon. Yeah. Nostalgia is good and all, but it does not save this unnecessary roughness from being unnecessary let alone rough. For starters, why do we need a sequel trilogy at all? What was/is so wrong with (or absent from) what we got with the original trilogy that the ever-popular Disney has to add more? Why do it with Disney at all? Not to mention the equally popular Jar Jar Abrams? [Sorry. J.J. Abrams.] Another question: Why start something you don't intend to finish? On this note, the characters COULD HAVE BEEN AMAZING! Finn (John Boyega) is a defecting stormtrooper. This could have started a whole walkout and liberation of the stormtroopers. And we could have learned about Finn's family and life before the First Order. OH YEAH! And that moment where Finn wields the lightsaber clearly means they want to take us SOMEWHERE! BUT THEY DON'T! Rey (Daisy Ridley) could have also been amazing. We could have gotten a hint or two about her family as well. In fact, she could have helped in another way than just the Jedi way. BUT SHE DOESN'T! She is just a NObody from NOwhere. With NO clue what she is doing or how she does it. And what about Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac)? We could have delved into his people skills. We could have seen him at work at a pilot and strategist. BUT WE DIDN'T! Or WE DON'T! He is just a trope. A handsome, daring, unafraid-to-take-a-hit TROPE! And don't get me started on Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), who COULD HAVE been a more complex, more conflicted character. Instead of a saber-happy lunatic high on testoterone pills. In fact, everybody is a complete stranger in a strange land. Which shoves the red lightsaber into the whole story, AND into George Lucas' midsection! THIS IS NOT LOST MR. ABRAMS!!! AND IT'S NOT HUNGER GAMES EITHER! Overall, we are not in the galaxy far, far away. We are too dang close to home. And the crew can't even get that place right! Yoda said, "Do or do not. There is no try." But he forgot to warn us about TRY TOO HARD!

Sir baggy bottoms 2023-03-31
Rey is my lest favorite character. I even prefer JarJar. Rey is annoying. Her character seems perfect. This needs to be remade. I prefer star wars 1-6. If they wanted a female jedi . Put in Ashoka Tano. She is an awesome character. I think my problem is they didn't add characters that are already in the Star Wars world. Like Luke son named Ben. Or Solo and Leia other children. They had like four or five.

UltraSound5 2023-02-28
Awful movies, wish they would sell the original trilogy and the prequels as a bundle together without the garbage new releases

Flood'24 2023-02-24
Han Solo: “I liiiiiiiikkkkkkeeee this” <——- spoke like a 4 year old. It only goes down from there.

Bmxmcdguy 2022-12-05
Idk if I’m just a big SW fan but, this movie is so nostalgic for me after I went to Star Wars galaxy’s edge! It’s such an amazing film highly recommended

z42df 2022-09-15
Urinate bypass 🚏

JJ Abrams tries his hardest to start something fresh a plane it to safe. The team Disney created to create this movie in this trilogy did not try hard enough and did not have a vision as it is clear with the end product.By the way force awakens has more digitally created (CGI) shots than Star Wars Phantom Menace.

Squatchlif 2022-01-22
It would be awesome if Japanese subtitles were added!

DVR415 2021-09-05
I hope it goes back to bed , I wish I can have my money 💵 it was horrible

Butt7646 2021-05-27
This is trash, just like the other sequel movies. Makes no sense at all

The originals are the best 2021-05-17
The sequels movies on Star Wars are bad. it basically copies a new Hope. Watch at your own risk. Luke and Anakin are better then this movie. And the lightsaber battle is bad. all the good Star Wars movies died with return of the Jedi. And on a other note why do people love this? I mean seriously 😒 this movie is racist and annoying Rey makes Anakin and Luke look weak!!! But like all bad characters,Rey will be NOTHING.🤣🤣🤣🤣 and Luke and Anakin are MORE powerful than Rey and will always be! If your Kathleen Kennedy I will say this: your plan has failed.Luke Skywalker is alive!!!!! And Rey will die out with the end of your rule. for George Lucas will take over. And he will kick you out of Lucas film(which is his not yours!)if you are a fan of this movie I will say this:turn alway from this movie. This movie is long dead (like the last Jedi and rise of skywalker)why is so much love for this movie!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😒😒😒😒😒😒😒🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

amandax345 2021-05-07
Amazing! Some twists and turns! Great new characters! Daisy shines! We also get to see the old characters again!

JesseOfAlva 2021-04-11
Makes no sense. How does she defeat a trained Jedi with her first sword playtime!?! WOKE

Oak M. 2021-04-09
Not the worst of the sequels, but still not great.

Old l Star Wars forever 2021-03-10
The old Star Wars had depth and meaning to the characters evolution.The new Star Wars is ruining the magic and world of the Star Wars trilogy I guess movies were just better back then

Boardz20 2021-03-07
I really liked the introduction of Rey. She is a vital player in the story, and she is my favorite Star Wars character. Thanks for making this movie!

Luna_Birdsong_KOTLC 2021-03-05
Want me to sum this up in a short story? Okay here goes; “The Force Awakened then got some therapy. It sat on the porch and blabbed about old times. The Force Awakened, but I fell asleep.”

Tboerio 2021-02-13
Why!? WHYyYYYyyyyyyyy!?? Why did Han Solo have to die! Whyyyyy!? He was my favorite! I was expecting a high stakes movie with Han Solo through the whole movie but I was wrong....😔. It was a good movie but for people who love Han Solo please consider skipping the somber part....😭😭😭😭😭

simmonshillary 2021-02-13
Very good

gdhshshd 2021-02-08
best of the sequels but started off the worst part of star wars

Madmartigan77 2020-12-21
This movie is horrible. It ruined pretty much everything that made Star Wars amazing. They shouldn't have made this. Star Wars ended with episode 6.

BostonStrong90 2020-12-07
A great

Kris to fur 2020-12-01

mighcle 2020-11-08
Best PG- 13 movie ever!!!

Ok girl 👌👌👌 2020-11-03
This movie is awesome!!! Great job jj!!!! Rey is my all time favorite!!!! Watch it right now you won’t regret it!!!

thucjdhdxhbd 2020-08-21
It was the same plot as A New Hope, but it is watchable

utinni 2020-08-12
Not a very good movie. Plot not original. Basic copy of a new hope. Star killer doesn’t make much sense as a long term weapon. Music score not great, only March of the resistance and Luke’s island are good. Lacks the vigor and awesomeness of the original triolgy.

KTYRawks 2020-08-04
The Force Awakens has nearly the same story line as A New Hope. The only differences are that there is little to none character development for the new characters, there is more profanity, and Starkiller base is big.

inappropite videos 2020-07-26

achilell 2020-07-26
Poe was a great character, Finn was ok, but the movie was a repeat of A New Hope. The rathtar scene was pretty good. Maz was a fun character I wish they did more of her in the other ones.

Josh-0 2020-07-24
This movies cheeks

jaywalsh929 2020-06-06
If there was ever a time where you could walk into a movie theater with not the highest expectations to revisit a famed series that took the world by storm and changed the way we looked at science fiction and special effects with lots of pomp & circumstance, this is it. J.J. Abrams has been a magician with his work of the past and here he seems to have hit his high point, he has alot to work with and a very good cast of new characters to put into play, however the only draw for me from loving this movie to full capacity was that it shadows the original a little too much in regards of storyline & plotting. Star Wars is now the type of franchise where most or the work is cut out for the filmmakers, plenty of destroyers, a battle station that is always plotted to be blown up, and a couple of fugitives that set the tone for excitement & action sequences. Its hard to distance this movie from seeing the original, not that it completely shadows it in every scene, but that it doesn't really create its own identity and go in a new direction, but that’s probably (and hopefully) what the upcoming sequels will give us. The movie starts with a pilot named poe (Oscar Issac) who retrieves “a piece” of a map that leads to the abandoned Luke Skywalker from a local villager in a dessert planet called jakku, his plan to escape is stalled when some storm troopers and the cruel but mysterious antagonist Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) who resembles Vader in every way, comes to intercept the missing piece to the map which supposedly leads to lukes whereabouts. We are given away a hint about the villain from the local villager saying he “didn't rise from the dark side” this kind of information is given away too early and it makes the plot unfolding a little too predictable, but he certainly is the most ruthless and fun villain on screen since vader. Shortly after we meet the very fragile and feared storm trooper Fin (John Boyega), he helpes poe escape when captured by what is now “the first order” the new version of the original Empire from the first trilogy, they becomes best friends the second they escape the destroyer ship and land yet back to the jakku dessert. We are than eventually introduced to the best character and also the best thing about the film, a dessert scavenger named Rey (Daisy Ridley), whats baffling about these 3 main characters is they all have 3 lettered names, you would figure for a franchise like star wars that a genius like Abrams would have some initiative like George Lucas who gave the original characters real normal human names, but they all perform great on screen which makes us forget the significance of their names. The plot is very much like the original in this sequence, theres a missing piece to a puzzle that is being pursued by the bad guys and trying to be solved by the good guys, theres a new battle station which in ways works like the original death star, in which the returning han solo eventually says “its big”, its 10 x the size of the death star, but it uses the power of the sun, why on earth would we want to drain something that gives all of the galaxy its life & purpose just to destroy one or five planets? which we eventually see happen when the famed “Republic” is destroyed by the station. The movies eventual plot is to destroy this battle station, just like the death star sequence in the original. The saving graces of this star wars are the amazing visual effects and colors blended on screen and dignified re-intros of the original characters, han solo & chewbacca, eventually leia, than the 2 crop figured droids C3PO & R2D2, the new characters and their fun, quirky, and at times humorous dialogue, and the great action sequences that follow through. Poe & fin act as if they are college roomates and they behave as common human beings from earth, we are not used to this kind of banter in a star wars movie, usually its the jedi & so called droids speaking special languages & dialogues of the force. When Rey is introduced she is the most inspirational, kind, lovable & noble character since luke skywalker himself, yes folks the first female to lead a star wars movie and who eventually will become a jedi which we are led to believe, when she runs into fin who believes his new pal poe is killed, they begin to trust in each other in completing poes mission by bringing the new lovable droid BB8 to the new breed of rebels “the resistance” they find the famed millennium falcon in a junkyard in jakku, which is also considered a junkyard according to everyone besides rey, han solo & chewy intercept the ship by suprise with Rey & Fin piloting it, han puts the inspiration in grumpy, he acts as a cranky and frustrated grandpa who acts as a foster parent toward the 2 fugitives, he feels as his attachment toward them builds, so does his responsibility. I like how these new characters bring such energy & charisma to the film its a new and fresh feel and they never run out of steam. Than when the films focus shifts to Kylo Ren, we learn that he wears his mask “for no particular reason” what is he hiding? What is the purpose of not wanting to show off his surfer haircut that already matches his black outfit? Vader as we came to realize he was disfigured and his life depended on that suit, he would “die” if his mask was ever removed from his face. REN is more of an insecure and rigid figure under the mask, he shows plenty of vulnerability he takes it off and confronted by rey later in the movie, but eventually that is partially resolved later on and i will not unveil the reasons to those who haven't seen this one yet. The Force Certainly Awakens in this movie, it made me forget the prequels were ever made, and it brings the classic entertainment & charisma of the first star wars movies, just not the originality, i give this one 3.5 out of 4 stars.

Connall-e 2020-06-05
It’s a watered down version of a New Hope. Is it bad? Far from it. But it’s just A New Hope. Gotta admit, it was really fun seeing this on opening night.

LukeIsCool99 2020-05-19
I can’t believe this used to be my number 1. But I still really enjoy watching it! 5 years later, It’s still amazing. Not 5-star because I’m disappointed Han Solo died (even though he’s in Episode 9) and I wish Finn never existed. There’s just no point of him and is one of the only characters I might admit I dislike. But the music is great and the graphics are great. And It’s just a copy of A new hope but I still liked Starkiller base and the introduction of a bunch of new characters.

Suferdudefrank 2020-05-13

Apspiderman09 2020-05-04
Best movie of 2015!!!

sboy2312 2020-03-21
A great movie

Korben Adams 2020-03-19
I hated this one because they killed Han Solo off in this movie.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡

kdcarver 2020-03-17
What saves this movie is the truly disturbing character Adam Driver portrays.

I Love Berries 2020-03-17
The other two are much worse

Siciliy_T 2020-03-16
That this would have been the only good movie out of the final trilogy. Wish JJ had been given creative control over the whole project

Nicholas becerra 2020-03-14
The Force Awakens refreshes what we started with Return of the Jedi. This time it includes new characters such a Rey, Finn, Poe and Kylo Ren played by Adam Driver. This Star Wars entry is suprisingly good and has neat visuals and talented cast growing into this mega space oprea film.

abccdcbxndhzvdnbgd 2020-02-18
The end was good

denverb789123456 2020-02-01
Love it

PixarGoodDisneyBad 2020-01-03
A successful return in my eyes. JJ had the horrendous task of bringing back Star Wars, he succeeded I think. He managed to make a new charming cast, the film feels like the 70s (weirdest thing I’ve ever written), and... Maz... so yeah... Also, side-note Kylo Ren is the best, non-Palpatine, Star Wars villain. Better than Vader. While his unmasking was jarring at first, once your used to it you can really empathize with him! He’s the best part of, not only this film, but the whole trilogy. Rey is also a great protagonist. I’m not a feminist, but honestly, what’s so weird about a women being a Jedi? There are women Jedi in the prequels, why can’t there be one here? Is it because she’s the lead? There it is! Anyway, Finn and Poe are great (not romantically), seeing the old characters is just... magic... pure magic... The flaws are Starkiller Base... just that really, that really took me out of it... 8/10!

Tictocwishbone 2020-01-02
This was a predictable remake of the original, we did not ask for this. I will never consider these part of the Star Was canon.