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American Horror Story: Roanoke, the sixth installment of the award-winning series, explores the horrors of one of America's greatest mysteries.

User Reviews
Ms1e;}#€huffs//22uiikgffdss 2021-07-13
Great show definitely recommend watching this one 👍👍 They keep getting better each time

Brandonn831 2019-11-14
this season did so many different things and was so scary on the edge of my seat every episode

MyownmE 2018-12-26
My Fav. seasons of AHS are: S5 (Hotel) S1 (Murder House) S8 (Apocalypse). they really fulfil my expectations, not like the rest of seasons.

ReFreak94 2018-09-13
Every season is horrifyingly unique and offers brilliant performances with deliciously wicked stories.

oRoBoTo 2018-09-06
One of the worst season of AHS I’ve seen. Skip it. But at least it wasn’t a @#$%*&^ musical.

cflenn13 2018-08-27
Sure there was one good episode directed by Jennifer Lynch,but this whole season falls flat. The one so thin tie in to Season 4 was IMO just so blah!! I don’t know where they were going with it,the season seems like they didn’t really have a good grasp on where it was to go....more of an afterthought type of season. Angela Bassett was too good for this season...and I own every season of AHS on iTunes and DVD....but they already got my money for this on ITunes unfortunately...But I won’t be buying it on DVD!!! Well maybe if I can find it used on DVD for a buck!!!

#1Jackster 2018-08-13
AHS Roanoke had an original approach and plenty of grisly diversions, but its misguided new format produced a snafu filled with contrived narratives, cluttered execution, and incompetent acting.

Eddict with a pen 2017-12-29
Watched the entire season on Netflix. I Love love love love this season. It was the first season I've seen of ahs and now I'm on Coven This was amazing and overall to me the best season at the moment (I've seen bits and pieces of Hotel and freak show)

Rdubesq 2017-10-25
Interesting concept, the whole "real" people juxtaposed with the actor versions of themselves. But, I really didn't enjoy any of this season. It's boring. Sarah Paulson is doing her hysteria thing AGAIN, and the whole pig/Gaga creature/Kathy Bates with an unintelligible accent was tired at one episode. ZZZZZ.

LGBTQueen 2017-09-25
I don’t like how this season turned into a show within a show I think it would’ve been better if they just made it all reals and left the reality show idea out of it but still not bad AHS hotel is better IMO go watch Gaga slay in that one

yep, I'm there. 2017-09-19
I really love the amazing acting and actors Murphy got for this cast! I was so excited for a Roanoak storyline but unfortunately this season was all over the place and not cohesive... it never felt like it came together to make much sense. I've got 3 eps to go but it's been painfully boring to get thru this season, compared to the amazing previous seasons of my fav show. I really hope Murphy isn't running out of ideas. He tends to do better with anthology or short story type shows, rather than shows that build on each previous seasons storyline... he tends to get lost. But he's an amazing writer if someone can please just keep him focused! Lol. I was hoping for more or ALL Roanoke but hardly any and what we do see doesn't appear the least bit historically accurate on what we do know of the lost village. Historians cringed thru this for sure. A bit more research next time. Let's hope the next season is better... I mean one bad season out of 6 isn't bad. Cult better step it up. Coven and Hotel and Freak Show were my favs for the acting, sets & costuming, and character development. I don't wanna keep seeing Paulson play a horribly lost wife Ea season. And bring back Jessica Lange! Her with Gaga would be great. And Farmiga of course. Feel free to consult me on twitter for ideas AHS writers... and don't EVER do "Ghost Ship." That's a bad idea. Maybe do Bermuda Triangle & Manhattan Project type stuff! Or Plum Island! There's so many real life mysteries guys. Bring back and Egyptian Pharaoh, or Roswell. We had hoped Roanoke would be that real life historical mystery we've all been craving, but it wasn't... so I call a redo!

AHS fav 2017-09-04
I was obsessed with this show but every single season just keeps losing some of its magic and getting worse. I only watched one episode of this season and I already can tell that it can be way better. I need more seasons like the first season.......I want the old American horror story back.

pinksquirrel 2017-08-28
When someone mentioned a long time ago that iTunes might actually expect you to pay to watch commercials I was incensed and thought the person suggesting this was an idiot. I didn't think a company could be SO arrogant as to expect people who are already overpaying to consume their product would throw commercials in there and force you to pay for those too. I guess I'm the one who is stupid. Never in a million years would I pay this rapidly declining (the fact that they're making more money than ever has nothing to do with quality) company for that. I've spent thousands of dollars with iTunes and they have simply gone too far. That is just vile.

Curtiskk1 2017-06-27
I don't see why people don't like this season, roanoke is the only season to scare besides asylum..

Nacho 84744 2017-06-09
This season was full of surprises and also lots of scary things that I love throughout all the season

bdh1975 2017-04-12
A lot of potential, but failed to hold my interest and the gore level was not for me. The first three AHS seasons were fabulous, especially Coven, Hotel was far, far better the second time I watched it, but wasn't sad when this season's finale finally rolled around.

itunerVT 2017-03-04
I've been watching AHS since inception. This current season is a waste. I'd really like a refund, it's that bad.

CofeeLife 2017-02-05
AMAZING season!

Snugglebug001187 2017-01-28
Season one through five we're great seasons but this one was impossible to watch it was just horrible.

dmbuckley 2017-01-07
Season 3 was the best. Season 4, 5 and 6 downhill.

masterzach3001 2017-01-05
So much better than Hotel! In fact one of the best seasons to date.

PowerslaveChris 2016-12-27
Have my money back I love AHS but this season sucked so much

dannyboy#777 2016-12-09
I love AHS but this season was super whack! In the beginning it was very good but, once they made it into a tv show series the whole season went downhill from there. The producer didn't even know where to take the story it was going in big circles not my favorite seasonal far

countryforlife26 2016-12-09
I'm such a huge AHS fan but this season was just awful. All it was is gore for shock value, there's so much they could've done to make it great and they blew it

Jake Cassidy 2016-12-05
I thought the season was one of the best seasons ever!

Tnj1814 2016-12-04
One of the best seasons they've ever had if not the best!! Definitely kept you guessing about the plot twists.

the wolf13 2016-11-30
Pretty much the definition of the expression "ups and downs" but to be frank, there were more downs. Unless you're a "fan"... skip it For the >TLDNR< see below: Essentially it was a show with a good premise, but if the lacked any of the necessary suspense, creative writing, or enjoyable characters to make anything come from that potential. If you're a fan of horror things in general be they stories and videos movies etc. you know one of those crucial elements is a character that your audience doesn't want to die. I can't think of a single character who's death didn't bring me spa levels of relief. Bad writing, poor character design, and simple lack of relative feasibility kill this season for me. Spoiler Warning: near the end of the season characters were constantly returning to the house/land for idiotic reasons that no sane person would ever consider. Some may say "oh its horror they have to be stupid" but it's immersion breaking you're not scared if you're not immersed.

Bradleeregister 2016-11-20
So upset I bought this. Absolutely the worst season of AHS by a long shot. We kept watching only because we spent the money... it's sort of comical how awful it is, so there's that! Additionally my review is not being sent through. BOOOOO ITUNES

RNjennifer217 2016-11-20
This season was just awful. wasted $. the seasons have been getting more weird and ridiculous. I won’t be buying any more seasons. should have listened…don’t even want to give it one start but have to in order to post 1 star reluctantly

boredafyougetme 2016-11-19
(Unlike many many reviwers, I actually watched the whole season, THEN started writing a review.) Remember when we all waited real excited to find out what the theme was going to be? Remember when we were all on YouTube making theories only to find out that all the teasers were fake? And then the day finally came; September 14th. When the theme was finally revealed as Roanoke. Some people were disappointed by the premiere but was I? Not in the slightest, although episodes 2-4 suffered a bit. But then the big moment came: Chapter 5. Roanoke really outdid itself with that episode. Many people say that Chapter 6 was the best episode but I for one disagree. It was good but just nothing really that special. I had really mixed feelings about Roanoke. Bu then it outdid itself again in Chapter 7! And Chapter 8! And Chapter 9, which in my opinion is the most disturbing episode in AHS history, possibly TV history (I haven't seen that many TV shows). And then came the finale, Chapter 10, which disappointed a lot of watchers. I liked it though. Not as much as 1, 5, 7-9, but it was overall good. Definitely not your average AHS episode though. And I'm actually quite sad this season is over already because this was the highlight of my week. Also because Asylum, Coven, Freak Show and Hotel lasted till January! But that means Christmas break and I'm really impatient. I'm just glad we didn't get a month break like Scream Queens. But back to the show; it was great. Roanoke lands in my top 3, right there with Hotel and Murder House. And now here I am, waiting to rewatch this, and for season 7. Hopefully we'll get more episodes there. Now if you haven't started this season, just watch Chapter 1. If you liked it, then you MIGHT have to get ready for a slight disappointment in the next few episodes. If you didn't, then at least finish episode 5.

jam0112 2016-11-17
Definitely one of my favorites.

Riker37 2016-11-17
just good....terrible waste of a season.......

MelBar 2016-11-17
I didn't hate it but not sure I loved it. It was definitely different than past seasons, which was great, but hard to get vested in a character becasue before you know it they were GONE.

pholly 2016-11-14
Update: After many episodes I am sick of this season. I was hoping the second part of the season would be better but it's somehow even worse. Maybe next season will be better. Having an ad after the show for the first episode was ok but the second one has ads before AND after the show. Now I wish I would have just pirated the show instead of paying so much to see ads.

KaKaimani Naniloa 2016-11-10
Complete waste of money and time. Terrible acting, no story, garbage blair witch footage. Worst season hands down. Won't be watching the next either, if this is the best they can come up with the series is dead.

Pal_1973 2016-11-07
1st 5 episodes are pretty good, story shifts dramatically for the worse thereafter. Fake roanoke set doesnt help. Clearly shot in the hills of L.A. Acting is bland with the exception of wonderful Kathy Bates. Can't recommend.

RUKnight1 2016-11-06
We tried to hang in there for the full season but it's so bad on so many levels that we couldn't. Terrible story line. Gory for pure shock value. Poor acting. If you like B grade horror movies that you like because they're so bad, this is for you. If you want something similar to the first couple seasons of AHS, this is definitely not for you. I do have to say, however, it's maybe a little better than watching anything having to do with the upcoming election. Maybe. They both leave you feeling the say way....wanting and knowing there's something better`out there.

STXOF_88 2016-11-03
I was in love with the first seasons, this and last season the show just lost what made it special. This season it copy cats to the extent that it is no angers creative and just insecurely copy others. It just lost it. All characters are unlike-able - the opposite of the first few seasons. This season and the last rely only on gore and ‘shocking images’ - anyone who is desperate and dark can do that.

Jdogg897 2016-11-03
Wow, awful season. So bad, hard to watch, the acting is so ridiculously bad that it has to be on purpose.

ItsGaGaBitch 2016-10-29
I am an American Horror Story fanatic. I've watched every episode of every season at least 5 times each. I am in love with the idea they used for this season. It's unlike any other and it keeps me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode all week lol.

Bazooka_Shark 2016-10-27
My first review ever. I had to! This season is super boring and it is hard to watch! On the top of it every episode includes commercials! Don't you dare paying for that!!!

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jtb_1993 2016-10-22
Amazing season so far. The docu-style narrative may turn some viewers off, but I think Roanoke is a step in the right direction for the series. Interested to see where the rest of the season takes us.

What is that color? 2016-10-21
By far the most complex, interesting and scariest season of American Horror Story and it's only half way through the season. I'm so amazed by the creativity and work of the minds who put all this together. Also, I love how they have the same actors in every season because it sort of a family feeling and connection to the series. AHS will forever be my favorite show! ❤️

Justtryingtohelp 2016-10-21
This is turning into one of the greatest seasons yet. Do not let the slow start fool you. What a show... I'll come back and edit this after it's complete.

CrimSpan 2016-10-19
I was looking forward to this show after reading some of the reviews and while the acting still wasn't as good as season 1 it was still pretty decent. Unfortunately there are some glaring inaccuracies that I'm having a lot of trouble getting past. First off, there is absolutely no way that the house/property looks at all like it's on Roanoke or anywhere in NC for that matter, it is very obviously California. Secondly, I really didn't need another show depicting people in NC and the rest of the South as backwards vengeful idiots. I get underestimated and picked on for my accent enough already, without even more media reinforcing the same old offensive stereotypes.

sowhatyouwilllive 2016-10-05
Yeah yeah we get it, white people are the worst people in the world. AHS has pushed this narrative season after season but this iteration is purely racist. Episode one sees a black man become a victim of the knockout game by a WHITE GANG! I know it's horror fantasy show but COME ON! This scene is supposed to be grounded in the reality-based portion of the show. The knockout game was predominantly blacks attacking whites/hispanic/Asian people or other black people. Google it. All the white people are portrayed as either vacuous, corrupt, evil, or racist hillbillies. Save your money. You don't solve race relations by demonizing people. Good acting as always but there's a reason this show is crashing in the ratings.

@KLuca143 2016-10-04
How is it possible the show gets better & better with every season!? Ryan Murphy and the entire cast or Amazing!!

Woodanimalhouse 2016-10-03
I do not care for this season at all. Loved Hotel and loved Murder House! Freak Show was okay .. Still watching As I am a diehard fan!! Give us something really scary- we're waiting !!!

Dadalor1an 2016-10-01
I bought the series on iTunes but, again, can only watch 29 seconds of a show. I have go back to watch it on FX Network, commercials and all. And, AGAIN, I'm out $30. Thanks iTunes. Fix the bug. So tired of the continued software quality issues.