Underworld: Blood Wars
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In the next installment of the blockbuster franchise, Vampire death dealer Selene (Kate Beckinsale)

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In the next installment of the blockbuster franchise, Vampire death dealer Selene (Kate Beckinsale) fends off brutal attacks from both the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction that betrayed her. With her only allies, David (Theo James) and his father Thomas (Charles Dance), she must stop the eternal war between Lycans and Vampires, even if it means she has to make the ultimate sacrifice.

User Reviews
This movie was lackluster. It did not live up to the the first two Underworlds, even Awakening. Those ones were good. Mainly because they had Kate the great.

Pushba 2021-03-16
The first 2 movies were really good. I was very disappointed when I saw this movie. It had no plot and was boring to watch. I felt like I was in adult detention watching this movie.

WOOOO! 2020-08-10

Extremelybruh 2020-04-05
The best movie out there if you’re looking for vampire vs werewolves types of movies!

Jay W. Y 2019-12-05

idkd s s 2019-08-25

Oldscratch 2019-06-02
I guess I was expecting a total dumpster fire from this movie. I was somewhat surprised that I was able to enjoy this. I am a big fan of the first 2 movies in the franchise. The 3rd movie was not bad but, we'd seen that story in a flashback in the first movie. I thought it was pointless. I love Selene and I was a big fan of Viktor. A great character. I was disappointed that they, for whatever reason, choose not to bring back Michael. He was, to me, the most unique character in the franchise.

16 HORSES 2019-01-23
So the Underworld trilogy was not settling the World on fire! But hey you just need to lower your expectations when it comes to movies like that! I did not see Underworld Blood Wars expecting Forest Gump or Gladiator! Just take Solace over the fact that The Underworld movies are over!

LisaDM27 2017-11-29
I’m a little disappointed when the director didn’t put Michael in this film it would have been better if the director did. A lot of fans are not to happy about this film. The vampires should have use their powers instead of guns that would be awesome if the director did that. So next time we they make another sequel have the vampires use their abilities.

Christopher W. Hearne 2017-10-25
This was the best underworld movie out of the franchise in my opinion. Kate is just fantastic and I have to say I’m a huge fan and just love her work in this movie I hope they keep Underworld alive for another 14 years!!! P.S. I think I’m in love 😂

the6ecko 2017-09-13
After reading some of the other reviews I felt kinda skeptic about watching it but I'm a fan and once again I have not been let down by the franchise. Good entertainment

Fe I got u 2017-07-21
Good movie. I loved Selene's new changes 😁

StevoRolo 2017-07-04
I hate to see bad reviews on a great film. It left me wanting more and I can see another one in the future. We still don't know where her daughter is. Also, we need more back story on the "other dimension" that gave her the awesome hair and turned her in the awesome bad assassin she becomes. I loved it! If your looking for "Edward and Jacob", don't look here✌️

Joe merkel 567535 2017-06-29
This movie has no plot and no solid action. Also Horrifically shot scenes that use shaky cam throughout. It is sad to see the movie in the standout hits section and it's said to see the underworld series to be taken in this direction.

Hyuibfhhdsfjjdsjgs 2017-06-27
Not the best but I would say pretty good. Love the ending and the new hair. Some new powers amd new people in the film.

SONY160GB 2017-06-03
They should go back to the old actors where it all began with Alexander C and his two sons Marcus and William how they became monsters and how Viktor destroys Selene's family and turns her into a Vampire. Now that would be Awesome, Thank you

Selena'sMan 2017-05-27
As a huge Underworld fan I am totally unsatisfied!! I guess I expected more. This seems to be an underbudget movie that missed its mark.

tekneak 2017-05-22
One of my favorite movie series, this one will not disappoint.....lots of action and well written story

ddotwill 2017-05-21
Not going to say to much but they need to make Selene more violent and make her more involved in the movie. I'm a huge Underworld fan but this movie showed more interest in David instead of her. To me anyway! Selene is the star ⭐️ right?

Mnswill 2017-05-20
Wow, much better then I thought it would be, liked it so much went out and bought after watching it on rent,.

shaja215 2017-05-11
I absolutely love this series! This and the first one are my favorites.

HulkIAm 2017-05-09
Vampires and werewolves fighting each other primarily with hand guns and machine guns. This movie had no direction, no focus, no plot to be found; did the director and writer(s) get hit in the head during one of the action scenes?! You get a bad feeling when you're listening to the movie's lead character narrate the movie. The iTunes review states "...be careful. These are not your garndfather's werewolves and vampires." Maybe they should have been.

Metatron32 2017-05-07
This movie was so, so, so, so pathetic. It seems they've almost completely forgotten about what a vampire is. The acting was terrible and the whole thing came off like a B movie! What a total embarrassment for Kate Beckinsale!

Feminine Divine 2017-05-05
This thread reveals such a lovely an forgiving lot. Not me. 1 star because it won't let me review without them. So that was for the actors, production team, and the director (who was spectacular). But story is everything. And the bit of one here - was horrid. Just not good story telling. It was BAD.

PaulHDelman 2017-05-05
If you've followed the franchise and enjoyed all the prior offerings, you will like this one. It's a bit of a prelude to what may become with Celine's daughter, and how they Michael's removal from the cast was pretty weak...but it was worth the five bucks to rent and stay current with the series.

GraffitiPaint19 2017-05-02
It's unfortunate because it's distracting, and she would look better without it. Instead of being in the movie I'm just entranced by her disfugured face.

No Sleep Til.... 2017-05-01
Nice tie in to the story line!

BestRater 2017-04-30
Great acting, and action sequences that are some of the best in the underworld world. Not sure why it got such a low rating other than too much new backstory and too many new characters introduced. This remains the best Vampire series to date. Am hoping some day to be able to binge watch the entire series.

Octocroco 2017-04-30
Could be my favorite one

hannakimi23 2017-04-30
if your a fan of the franchise then you'll be ok with this movie not bad at all.

B. Farnsworth 2017-04-29
I can't even. There's nothing more to say. Laughable, poorly written, poorly edited, and with more over the top ridiculousness than all of its predecessors, COMBINED. We can only hope they stop making these movies.

Milinka 2017-04-27
I don't know what it is about this movie from iTunes, but the audio quality is terrible. It sounds like a pirated quality movie.

Berkeley Rooster 2017-04-26
Better than the last two movies in this series but not as good as the first, second, and third ones. Excellent special-effects and fight scenes; however, that couldn't "carry" the whole movie. The weakness or downfall of this movie was in the script; that is, it needed more developmental innovation and/or theme originality. Also, Len Wiseman wasn't directing the movie...so maybe that's why it didn't turn out so well? Rating: 2.65 stars,

TomokoBlackCat 2017-04-26
It is a good rental.

Essined84 2017-04-26
Looking forward for the next one to come. Loved the action and how things started to unveil.

the965kid 2017-04-25
I totally enjoyed the first 2 of these Underworld movies, and the 3rd one was unmemorable. BUt this Blood Wars is hands down the worst of them all. I can't understand why the story, acting, dialog and fight scenes are so subpar in this one. They just need to stop making these. You will be mad at yourself if you spend $ on this movie, just re-watch one of the first 2 Underwolrd movies or watch literally any other movie out there - it will be better.

osiris244 2017-04-25
I thought the movie was great Kate B. Was awesome as usual I'm hoping that there will be another underworld film

AnonnonLauri 2017-04-24
Splat rotten tomatoes. It's almost a given I'm going to like what they give harsh reviews on. This movie fit perfectly into the ongoing storyline. Kate doesn't look like she's aged a day since the first movie was released. 👍🏼👍🏼 I personally will watch the movie again.

NixMoore Family Account 2017-04-23
Exciting, awesome vampire, lychan coolness but a lot crammed into a very fast paced movie. Feel like there could be 4 books written about all the side stories in this one part of a big series. Yes, I have seen every other movie in this series and should this be some deep amazing multi level mind bender? Hell No! It's about fun. Like riding a roller coaster. I wanted more, so I would say, mission accomplished.

Shejaodndn 2017-04-22
So I pre order the movie to own before it came out now it is saying I need to pay something I already bought...? Uhh HELP.?

MusiX🔥 2017-04-18
One of the best 🎥 ....

Wiloje Soap 2017-04-16
I've been gushing over these characters since the first movie, I wish Scott Speedman was in this one. I can't wait to see if we get Another film.

huiarii 2017-04-16
GOSH ! They are SUPERNATURAL creatures Lycan & Vampires and WHY the heck are they fighting each others with GUNS and heavy weapons like this.

JamesPons 2017-04-15
I'm a big fan of the whole saga and this one even if sometimes feel simper is no deception, I loved this movie!

KIXS 2017-04-14
1st one was great, 2nd was ok, then the rest are bad. This one is complete waste of time. I think its enough of this franchise!

jen108 2017-04-14
I'm always a sucker for anything vampire, wear-wolf, witch kinda monster movie. This while not the best is still enjoyable. Great fight scenes and love The weapons. I don't know why so many cry babies are complaining about this movie. Plus it totally leaves it open to another movie where we get to meet the Daughter.

Sophistrates 2017-04-14
This film is much better than its recent predecessors and really breathes a ton of new life into the series. Very glad I took a chance and bought it.

ReikiArtist 2017-04-14
Guns. Always with the guns. LOTS of bullets flying around and yet, even as a vampire, supposeldly with amazing visual accuity, yet they still cannot shoot the broad side of a barn standing two feet from it??? Pathetic. The story line was weak. Already figured David was the son of an elder. No real exploration of Selene's journey in the 'other realm' that gave her newfound abilities. Sadly this movie is predictable and boring.

cosmiccath 2017-04-12
Not particularly a fan of "Vampire" movies, I watched this series because there was some decent story telling to be found in teh first movies in the series. As these progressed they got more and more UN-believable. Not unbelievable but UN ... believable. OK, if you can accept the premise (Vampires) than anything goes, but it went alright ... down ... and with each new and more ridiculous story, the series continued to descend ... to B movie status. However, the Underworld series began as a well written script with great actors and better sets. This is the worst of all of them. However, who does not tire of watching the vampire ballet of Kate Bekinsale? OK, I am one of those who suspends common sense to participate in a good fantasy. This movie, however, takes the Underworld series to a new under. Worth a rent, not not a rant.

Ninachka 2017-04-11
I got to say the movie as almost perfect. Great cast! Good plot. Exactly what I expected. With a hint of more to come.