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The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe assembles a dais that includes Peyton Manning, Ralph Macchio, Jeff Ross, Nikki Glaser, Rob Riggle, Jewel, Ann Coulter and Roast Master David Spade. The occasion? To try and take down an ageless heartthrob.

User Reviews
ammme23 2023-10-29
Does not include the roast. Paying the full price does not give the roast only a short clip even though the first “episode” listed seems to be th e description of the roast

Drakar K319 2018-08-29
It is only a preview!!!!!

Malinda31 2016-09-18
I bought this and it will only play the commercial like everyone else. Don't buy this. Shame Apple Store.

Nick87557996 2016-09-17
Everyone is right!!! Beware before you buy!!

JB Illusion 2016-09-16
Same issue as everyone else. Purchased it and you just get a lame Spade bit, no roast. I contacted apple a few times about it and eventually they just refunded my money with no explanation as to where the roast is. Extremely disappointing Apple.

MacCreate 2016-09-16
This was a funny roast. Mr. Lowe took all of the ribbing in a good spirit (with his wife and two sons in the audience!). David Spade was a very good host. Ann Coulter was raked through the fire mercilessly, and Payton Manning took some good shots. Check it out!

emzz2013 2016-09-14
I see that Apple took down my original review from Sept 9th - (HEADLINE: WARNING - DO NOT BUY) Apparently Apple finds it to be inappropriate to warn people (as I did) that if they fork over $6.99 for what they believe is the CC Roast they will in fact only get a stupid 1 minute 'behind the scenes' segment with David Spade. I'll say again what I said originally: This is false advertising at the very least. Customers will NOT get what they pay for and should be warned. I'd imagine stating that may hurt sales of this non-existent video. Sorry Apple, fraud is fraud - fix this or it remains fraudulent advertising and sales practices.

OleRakeop 2016-09-13
You can't watch the actual episode - it's shows in the menu but you can't play it. All that is provided is a preview and a couple of other videos that are promotional for the roast. Come on, Apple!! Fix this! Feels like a total waste of money right now... if it's not fixed, I want my money back!!

sharkmama412 2016-09-13
My experience with reporting issues and getting refunds has been pretty good so far. Hope all goes smooth this time around. You would think that someone at Apple would have some kind of clue what is going on. Amazon, here I come!

Caboariza 2016-09-13
No show. Just a 30 sec clip

Cranky in Palm Springs 2016-09-13
Who knows if this is any good. Apple has a glitch in their system that won't let me download it. When I called they said they were working on it and should have it fixed shortly. That was 4 days ago. Very dissappointed with Apple.

Moriarti 2016-09-11
As with others, the purchase of the season does not at this time deliver (despite stating a release date of 9/5/2016) the episode.

LilyP-rules! 2016-09-11
You won’t get the roast- just two short “behind the scenes” segments. Can’t seem to access the show itself. Blah!

Cc had 2016-09-11
Don't buy it's only previews what a waste so mad!!

ReneeGerriel 2016-09-11
Tried to purchase the roast and paid the 6.99 but am only allowed to watch the David Spade 1 minute skit! Super disappointed.

Lastexit969 2016-09-11
Waste of money I want my money back!

Caynmarko23 2016-09-11
I spent $7 to get this and it wont show you the roast! It just keeps trying to play a 30 sec clip! Ill be asking for a refund

Jab a 2016-09-11
Same problem as everyone else. Can't view the thing I paid for!!

MVS619 2016-09-11

tpromix 2016-09-11
someone might be getting fired, this is awful way to view roast after purchase

jorwesflow 2016-09-10
I just purchased this hoping to immediately watch but all that's available is a 30sec preview and some behind the scenes thing with David Spade. I'm just seeing the other review by emzz2013 who is having the same problem. What's the deal here? Give me that $7 back.

candygurlz14 2016-09-10
Apple is trying to make you think that the $6.99 is for the whole thing. You're paying that for a 30 second clip. Do NOT buy this!!!! Does not include the actual roast

City Hands Hooper 2016-09-10
I purchased this roast AND gifted it to my husband trying to watch it, and all I could see was the promo with David Spade. Every time I tried to watch the roast itself, it said it was only available with purchase. I don't know what I paid 7 bucks for if it's not even going to play. I would appreciate some help with this as I feel like it was a tech error.

Hawk XXX 2016-09-10
Want play after purchase

PersianMagic 2016-09-10
Umm soo NO ROAST FOR 6.99???? Screw You apple! Thieves!!

Iamnotamonster 2016-09-10
I purchased this for $6.99 on my Apple TV. It would only let me watch the 30 second commercial, and when I clicked on the actual roast it told me I couldn't watch it because I hadn't purchased it. So I tried it on my iPhone. This time I could play the roast, but only the first 30 seconds. Get your act together, Apple!

jmagnum712 2016-09-10
Don't buy this. You don't get the roast. Apple is a rip off. Go to Amazon.

sam1304623497864 2016-09-10
Seriously, how do you buy this? I can't find the option to buy whatever the "season" is. I wouldn't mind paying for it, but you have to actually make it purchasable lol. Good try though.

Bruinsguy1 2016-09-10
Like others, I paid for it and it is not available to play. Problem!

mkcorkin 2016-09-10
Bought the "season" and it will only let us watch a preview. We can not access the actual show.

MaxstersMom 2016-09-08
There was better pre-show hype than the show itself.

Tombolomb 2016-09-07
cringeworthy, sad, pathetic, hilarious, embarrassing , and uncompromising! Pretty much what you'd expect from a roast in the Dean Martin era! You run through a gambit of emotions and you love every second!