War Dogs (2016)
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Filmen, som er baseret på en sand historie, følger to venner (Hill og Teller), som begge er i

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Based on a true story, the film follows two friends in their early 20s (Hill and Teller) living in Miami during the Iraq War who exploit a little-known government initiative that allows small businesses to bid on U.S. Military contracts. Starting small, they begin raking in big money and are living the high life. But the pair gets in over their heads when they land a $300 million deal to arm the Afghan Military—a deal that puts them in business with some very shady people, not the least of which turns out to be the U.S. Government.

User Reviews
Green Tee 🍵 2019-10-13
This film isn’t terrible but isn’t great either.

daddynotsolonglegs 2019-03-30
One of my favorite movies

SFHoneyBadger 2018-12-09
Not sure why critics are being tough on this. Hugely entertaining from start to finish. Jonah Hill crushes it, and while his costar is a bit bland and they clearly copied Scorsese, it’s still a fun enough premise to keep you interested to find out what happens.

BCSurvivor_Mel 2017-06-13
Great 👍🏻

bmagers02 2017-04-02
Great blend of plot and comic relief! I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Jonah Hill!

Yaboilouie 2017-03-31

sundancer302001 2017-01-25

deeluke83 2017-01-23
Even if that weren't the case, the movie is still crap. As if the stereotypes weren't bad enough - this just makes them more so.

Avril in April 2017-01-20
An okay way to kill an hour but it could have been so much more

YahyaDDD 2017-01-13
Fantastic movie. Really enjoyed my time watching it

Neo_t 2017-01-11
You deserves an oscar

Yeti8me69 2016-12-29
Main problem I had with this was when David showed up to see his wife after leaving Albania , and hugged his wife pressing his broken knose against her shoulder as they hugged ? I have had a broken knose before and there is no way that happened without him yelping like a puppy cause that would have been far to painfull .

Monkey0414 2016-12-27
Loved it

Dr. Siri 2016-12-26
Great movie

UNC-Thomas 2016-12-25
Saw it on my birthday, great movie!

Modern music fan-tastic 2016-12-24
I absolutely loved it! However, definitely too many f words 😲. I watched it with my dad and he wanted to stop watching it because of the f words. Not as bad as 13 hours or London has fallen, but they definitely stick out as much.also, miles teller was absolutely amazing! Jonah hill was good, but waaaay to crass.rated R for a reason. Miles teller,you are a beautiful person.Nice face!

Rambo8649 2016-12-23
Obvioulsy the true nature of this story makes it really interesting, but I felt like the movie was really average and very thin..no depth to this movie. Bad writing and mediocre direction. War Dogs doesn't even come close to being as good as Lord of War.

Todd Phillips movies 2016-12-21
i watch them many times

Moein.PS 2016-12-18
Funny, serious, entertaining, and great acting.

Germkane 2016-12-15
It was ok figured he a little more dramatic but other that that is tad funny

scase313 2016-12-12
Usually, these guys are funny, but this movie is really bad. Anyone who has served in the miltary will most likely cringe through the whole movie, unless you're drunk. The writers went really sleezy and overboard on this one and the jokes are pretty much at the 3rd grade level.

ToeUpFmThFloUp 2016-12-11
Not sure why people are calling this a comedy it's the farthest thing from that. Don't expect a comedy and you'll enjoy the ride. The acting is superb and the story is real. Definitely worth a couple hours of your time.

tash burton 2016-12-06
The trailer says it all no need to watch this type of movie to review it's a pure disgrace jonah hill true colors show most here.

hu8610a 2016-12-06
Perfectly describes how people behave and interact with each other

Nela's iPhone 6 2016-12-04
Must watch

Boi272722 2016-12-03
Movie of the year. It is funny and all around great movie.

Reustace 2016-12-03
I think this movie could be up there with the wolf of wall street. Fun movie to watch

Cebridgman 2016-12-02
This movie exceeded my expectations. It was funny, is a nice amount of action sprinkled in.

Rosymary84 2016-12-02
Funny, action packed. The movie is better than the preview.

jlarios79 2016-12-02
I'll recommend the movie, very good!!!

991tts 2016-12-02
I don't have a clue why this movie has been categorized as a comedy because it is NOT. It is a DRAMA, not a comedy. It may have a few funny moments in it but overall, it isn't funny at all. Entertaining? Yes. Definietely worth watching once.

Bryce Killoran 2016-11-29
Nothing beats this crazy yet hilarious Jonah Hill movie with action, drama, and comedy. You learn to love one character than in 5 minutes hate them! Definitely my new favorite Movie

JackBakerMO 2016-11-29
I was expecting this to be more of a silly movie, and while it does have some humor I was really happy about the historical perspective of the story. Just one of those movies where I wasn't sure what to expect but was really glad I watched it. Moved along nicely, a few good laughs and interresting.

frinkle 2016-11-28
You would think Hollywood would come up with one good movie about the whole mess. This is about it. Its not bad. Its just not what should have been. It sort of hints at what the rest of the world suspects; The US likes to do these dumb wars.

PC Caruch 2016-11-27
I thought the story premise was great and the acting was solid. Well worth the time.

Sam 13 50 2016-11-26
Just bought it the other day and watched it tonight. It was a great movie. I expected it to have more comedy in it but it had a good touch of it. The laughs were great, and the story was perfect. Kinda reminded me of The Wolf of Wall Street but even better than that one! It's a great movie and I recommend watching it.

samdlovelaceiv 2016-11-25
This film isn't good, yet it also isn't bad.

TJTBfan 2016-11-25
This movie had it all. Great story, excellent directing and solid acting, humor and thrills. Really loved it.

Jkeen2 2016-11-24
A must see for sure!

Movie Critical 2016-11-22
Loved it. Was how the Wolf of Wall Street should have been. And I am not a fan of either lead actors.

Arezzy 2016-11-22
Plot was fine, but character development was incredibly weak. Could not have cared less about either of the two main characters. Movie kind of dragged on and tried too hard to be funny while not holding up the substantive and serious plot plots.

Mgilbo 2016-11-22
This is nothing like hangover... this actually has a good plot worth watching. Actors were great in their parts.

Petertsir 2016-11-21
DO NOT BUY THIS MOVIE!! Being a huge wolf of wall street fan, i was overwhelmed when i saw the trailer for this movie. However, it pails in comparison to the Scorsesi master peice. This film, though fundementally identical in it is acrchetype to the wolf of wall Street, fails to give its viewer the testerone rush that the Wolf of Wall Street does. Further more, it is increasingly eveident that Johanna Hill was simply sailing in Leonardo Dicapprio's wake in the Wolf of Wall Street, as his prefromance in this movie is nothing more than humdrum.

Imguessitsok 2016-11-20
Don't waste your money.

Jason.w.Davis 2016-11-19
One of the worst movies I have seen in years. This was not at all funny and wasn't even close to the true story. Refund please.

Danonash007 2016-11-19
Did not have any real expectations for this movie and was pleasantly surprised definitely worth a watch, story was different

AliAkbarH 2016-11-18
It was awesome, hilarious and fun!

SemperoneOH3 2016-11-18
Jonah Hill and Miles Teller both have great performances in this movie! Great movie!

Feenkev 2016-11-18
Enjoyed this and being based on a true story adds a bit more enjoyment. 4.25

flagal22 2016-11-15
War Dogs was a terrific movie! Its a fascinating glimpse into the dark, byzantine world of international arms dealing and what happens when a couple of young, surbanite Americans get pulled into this moneyed, whirling vortex. It was Jonah Hill's movie, as he plays a seemingly innocent, macho opportunist, whose open charm and pseudo-sincerity masks the devious criminal mind of a sociopath. Epic !