Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
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The magical kingdom of Lucis is home to the sacred Crystal, and the menacing empire of Niflheim is

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The magical kingdom of Lucis is home to the sacred Crystal, and the menacing empire of Niflheim is determined to steal it. King Regis of Lucis (Sean Bean) commands an elite force of soldiers called the Kingsglaive. Wielding their king’s magic, Nyx (Aaron Paul) and his fellow soldiers fight to protect Lucis. As the overwhelming military might of the empire bears down, King Regis is faced with an impossible ultimatum – to marry his son, Prince Noctis to Princess Lunafreya of Tenebrae (Lena Headey), captive of Niflheim, and surrender his lands to the empire’s rule. Although the king concedes, it becomes clear that the empire will stop at nothing to achieve their devious goals, with only the Kingsglaive standing between them and world domination.

User Reviews
Jesse1953 2022-11-24
I wonder who is really working at RT, something’s not right with them anymore. At any rate, you can’t go wrong watching this movie. I’ve never played the game, but I’ve enjoyed the movies. As usual the CGI was great, just sit back, smoke one and have some munchies handy!

neverthepeace 2022-02-13
the game was great but this movie is amazing really, one of my favorites 🥰

CaptJCB 2022-01-21
just finished watching, and since i played comrades before watching it or even playing the base game, it felt like i was the avatar i made rediscovering my memories as a glaive. holy crap it made the experience so much better so if you’re looking to join the ffxv fandom, maybe consider this

Noahzzark 2021-06-20
I learned that if you keep looking forward and never look at a guard or gatekeeper you can just keep walking past them, ignoring their warnings to stop.

quintission 2021-06-18
I prefer the original Japanese audio and English subtitles but it’s still not here

DanielVa81 2021-04-20
Not one black man in the trailer

Proud290 2019-01-03
If Square Enix could write half as good as they can animate they'd be a shoe in for the Oscars, but unfortunately for us Square Enix couldn't write a decent story if there life depended on it. This movie in incoherent convuleted nonsense. Pirate this movie, don't help these charlattans get one cent richer. By buying this movie all your doing is incentivising Square Enix to cater to the lowest commond denominator i.e Final Fantasy fanboys who'll buy anything with the words "Final" and "Fantasy" in the title. Hire some professional writers and hire a professional director Square! It's not like you can't aford it.

John Waiyne 2018-02-06
This movie really sets up the beginning of FFXV perfectly. The CGI and storytelling are all top notch. Definitely much better than I had expected it to be.

KGTurnak 2017-07-04
The story and action in the Kingsglave movie was wonderful and engaging. I hope a similar movie is made from the FF XV game itself.

Laet. 2017-03-13
Do not listen to Rotten tomatoes! If you like animé and FF, you will love this! The animation is fantastic, filled with actions and characters with a soul who will teach you what it means to be a hero in the most humble ways! Everyone should listen to FFXV morals, especially at this time we live in!

VentureVoIP 2016-12-22
Definitely worth watching - glad I didn't trust rotten tomatoes

NotALiberalInMass 2016-12-20
I'd say this final fantasy movie was excellent. The imagery was beautiful. I've always thought the japenese were the best illustrators. I enjoyed 'The Spirits Within' years ago and this later installment didn't disappoint. Keep 'em coming!

Bushidobrown020 2016-12-18
The game does an awful job at telling the story and giving the lore behind the events leading up to the beginning of the game. So much so that after playing the game for an hour I imediately decided to watch this to answer some questions. This movie fills in all of those plot holes and is making the game far more enjoyable to play. If you hope to have any understanding of the game's story, you must watch this movie first. The events that unfold in this movie are occurring in paralel with the game's chapter one. You wont be disappointed, the movie on its own is a great watch regardless of your decision to play the game or not.

Tonde Tori 2016-12-16
Okay I'm sorry if my thoughts on this upsets anyone. I'm a longtime and major fan of Final Fantasy, I find this movie beautifully designed and animated. The characters and the dialogue truly makes me feel more than any movie before. I'm not a person who tears up or cries from animated movies easily. However this movie hit me deep. Buying this movie on her I will now have purchased it 4 times with no regrets. Even if you've never seen or heard of any final fantasy in your life you may still love this movie. New and old fans alike as they said. Completely true

g5revolution 2016-12-07
Great movie haven't seen a good movie like this in a while fight scenes were amazing they did a good job

Rambo8649 2016-12-03
I genuinely liked The Spirits Within..I own it, and Advent Children I could at least get all the way through, but this movie I shut off after about 25 mintues. I had no idea what was going on, and the narration in the begining is too vague and moves too fast. Yes, the CGI and animation are phenomenal, amazing, but the pacing and editing of the movie was was so fast and jarring, its so hard on the brain and eyes. And the dialog is terrible too. Unfortunately, its more video game than movie really, and should have and could have been the other way around. Its just terribly acted, directed, and edited. A horribly executed project in my opinion. I'm giving this two stars just because the production design, CGI, and animation are so impressive.

TheSurlyOne 2016-12-02
Everything about this movie was painful. The hero dies as he lives, a cliche - much like the entire movie.

RavenQuintus 2016-11-30
Basically stumbled unto this movie. Not a player of any of the games, have only watched a couple of the movies, so I didn't even know about the film. So glad I did find it! First off the animation is incredible. Some of the best I've seen. Second, I don't think you have to know the universe, or games, to enjoy the film. Third, great voice acting by the cast. And finally, it's just a really cool mix-up of high fantasy and sci-fi elements combined with the FF universe. So if you liked any of the other FF movies, fan of great animation, action, high fantasy and or sci-fi, this movie is definitely worth a watch!

jpv1783 2016-11-26
I've never been more pleased with an iTunes purchase as I was with Kingsclaive: Final Fantasy XV. The visuals were outstanding and the mix between modern technology and mystical magic, surrounded by an epic story is exactly what I love most about the final fantasy series. This will not disappoint any Final Fantasy fan. DON'T LISTEN TO THE CRITICS OR ROTTEN TOMATO RATING!

mterzich 2016-11-05
I've been a long time FF fan and this is a great start to XV before for game comes out. The graphics are phenomenal and the story is a nice opening to the game. If you are a true FF fan, please take the time to watch this. It's worth it!

Jakedez 2016-10-19
This movie was amazing, it has very stunning visuals, and is easy to understand, and get into, even if you are not a long time fan of Final Fantasy, Almost everything you need to know is explained in the movie, there is deep character development, especially for that of Nyx, but Lunafreya even more so. The story is great, and easy to follow. My only complaint is the lack of the original Japanese audio, I'm the kind of guy that likes to watch a movie in English, and Japanese, so on that note, the English dub syncs to the lips of the Animation FLAWLESSLY! I only hope this will be updated with Japanese Audio as an option. After all, we also have Spanish (which a also appreciate), and French.

Turttle13 2016-10-13
It's beautiful, amazing, breathtaking and so much more.

skzamel 2016-10-11
The movie is super best , I have no idea why critics gave it low ...

Gary_LW 2016-09-20
RT just don't get it. Gorgeous scenes and characters, better than expected. The plot is a great prequel to the game.

Sinister_Saint 2016-09-13
I went into this without any expectations and had not read any reviews and was absolutely blown away! The animation, scenery, and visual effects were outstanding! Having been a long time Final Fantasy fan I was really excited to see that SE was producing the anime series in addition to Kingsglaive as prerelease material before Final Fantasy XV is released. I think that this film did a fantastic job of setting up the themes and story for when the game is finally released; backstory is always a welcomed addition! This film has me even more excited for the actual release than I was before! The end of November cannot come fast enough (hoping it doesn't get pushed back yet again); however, I would rather it be perfect than some rushed release like most games do this day in age.

Lucky Spacetramp 2016-09-12
Badly done, bad story, bad etc.

TicketyTocks 2016-09-08
Really loved it. Not confusing if you've been following and watched the anime

B_Nerd 2016-09-08
If you're planning to play FFXV, this is a must-watch and you're going to love the movie. If you have no plans to play the game but just love action movies, you'll appreciate this film. If you're just a movie-goer looking for a movie, this one may disappoint you... It's meant to be a prequel to a game and you may get lost if you're not coming into it at that angle.

AbarynE 2016-09-08
I saw this movie on its first day in theaters in Osaka and was blown away by the visuals and the action sequences. The story is a leadup to the game FFXV so only a FF fan will have a keen interest in the film from a story perspective. That said, if you're simply a fan of well choreographed action scenes and gorgeous visuals, then this is the kind of popcorn flick that you'll sit down with for an evening and greatly enjoy. I came in expecting a 3/5 at the premiere and left realizing that sometimes I just need something fun and exciting to indulge in from time to time. This is at least a very safe rental, despite the absurd Rotten Tomatoes rating.

The Linkin Park FAN#1 2016-09-05
Great fighting sequence, well it's just awesome!!! Everything you could imagine final fantasy to be !

ProgXDT85 2016-09-05
Square and Sony have put together a heartfelt story. Now, I'm very excited for the future of the Final Fantasy series and the new game. I hope this is the beginning for more quality Final Fantasy movies. This matched up with Advent Children wonderfully.

Hellio 2016-09-05
This movie was never ment to be watched SOLO... you need to play the game too. As this is just the prequel story to lead into the game. I loved it. FF FAN for LIFE.

ShyougaShogun 2016-09-05
Sure, this isn't meant for everyone, but I don't expect everyone to buy it and I don't believe Square Enix intended for it to be that way either. They wanted to give something to the fans who have been waiting for a decade for Final Fantasy 15. They wanted to give us a taste of what November is going to be like, and you know what? I can't wait! Thank you for this movie, I had fun with it!

WhiteTea 2016-09-04
I have been doubting Rotten Tomatoes for a long time about good movies are getting bad ratings. I gave it a 5 star. Story was solid, it had great actions and special effect was outstanding. It got me excited about the upcoming game. The movie is basically the opening of the game. It provides a lot of background info leading to the introduction of the main characters. The only difference is you are now part of the movie. You will do all the heavy lifting and the ultimate goal is to defect the evil empire. I can't wait!

GreenEnd23 2016-09-04
7% on rotton tommatos? thats extreme. the plot may be difficult to follow at times, but that is no reason to give it a 7. ridiculous. this movie was incredible. the voice acting was full and colorful. the music was as gorgeous as its visuals, and story wise, it still has a definitive begining middle and end. it fuctions as a standalone movie, as well as prequel of sorts. on top of that, its easily the best movie that square enix/soft has ever made. bravo to the teams that made this film. looking forward to more in the future.

Brunio7 2016-09-04
A great prequel movie. Its sad that critics fail to appreciate movies like these. They are quite amazing once people give them a chance. Insanely good fight scenes - a great buildup to the game - a chance to see the world from someone else's perspective. Finished watching it and about an hour later I was already watching it again. 10/10

If you're planning on playing Final Fantasy 15 then I highly recommend this. With great visuals, a great story and great sound you will thoroughly enjoy it

Jaytoon 2016-09-04
Well done and pretty good voice acting. I enjoyed all the fantasy aspects of this movie.

KoJak_00900 2016-09-03
Kinda sad but I love it! Looking forward for the rest of the story!!

Modrivesslow 2016-09-02
Now I went into this with high hopes and I must say it met them. I put Kingsglaive right there with Advent Children. The CGI was amazing, the story and character progression was great, and it really pumped me up for the game! I can see where critics didn't like it, but everyone I've spoken to that is a fan of the game series had nothing but positive things to say about it.

Hawk XXX 2016-09-02
All I can say is there better be a sequel!!! must watch of the month!

Thedevilmacry 2016-09-01
I am an final fantasy fan and I have to tell you this is the best movie of final fantasy out there so far. The animation, acting and cgi were totally amazing. Square really gave it all for this movie the only complain I had is the scene transitioning a little. Sometimes it won't go with the flow but that a about it. Also please be aware the the Japanese version isn't the original voice acting. The English version is the original VA. The character animation and faces are based off real actors from game of thrones and breaking bad. So to reviews saying i ll wait for the VA, this is the original version. Also the lip sink in Japanese is horrible as it s was not the original voice acting of the actors. The Japanese is the dub one. Also be aware that this ffxv is a background story for the game and there are a lot of plot twist and I m expecting more in the game as well. Also after the movie watch brotherhood on YouTube there are 5 episode to give you a background of the characters. This is happening meanwhile ffxv brotherhood is also happening. Amazing movie and worth watching it

Fossilight 2016-09-01
So of course RT didnt even bother to look at the fact that this isnt a prequel to the game nor is it a solid tie-in. Its actually the story of the game before it was changed to what it is now with losely based plot that anyone can watch and not get super spoilers. Bravo. Come for the story and come for the insane animation and leave these "critics" be.

Pikachufan999 2016-09-01
I enjoyed the story a lot. The voice acting may have needed a bit more work though, but the action and the storyline is rather good.

Tearphoenix 2016-09-01
Great movie and much easier for non-FF fans to follow than previous titles. I highly recommend it. I can't wait to watch through it again as they put a lot of subtle plot clues throughout the movies.

Bionicsurfer 2016-09-01
I didn't like this one. The format may be suited for the game but not for a movie. Also, the dialog sounds like it was directly translated from Japanese and was strange at times, breaking the rhythm of the scenes. I guess that you have to be into the games to appreciate this movie. I'm not a gamer.

Berkeley Rooster 2016-08-31
Nothing new or original...boring....seemed to be aimless or "all over the place." Shallow script and story build. Turned it off after watching it for abuot 12 minutes. The critics had it right this time! Recommendation: Don't waste your money and/or time unless it cost $0.99 cents.

convictus81 2016-08-31
Amazing Prelude to the Game glad i bought it.

Dan44773 2016-08-31
For any fan of the game this is an awesome movie. I am so hyped right now. It is a near perfect prolouge for Final Fantasy 15.

Kgersh 2016-08-31
Best ff movie I've seen to date. Very well done