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With the largest library of stand-up comedy anywhere, Comedy Central has a whole lot of stars and a whole lot of laughs. Download hilarious performances from A-list superstars and up-and-coming comics from across the globe, right here.

User Reviews
Slack-Babbath 2020-03-29
Great place to find stand-up routines of old & new comics. I found Harland Willams and Dat Phan, funny stuff!

a W.A.S.P. fan 2015-06-01
When these episodes are available without the bleeps, then i'll buy. it is much more funnier and enjoyable. The first season of south park was bleeped but it was still great. this is different; this stand up comedy.

YogiPaliwal 2014-06-13
The file is incorrectly labeled. Although I do enjoy Todd Barry's comedy I paid for Dave Attell. Please fix this.

Josh Wicker 2013-01-01
I got Dane Cook's performance recording because I remembered that a friend had told me he was good. Being a fan of modern daily life comedy (Demitri Martin, Patton Oswalt) I though that Dane was a really poor show. It seemed like he was on cocaine trying to make people laugh by being a fool. Not pleased in the slightest with specifically his set. Others were great.

ArcyBlaster161 2012-03-22
Mr Black continues to be one of the world's greatest and hilariously on-point comedians. I honestly couldn't survive the current political climate without him! Even though this was an old episode, the sentiments remain the same.

Ƨilence 2012-03-03
I bought the track with stephen lynch thinking it would be pretty funny but it was not. I personally love his songs but the Comedy Central Presents was probably his worst. He did not choose his best songs and for Superhero, he didn't include the interaction with the crowd that was on Pandora. His stand up is told like a story and did not laugh once at his jokes. It would be average if you've never heard of his work before but only average.

Fuzzz2 2011-12-14
Funny, funny, funny !

Eminent.Arson 2011-11-21
Awesome, was afraid they wouldn't have this one because he hasn't got as famous as some of the others yet. Still my fav comedian.

JulietteF 2011-11-08

Tpratt26 2011-07-03
Great funny songs that will shock you and make you say why do I laugh at this. Because it is hilarious!

Jontaco963 2011-07-01
If u buy this send me some

Zalfunkis56 2011-06-10
The guys hilarious but who in there frickin write mind would by that

Pablodavid94 2010-12-11
I gotta go get me a job

Guitarist7555 2010-10-24
Nnnnnnnnoooooooo! How fricking long would that even take to download anyway?

Tcd123 2010-10-20
Yay! Lets all spend $500 for 240 episodes that you watch on a 3 inch screen!

Machewg 2010-09-10
I'm not buying this.

L'Rey 2010-08-08
Aries spears is the funniest!!

Sooooo funny 2010-07-30
To much money

lilmikeinfiniti 2010-07-29

Thrawn323 2010-07-08
Greatest Comidian Ever The fact he is still making folks laugh affter he is gone is proof of that.

french-e 2010-05-20
$237.50 is a huge price, but for a good cause

DeadmanD 2010-05-19
I'm looking for the Jim Breuer Hardcore episode and I just dont understand why its not here. That was a good one that should be here. I'd buy it.

AundreaLeppelman 2010-04-30
Lol, I didn't exactly buy this particular skit type thingy, but o love comedy central and all of the people part of it!! Nick swardson in particular! He is such a great comedian!!!!! Everyone really should check out his stuff!! SERIOUSLY! XD

Killahsmile24 2010-04-03
Expensive but worth it

nTroversiv 2010-04-02
Bo Burnham is an extremely funny & talented new comedian and I HATE to rate his show poorly, but this is the censored version and every other word is *bleeped*. So disappointing. Why would I ever pay for censored material?

tednrok 2010-03-13
The stand up is great, but its censored, they are bleeping out curses. When I watched Stephen Lynch they actually bleeped out the word "Shower" from one of his songs. This is garbage, it wasn't listed as censored, I want my money back.

tstaley 2010-03-10
Arnez J is an extremely funny guy! He's one that you that will you laughing until tears start to run down your face!! Especially when he starts talking about his brother!! Funny stuff.

DJD 2010-03-01

sundancekid1 2009-11-28
mitch is the funniest! he has some weird accent, does anyone know what that is? also, the amazing johnathan is a laugh. he does the best magic tricks and the worst. :)

:Dani 2009-11-14
Mike Birbiglia is hilarious! Great show!

capthavic 2009-10-01
Does anyone know why ther is only Lewis Black 1 and 3? What happened to the second one?

tylander11 2009-09-21
Dane Cook. your not funny. wouldv been a 5. shame shame

smellaphant 2009-07-15
There are some really good underground guys on here try Brian regan, Robert kelly, Louis c.k. he is really funny. Brian posehn. To name a few check those guys out they wont let you down.

awsom joe 2009-07-07
Brian Regan is teh funniest man alive, and this is one of his best shows.

Homerco 2009-06-16
Brian is one of the best comics around. I have watched him since I was a kid and he is better every time. I always appreciate a comic who doesn't use profanity in their sets, although it doesn't bother me either. I think that Brian Regan will definitely go down as one of the greats.

CeCe9184 2009-05-13
Where is Don 'D.C.' Curry??? His episode is one of the funniest I've ever seen. Almost every other episode of Comedy Central Presents is up here except his :-( ...Could we do something about that iTunes??? I would LOVE to have that on my iPod!!!

Bdizzlefoschizzlemynizzle 2009-04-29
A magician with a lack of respect and a great sense of humor, which makes this a must buy. 5 Stars over and over.

Annoying as Charged 2009-04-14
Nick Swardson really hits a grand slam here. He delivers hilarious jokes, and actually takes real life situations and puts a funny spin on them. This is definitly a muat have for anyones standup collection.

5T488Y 2009-04-12
Hands down my favorite comedian replacing dennis leary and george carlin on my list. Demetri Martin is complicated and hilarious.

Matt_M0 2009-03-13
RIP to a very funny man.

Drumboi5 2009-02-24
Is by far the funniest woman alive. This is one of my favorite performances of hers. I'm so glad she's doing lots of shows in NYC. I've caught her headlining at Gotham a couple times and she's outrageously funny live. One of the best female physical comedians out there.

Rayyychel. 2009-02-10
When I watched Jo Koy's premiere for Comedy Central Presents, I was just thinking, "Oh justin and me are just going to criticize another wannabee", but when we were watching it, the more we got into it the funnier he got! Especially: "Look at my tang tang!!!", we died laughing! and the reenactment of his mom and him on the Wii Fit? Original. To sum it up it was a true relief to see actually funny comdians such as him. I'm looking forward to more of his shows and maybe even stand up! Check it out people!

ChaosDave2 2009-02-08
Note that this is only a review for the Doug Stanhope episode, as this is the only one I purchased. As a huge Doug Stanhope fan, I noticed that he had a CCP special, and was instantly curious. He is not a "TV comic," where he has a format of jokes about normal minutia; rather he has tons of hilarious stories about sex, drugs, alcohol, and any other vice you can think of, and long-winded, and again hilarious rants against everything from babies to religion. This doesn't really parlay well to a network that normally airs comics with the standard "I'm married, and it's different from being single" or "the difference between men and women" style comics. The result is Doug being neutered. You can see in several cases that he wants to use the language that he's comfortable with and have to pull back, and toward the end he just doesn't care as much and will be slightly less careful. Plus, I highly doubt that the crowd was ready in the least for what Stanhope brings to the table. Great, great comedian, but with the shackles put on him, he's out of his element.

Nagneto 2009-02-03
Its a shame that he killed himself...BUT GOD IS HE FUNNY AS HELL!!!!

notbob1 2009-01-20
He is one of the funniest comedians I have ever seen.

Kaija 2009-01-11
...of what you're buying. It's pretty disappointing. I know Mitch Hedberg, Dane Cook, Patton Oswalt, Lewis Black, Maria Bamford, Carlos Mencia, Frank Caliendo, Jeff Dunham, etc are funny, but there are SO many others listed in here that I've not heard/seen before and was hoping to get an idea of their style by viewing the sample clip. Sadly, almost all of the preview/samples are merely the comedian walking onto the stage and giving the obligatory "hi, how's everyone doing" opening... MAYBE a snippet of a joke/skit for 2 seconds (not long enough to get any real idea), then wala, the 30 seconds are up & the only thing gained is you know what the comedian looks like & sounds like. Seriously iTunes, you've GOT to do a better job of 'promoting' this stuff if you want people to buy it. :( I was hoping to broaden my comedic horizons with some new acts, but you've made it so that we're basically picking blindly for a majority of them. At least with music clips, you can hear the musician's style, instruments, even voice (at times). Anyway, at minimum, the aforementioned acts are quite funny & worth the $2 download price. Mitch Hedberg was comedic genius with his timing and observations. It's so sad he passed away a few years ago. The duck/bread skit is one of my favs. Maria Bamford is quirky & funny in her own odd way... I know she's not for everyone, but I find her humor/style a nice change. Mencia & Dunham are pretty mainstream humor, imho, as is Dane Cook & I'd say pretty safe bets if you're wanting to try out an episode but unsure where to start. (Because I'm forced to rate the whole season with this comment, I'm giving 3 stars overall as at least *some* episodes/comedians are guaranteed to be funny).

forezekezal 2009-01-10
I notice that Dwayne Kennedy and Kevin Brennan are missing from this list. Why?

spastigaga 2009-01-06
Steve McGrew is the best on this show. Period.

Buzz1954 2009-01-02
You have some great stuff here, but i really miss not seeing Ardal O'Hanlon! This Irish comic is absolutly hysterical!

Jadey_Taylor 2008-12-29
His shows are funny and cute. Though i wish he had Achmed in it. Otherwise i love it! =]