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The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story goes inside the O.J. Simpson trial with a look at the legal teams battling to convict or acquit Simpson of double homicide. It explores how a combination of prosecution overconfidence, defense shrewdness, and the LAPD’s history with the city’s African-American community gave a jury what it needed: reasonable doubt.

User Reviews
ZeppoFosterKane 2021-08-13
TV doesn’t get much better than this. Absolutely riveting. A+

Kleen6160 2019-02-02
The Best Docu-Drama, Highly Recommended

Esmentunz 2018-09-18

Z the king 2018-03-17
It is soooooooo good even if you already know about the case, it’s still such an informative and interesting thing to watch!

KNag93 2018-01-23
The video stutters a lot.

Katndanny6580 2017-04-01
The case was one of the biggest when I was a teenager. I remember sitting in my last block of classes and watching the verdict air live. Not sure that Cuba was the best choice for O.J. but not because of his acting skills. I just can't imagine him as angry as O.J. seemed to be.

iamaustin 2016-06-15
This series allowed me to relive the trial and chase in 10 hours - which is especially great for those too young to fully understand what was occurring at the time like myself. The actors chosen (except for cuba / oj's) and their performances were true to my memory and the overall plot which persisted throughout each episode was not overstated and tastefully executed.

colinross1982 2016-05-01
Great story telling, great production, really enjoyable.

Marco82polo 2016-04-27
Just buy it,trust me. You won't regret it.

NJFilms 2016-04-25
This TV show is absolutely great and I recommend it to everybody who likes crime stories. Actors did great job especially actress who played Marcia Clark. I will watch it all over again and again.

GhostDarkZero 2016-04-11
This show’s acting is not only amazing, but the characters are almost twins to the real characters in the real case. This show brings you back to the 90’s era and drags you in it’s story an makes you forget that you are sitting in your home watching this. The viewer really feels like he/she is sitting in that court watching every moment unfold.

Baldy Rudd Rudd 2016-04-10
You’d think it would be difficult to create a dull, languid, ultimately pointless drama about The Trial of the Century. But you’d be wrong. The moral of the story is made clear in the very first episode: it’s all about race. And then it gets hammered home again and again and again, with only occasional breaks to watch Marcia Clark smoke yet another cigarette. There are generous helpings of melodrama, especially from David Schwimmer/Robert Kardashian — who always appears on the verge of tears. But we never learn why the two jurors who voted Guilty in the first straw poll changed their minds. There’s no mention of problems with the timeline, which was mentioned by several of the actual jurors as the reason they voted to acquit. There’s no explanation of why the prosecution let OJ try on the famous gloves — while wearing latex gloves that swell the size of his hands. There’s no explanation of why the jury wasn’t persuaded by the DNA evidence. In short, this series ends up exactly where it started off, leaving me bored and disappointed by the missed opportunity.

la2161 2016-04-07
Download and watch this series. You won't be disappointed.

dmc22222 2016-04-05
The best 10 weeks of stand alone TV I've ever seen

Azxybc 2016-04-04
I've seen all the episodes so far and I'm impressed. It is raw and truthful, since it shows you both sides. Even though we know O.J.'s fate, it's amazing to watch the trial of the century as a series. Definitely recommend it.

MatthewHerena 2016-04-03
Very addictive, Sarah Paulson's portrayal of Marcia Clark is nothing short of amazing and David Schwimmer is great as Bobby Kardashian. Also, if you think you know everything there is to know about the O.J. Simpson. You probably don't, this series offers great insight into both sides. And it leaves you asking, did O.J. Simpson murder Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman on that June night?

LittleBonita 2016-03-30
Great show!

ncc630 2016-03-29
To say the least. Living in So. Cal at the time of this incident every channel covered that asinine Bronco chase , you could tell by the extensive TV coverage that the trail was going to be a "Hollywood " production and didn't disappoint. This series is not giving enough insight on how the Brown and Goldman's were coping with the media circus that was called a trial let alone on how these people were treated by the legal system and of course having camera crews following them shoving microphones in theirfaces trying to get a sound bite. Karma caught up with O.J, he is exactly where he deserves to be and I hope that he remains there until he meets the ultimate Judge.

GrumpyTrumpy 2016-03-22
Nope , nope, nope. Mom might have gotten comfortable on her chenille sofa with a glass of white wine on a weekday to tune into the dramatic reenactment of the OJ Simpson trial on the Lifetime network after she tucked you into your bunk bed in the 90's, but does history need to repeat itself? If that's your thing, torrent away or better yet direct your attention instead to one of the many documentaries on this very well-publicized tragedy. I can think of many far more memorable ways to spend that 1.99 but it was good background noise for doing some clean up around the house.

LuisZ5 2016-03-15
This is the best tv series I've seen in a long while. The research done for it, the attention to detail on a historic incident we all know most details on, and the acting... Simply put it is brilliant!!

ggrteyjmx 2016-03-12
Spectacular, Every part of this show is unbelievable.

BrodyP 2016-03-11
Purchased episode one, which begins with a shot of Zach Galifianakis, for some reason. Apparently it's some ad for another show? I thought the point of buying a tv show on iTunes was to avoid crap like this.

2silver2 2016-03-11
My fear of this show being just another average show got smashed to bits!!! Oh my the casting done is like a picaso painting both flawless and perfect. I kid you not its like traveling back in a time machine. On many of these episodes I find myself wanting to give a standing ovation and no I’m not kidding. Superb superb superb acting!!! It brings out your emotions you can feel what the characters feel thats how deep this show gets into your head. This show better win some Emmys my goodness!!!

Streestmarts2004 2016-03-09
Very well made series of episodes

Redpeppa 2016-03-06
Love the attention to detail for the period, the issues of the time, and how well the actors have portrayed the real characters. Travolta, Cuba Gooding, Sara Paulson, Courtney Vance and Sterling Brown are terrific.

Louie Daylights 2016-03-01
I’m very particular about what i watch, i don’t float around i have to be pulled in by a show. the way this is written, directed, produced and acted is flawless. It speaks my language in regards to the conditions of this country and the sensationalism of the times not only in LA but in the nation as a whole. Every scene is so intimately portrayed. i don’t see any signs of letting up or slowing down for this series. shout out to the producers for coming together on a series that could have been produced half heartedly but pulled off so deliciously. i love every bit of acting. can not praise this series enough.

I love Baby Girl Christie 2016-02-28
I have not seen the trial since I was born. I was born in 1997 this happened back in 1994-1995 since it happened and Not Guilty.

BlammoThe72 2016-02-27
Based on an unbelievable story this series features great performances.

Seeingstevie 2016-02-26
Being Singaporean I had heard about the OJ case but was not familiar with it. With this show, I find myself digging the facts and events that had surrounded this fiasco after each episode. Great choice for a tv series. The issue with race and celebrity idolization in America is real and thought provoking.

holyfoxStuggi0711 2016-02-24
travolta is great. please, hollywood. get him more good scripts.

frinkle 2016-02-23
Is it parody? no it actually happened. It was that stupid. Yet it would have been impossible without very intelligent people. The stupid people just helped! The race situation was completely going mad, but everyone piled onto this madness, vacuous and inane as it must seem. This is the kind of country that can invade another country on the other side of the earth for no reason whatsoever! But how could such a thing be? The People Vs. OJ won’t tell you! You just have more questions! You live in a nuthouse! Enjoy!

Crazzeedddd💚 2016-02-23
Great watch 😊

casprr1 2016-02-21
This is the dumbest movie I have ever seen. Don't buy it

SpaceGuy43 2016-02-18
Overall, this is a pretty good show so far asbout a case that anyone over the age of 25 can remember seeing vividly on TV for months. My one gripe with the show is the Kardashian bits. We get it- Kim Kardashian's dad was a friend of O.J. andplayed lawyer as the real legal team got O.J. off. We don't need to "Keep up with" the Kardashian kids every episode. Even 10 seconds is 10 too many.

Jamrok73 2016-02-18
Great casting! Yes there was a few Hollywood moments in the first few episodes. But here we are starting to see how, what and why the justice system works for defendants who are able to afford the best representation. The OJ Simpson trail has shown has it is not what you know or think but what you can prove. Can't wait to see the rest of the episodes!

Bad Baby C 2016-02-12
I was excited for this to come to TV, but sadly, I think it is a bit over the top! and not in a good way Like the rest of the world, I found this case fascinating and was surprised that OJ was found not guilty, but he eventually found his way to jail and he is right where he should be. On to this show! It has a A-list cast but I found watching the second episode very hard. OJ crying in the back of the bronco with a gun, it was just to melodramatic for me. I have decided to not buy the rest of the series as I see it getting progressively worse. I honestly, just think this show is relying on his all star cast and the worlds fascination with the topic versus a solid script and good acting. I also, think John Travolta is terrible as Robert Shapiro!! Just my two cents!

gb0923 2016-02-06
This show is just so juicy. It means a lot to so many people to watch this after 20+ years because this trial was a big deal. I was only in fourth grade when my teacher popped in to our classroom assembly to inform everyone that "OJ Simpson was found not guilty." Even us 9 year olds knew that he was guilty it was that obvious. So after learning about how obvious it was and seeing it here is really something. Also I am a Ryan Murphy fan since Scream Queens which was even better than this!

ShoppeGal45 2016-02-06
The first episode was too soapy for my taste. Too much info for 1 hour. Hate "Shapiro's Face"! Yikes! I'm more a Docu fan but decent try at old news.

Nisi59 2016-02-04
Had it not been for celebrity status, OJ would have been found GUILTY! The Prosecutors were WEAK, and Judge Ito was Star Struck, Kato was a bum idiot!! So this case was doomed from the start!

JonathanDies 2016-02-03
The first episode was one of the greatest premiers I've ever watched! I was upset it ended and the only other show which has the same impact on me is American Horror Story! Go figure :-). The casting is almost PERFECT! The acting was brilliant and it is so beautifully filmed. Sarah Paulson is unreal! Connie Britton is phenomenal and despite me not being a huge John Travolta fan...he did an amazing job and nails the role. Just purchased the season because this will absolutely be a series I watch again and again!!

Farmville farmergirl 2016-02-03
The story starts off nicely getting to the main plot with ease The premiere was exciting an thrilling to watch even if you already know the case The cast is perfect in this show showing their strengths, they definitely deserve awards. All around this is a great true crime drama especially if you watched making a murder, this will be your next obsession.