The Huntsman: Winter's War (Extended Edition)
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If it's the Snow White tale you're looking for, discover the story that came before… Chris Hemsworth

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If it's the Snow White tale you're looking for, discover the story that came before… Chris Hemsworth and Oscar® winner Charlize Theron return to their roles in the epic action-adventure The Huntsman: Winter's War, joined by Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain. Theron stars in this Extended Edition as evil Queen Ravenna, who betrays her good sister Freya (Blunt) with an unforgiveable act, freezing Freya's heart to love and unleashing in her an icy power she never knew she possessed. As war escalates between the two queens, Eric the Huntsman (Hemsworth), and his forbidden lover, Sara (Chastain), must help Freya vanquish her sister… or Ravenna's wickedness will rule for eternity.

User Reviews
mnoch 2022-01-20
I hadn’t seen it until now (though I had originally wanted to after seeing a trailer for it a while back), as I’d seen all the bad reviews. So, I wasn’t expecting much. However, I got the first movie as a reward from Universal Rewards not very long ago. Unfortunately, I found that first one to be quite underwhelming (not bad exactly, but kinda boring and not very good, either). I also agreed with those that said the actress that played Snow White wasn’t good for the part. So, I still wasn’t in a hurry to go out and get/watch this 2nd one, after finding the first one so underwhelming. However, I just went ahead and bought it when it went on sale, and am glad I did as I loved it! So, I don’t understand all the bad reviews of this one (was it because of the theatrical version perhaps, vs this extended one I saw??). Anyway…I greatly enjoyed this 2nd movie, and am glad that I finally bought and watched it! Much better than the first one.

Nicholas becerra 2020-07-08
The Huntsman Winter's War is a complete waste of time but some of the visual effects looked like trash and sometimes didn't. Chris Hemsworth is terrible in this film so as Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt i think everyone put into making this film should be embrassed and put no care into making this film. I didn't enjoy a Show White reboot kind of but no joke Hunstman Winter's War feels like a dull fever dream that you never wake up from.

MJMJ93 2019-04-01
Good 👍

Kuroiku 2017-03-24
This movie has been getting a lot of flack for not faithfully following the first movie. And yes, while they completely disregarded Ravenna's brother from the first movie, the focus of this movie was on the Huntsman. This was his story interwoven with the two queens. This movie is a way for us to view the famous Snow White story from a different perspective. Just because he's the huntsman doesn't mean he hasn't a story of his own or doesn't deserve a happily ever after. I found the movie artistically gorgeous and the acting superb. From the sets, to the costumes, to the character's and all the tiny details in between, it was beautiful. For those looking for something deeper with more of a punch in the face, this fairy tale movie won't do for you. While I agree that the storyline isn't considerably imaginative, it still carrys heart and a clear message. Reality is harsh, unforgiving and filled with many villians we cannot fight fairly, but with this movie, it allows us to believe that even when the days are the darkest, where there is love, there is happiness, courage, and hope for something better.

Hazel The Writer 2017-02-22
It was an ok movie for an action movie but I must say The trailer was far too misleading. I'm really disappointed because they made it sound like a huge war was going to happen between the two but honestly.... what the heck? It barely had a huge war-like fighting scene....

sunglee1 2017-02-19
Wow, academy award x 100, this movie tops any past top 5 movies ever made. I was so mesmorized by the acting and scripts, well written, great acting...etc. YOU ALL MUST SEE IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Potter4ever 2017-01-06
Ok so people are saying how this was bad but I don't think they have watched the first movie they were great

Rambo8649 2016-10-28
This was not nearly as good as the first movie. This one was just predictable and not very exciting. No depth to the story and characters, just poor writing. I would not watch this a second time. Very disappointing because the acting of Charlize theron and Emily Blunt were very good.

E. Stone 2016-10-21
This movie was exactly what I was in the mood for, a mystical fantasy with comedy and great costumes. Why rotten tomatoes gave this 17% I will never know? Not every movie has to be insanely unique. I really enjoy this kind of movie, and I thought they did a great job. I would watch it again.

orca2684 2016-09-21
a rare time when the sequel is actually better then the first movie. yes it does seem very similar to frozen but that is simply because both movies are retelling the legend of the ice queen (look it up), chris hemsworths acting is superb and nick frost supplies some very entertaining moments. i was happy when the girl who played snow white (don't know her name and don't care, she's crap) didn't make a single appearance in this movie. has several good plot twists and a good ending. i would definitely reccommend this movie

jharms09 2016-09-10
Not good

"$15 in googleplay" 2016-09-09
From watching the trailers, I was thinking to myself how this movie will not live up the hype from the first one and I even got to think itll be a really really bad movie. But well today one day I just was bored and decided to see it and well It captured me. Really good movie! It was umpredictable at times and at others not, but overall loved the last whole act, just amazing and the special effects amazing!! -- Loved how it ended. gotta give it also to Halsey's CASTLE-- it is the song intended to be on the credits of this movie! -- Yea it got his flaws and plot holes if you've seen both movies and it's also not the best movie but it is watchable and very entertaining. -- Recommended by a movie addict :)

Mduane 2016-08-31

Reviewmasta1 2016-08-30
This movie has nothing except big names and big effects. Nothing works right. Plot terrible. Acting terrible. Pointless and uselss. I want my money back.

Smithy2007 2016-08-27
So I decided to give this move a shot ignoring the negative reviews. I was looking forward to some mindless fantasy entertainment but was completely disappointed by this waste of time movie. I was bored 30 mins into this movie which dragged for 2 hrs and could've been done in 30mins. What a waste of talented actresses like Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron.

Freshness23 2016-08-26
Really fun movie. I've already seen it more times than I've seen the first one! I can't imagine why it got back reviews, but seriously it has everything. Beautiful girl, fun action, dwarfs! Who cares if there is an ice queen, its not like a sing along. Watch and enjoy, you will be glad you did

iBryanB 2016-08-25
Much better than the first. Great movie!

MsStefanie 2016-08-20
Totally Not related to the 1st movie, Snow White & the Huntsman, like I thought it would be. Like yes, the same characters are in there but not all and not all making sense with the other movie. Plus it's confusing and hard to follow at times. You have to fill in the holes with your imagination but! With all of that being said, some parts were really exciting! & it is worth watching if you don't expect to fully understand the relation with Snow White and the huntsman. Lol

Jonathan Tule 2016-08-17
This movie is so awesome. I can't get over it. It's a must see movie !

jen108 2016-08-16
So not worth the download 😬 No chemistry between the love interests, no real storylines that make you want them to succeed Evil Queen is awesome. More of her might have saved the movie.

EC dog kk 2016-08-14
AMAZING!!! I loved this movie! I was disappointed that the huntsman doesn't get together with Snow White but instead with Sarah. Who does Snow White marry? William?

Lindsey Years 2016-08-13
I watched this movie just a few minutes ago and thought this movie was just as good as the one k stew was in. It is one of the movies I will continue to watch.

16 HORSES 2016-08-11
Someone's Really Fallen Down The Rabbit Hole!!! This Was Just OK But Nowhere Near The Original!!!

Katta Kat 2016-08-05
There was no connection of any story line that made anysense, you get to see faminlur characters again but for no purpose at all except to be there. Would not reccomend..

TemperanceXIV 2016-08-05
Honestly, this movie is just eye candy. It's pretty to look at, but the storyline is paper thin. There were a lot of little things they should have added to, at least, keep true to the previous movie. They ignored their own lore and story in favor of making money, and that's why this movie bombed. If you recall, Revena had a BROTHER, whom was not mentioned or refered to ONCE in the whole movie. I can understand adding in the sister, but you can't have then ignore the brother's existence. Then, in the previous movie, they established that Snow White was Eric's true love. They shouldn't just ignore that in favor of bringing back his dead wife. It would have been much more entertaining if they brought back Kristin Stewart and had her tag along, Then the tention with Eric's wife would have been much more intresting. There was so much potental for this to be more then eye candy, but it isn't. Rent, watch once, and you're done. You don't really need to spend money to buy it.

Berkeley Rooster 2016-08-03
2.5 stars. Mediocre script undermined the story. Excellent costumes; some segments of the film were very good but generally the film was boring. The previews are better than the movie.

TheDerekDavis 2016-08-03
Loved it! Better than Lord of the Rings! Fantastic!!!

Diandre Tristan 2016-08-03
This movie was soooooo good so in love with the story line and characters can't wait for the 3rd

So_Cal_E 2016-08-02
I was very hesitant to buy this because the rotten tomato rating in addition to other reviews wasn't that great. Honestly though, this movie really doesn't deserve the bad reviews it received. Many parts of it were entertaining, even though it wasn't mind blowing. Some parts dragged on were irrelevant. Character development was good and so was the tie in to the first film. Story wise, it is pretty straight forward and predictable (save for maybe one or two parts). I thought the actors/actresses did a good job with the material. I think we've seen each of these actors in roles and projects that were so much better than this one that we set the bar incredibly high and then tack on the fact that they marketed this as a war between two witch armies and it really wasn't close to that.

Ernest Gurule 2016-07-22
You'll love it if you love movies for what they are/what they're meant to be. You'll hate it if you're a picky tight-assed cold-hearted perfectionist. My daughter and I saw it the other night and were blown away. It's exciting, funny, sad, engaging and has tones of moral value that I was able to discuss with my daughter afterward. I only had one complaint but it wasn't significant enough to ruin the film for me. I like Deadpool... don't get me wrong - But I think it's funny how that film gets incredible ratings when the story has such a selfish plot and is totally vulgar, and a movie like this has such low ratings (from critics anyway).

+Lexi+ 2016-07-11
I absolutely loved it, I hope there will be a second movie

Alexandra121212121213 2016-06-26
I loved the movie and the songs are so addictive to listen too!!!! I 100% recommend this movie!!!!!!

JosiahMagnet 2016-06-19
Watched the movie with low expectations. Was completely blown away. I thought that the whole prequel/sequel idea was great! If you don't like the story (which I personally thought it was pretty good), then you will at least get a kick out of the acting! Chris Hemsworth charms his way through this film, Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron both give chilling performances, Jessica Chastain shines, and the dwarves (which includes the always funny Nick Frost) give excellent comic relief. Recommended for anyone who loved the first one, or is looking for a pretty good fantasy flick.

Hisoween kiss 2016-05-28
I went seeing this movie having low expectations but after seeing it I was in love

KrisKrossKayla 2016-05-25
This movie was so hyped up that when I saw it the only part that was exciting was when they found the mirror. This movie was so predictable that I was furious at how the trailers made it seem like this amazing movie. The part with his wife GOD if you don't see that coming, you're as stupid as this movie.

Viola21Gymnast 2016-05-09
IT IS THE BEST MOVE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! I was not bored for a second!😀😀😀

tjhnson 2016-05-01
It was a good movie! My wife and I took my mom and daughter to see this movie today. We all came away thinking it was a pretty good movie and better than the first. Do yourself a favor and pay no attention to the Debbie Downers in here. Go see the movie and have a good time.

Kitty5222 2016-05-01
It was a pretty good movie, not really like the trailers though.

ChrissyIsAKidForever 2016-04-30
I Have to say I thought differently about this movie, but when I saw it in theaters, It blew me away. Is it Oscar Worthy? Possibly, but low chances. I Don’t throw hate to this film. The characters are well put together, the movie runs smoothly, I thought they had great casting. But I Have to say, some parts were confusing, it took me a couple minutes to process what’s going on, who’s dying and etc. Overall, I think this film is one of my favorites, because I’m very picky about these movies. :)

SleepyHead265 2016-04-28
Just saw this in theater a dead not disappointed. Charlize is the one and only evil queen. Highly recommend this movie! For one of the first of its kind (a prequel and sequel) it does any amazing job! Loved it!

SoCaliGrl 2016-04-28
When I looked up "The Huntsman: Winter's War Reviews" online, immediately I got the idea that this movie would be horrible. 90% of the reviews gave the movie 1 or 2 stars and claimed it was terrible, or "everything wrong with Hollywood packed into a little less than two hours." But I'm a stubborn person, and decided I would see for myself if the movie was as drastically horrible as the reviews made it out to be. I'm glad I walked into that movie theater. Sure, it is far from the best movie ever, but it was interesting and held my attention. I laughed a few times throughout, and there are quite a few, "F*ck yeah!" moments as well. Blunt, Theron and Chastain were perfect for their roles. This movie was a wonderful blend of comedy, romance, action and fantasy. I would definitely recommend it.

Ldech21 2016-04-28
I enjoyed the film. I loved the story of Erik and Sara and how it filled in the gaps from the first huntsman movie (which I was not crazy about the acting in that one - by Snow White). People are just saying its bad but not really giving any real reasons why. I can see how maybe the ending seemed a bit crammed and trying to squeeze too much in with no time but maybe that was done with the hopes of another? Idk. Overall my daughter and I really enjoyed it. It was a bit more funny than the last which is nice.

LemonEmpire 2016-04-27
She brought the entire first movie down because they made her the main character and she didn't deliver her performance. Now this, the spotlight is on more talented actresses and they really shines. Charlize Theron is true QUEEN!

J3r3myB007 2016-04-26
It's not as good as the firsts one. Would have been better if KRISTEN STEWART was in it.

KRJMK 2016-04-26
The best movie we ever watched, if u watched the first one ( Snow White and the Huntsman) you'll love the second one more!!😊😋

Kat A. Klizum 2016-04-25
This movie was one of the best I've ever seen no matter what others say!!!!

Darkblaze555 2016-04-24
I just saw this in the theater tonight and I was skeptical at the beginning because of Kristen Stewart's acting in the first movie bringing it down some. I was proven wrong with the great action, plot, and fleshed out characters that were in this movie. It's misleading in the beginning when it says it's a prequel to Snow White but it's actually half prequel and half sequel. I liked the background you receive in the beginning of the movie which you could say is the prequel part since you get insight in the huntsmen origins and the two sisters. Going into the "sequel" part of the movie, they didn't disappoint since it was great action, good drama, and some laughable parts. This is coming from a 30 yr old who usually is skeptic about some of these types of movies.

rulcobi 2016-04-24
The movie was very entertaining the action was really good and the graphics awesome

Iliveatthemovies7 2016-04-24
Is it Oscar worthy? No, but it IS entertaining!! I really enjoyed watching this movie in the theaters, and can’t wait to own it. I thought everyone played their parts well, great casting job!

LunarticQueenLevana 2016-04-22
At first i was a bit skeptical due to reading review from google, however i must say that the dynamic in the characters is quite interesting. The effects were very well done, and while understandably the narration does help, i felt that it was a bit off putting in some parts of the movie. The acting is phenomenal.