Spy Kids: All the Time In the World
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The action packed franchise is back…with the next generation of Spy Kids! Marissa Cortez Wilson (

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The action packed franchise is back…with the next generation of Spy Kids! Marissa Cortez Wilson (Jessica Alba) has it all: married to a famous spy-hunting television reporter (Joel McHale), with a new baby and intelligent twin step kids, Rebecca (Rowan Blanchard) and Cecil (Mason Cook). When maniacal Timekeeper (Jeremy Piven) disrupts her domestic bliss--threatening to take over the planet--Marissa comes out of retirement as a top secret agent. With Armageddon quickly approaching, Rebecca and Cecil are thrust into action! With a little help from some familiar Spy Kids friends, Carmen (Alexa Vega), Juni (Daryl Sabara), and their faithful dog Argonaut (Ricky Gervais) and some mind-blowing gadgets, they just may be able to save the world!

User Reviews
nicenicegamerguy 2020-12-12

venom 2099 2020-09-30
The story was good but it had several things wrong with it like the end if he was time cloning himself how could he not now it and the possibly worst part of the movie was the spy baby.

adbreaker 2020-06-06
Honestly it was Decent But If it couldn’t keep my 5 year old nephews Attention for 10 seconds it’s a Horrible movie he can Watch Some of the worst movies And Not Run Off to play outside He Watched Troll 2 For you Young’ns Don’t watch it It’s Awful as well

crazypotatoand kiwi 2018-12-05
I love it best movie ever I say

GamerTy21 2018-11-14
My favorite Spy Kids Movie

CESSNALUVER175 2018-08-13
I think Spy Kids 3 Game Over is better and is one of my favorites out of the trilogy (not including this movie). None of the original people who were in the first 3 movies except for Carmen and Juni are in this and it's totally new kids. Sylvester Stallone (Game Over) was better as the bad guy than Jeremy Piven (who was terrible in this movie). Too many slapstick jokes and less action than the 3rd movie or even the previous ones.

Jolovesgum 2018-05-20
I actually watched every spy kids movie in order from first to last and loved them all. Spy kids will be great for all eternity and beyond!

Vaderx4 2017-10-28
😞☺️🤔😒🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑💩🖕🏿👿😵👿💩💩🖕🏿🖕🏿🎁😡💩💩🖕🏿😡😡🤤🎉 This is💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

OptimusE1 2017-06-08
You screwed up when you rated it R and not PG

Imanutball 2015-10-22
Really? Really, this is how it's gonna be? I mean, the first three were awful, so I didn't have high hopes for this movie, but it was worse than I even thought. Logic problems are legion here, physics and engineering are all defied, and the kids were all brats. This was what my friends would all call an "EPIC FAIL!!", and rightly so.

Dance star7 2015-07-11
I watched this movie on a plane. And it didn't need Internet connection.The movie is so cute ! I love how the movie is based on time because it teaches you to spend all the time you can with your loved ones before time runs out . ❤️ Over all a great movie and it is very enjoyable !

Jamesmurphy19 2015-03-15
This was better than spy kids 1,2,3 in my opinion. Why? It has Rowan Blanchard. I LIKE LIKE. Rowan she tops the other kid actress

dhdrqtek 2014-11-27

Gabcab176 2014-11-23
Me and my mom went to the movies when it first came out and I was 9, anyway first of all the smelling thing DIDNT EVEN WORK. That smelling thing was soooooo pointless and stupid and I only liked the part when the ORIGINAL spy kids came on the screen. Other than that the script was poorly written and UGH it just gets me sooooooooo mad you don't even know because I HATE it when they do stupid corny stuff like that, like seriously!!!!!!!!! I was sooooooooooooooo disappointed and I won't buy this like EVER I would rather eat olives( I despise olives) it was a total waste of money and lol Rowan from " Girl meets world".

OtakufromAZ 2014-08-17
The terrible end to a terrible franchise. it came three movies to late but at least they haven’t made another that I know of.

HSK 1 2014-07-11
For a series that had such a great start, this is an incredibly bad way for it to end. Even if this isn't the last film in the series, I can't imagine it coming back from a rut as deep as this. Admittedly, it is cool to see the original Spy Kids, and Ricky Gervais does get in some funny lines, but aside from that, the effects are completely terrible (even though they were never oscar-worthy in the first place), the actors who play the kid actors are completely bland, and the story is a complete mess. It makes me sad to know that the series has gone this far downhill since 3.

Partyboy66534 2013-10-13
I don't need to watch it but the first one is still the best.

Bigdog1918 2013-09-01
This is a awful, awful movie. The main kids are so frekin annoying, and absolutely horrible actors. I felt so much pity for joe macal, and Jeremy piven, and people who Jessica alba good actress she's not. The worst part is you remember you like Robert Rodriguez machete stupid, but still good, planet terror stupid, but still good, sin city is just plain awesome. The point this is horrible.

haldras_22 2013-07-15
First I dont understand why so many people say its bad. I love Action Movies like Avengers or Die Hard. But this movie became my favorite: action packed and funny. The things ur gonna love about about this move is Argonaut, Spy Baby and the supercool gadgets. Awesome movie u have to watch it!

jokerlover300 2013-07-05
Oh where do I begin on this train wreck of a movie. The acting is nowhere near what was done in the first two( maybe the third one at times), the special effects were complete and utter garbage, none of the jokes were funny, the gadgets were laughably stupid, and I hope it rots in its shallow grave along with Alien vs Predator!

Mayamaymiller 2013-06-29
If you like spy's or adventure than u will like it and if you like the first 3 spy kids than you wil love it and if u don't your and ugly terd

Joebest8 2013-06-02
This movie makes me play other spy games. The movie was very good. But I gave a 4 star rating.I love this movie a lot. BYE!!!!!

DawnBul 2013-05-25
It is great for kids. My family and I love every Spy Kids there is. We love this one the best out of every Spy Kids there every was.

Moviestarc 2013-05-15
This movie is for 9 year olds and under I like that it had a beautiful lady in it though

Kakalexis 2013-05-11
It is a cute idea but I think the actors should be a little better I give it and ok 👍

Jade Cortez 2013-03-14
I loved the idea for this movie except I could predict everything that was going to happen next and that made the movie to me seem weak.. :/ but I did like some of the fighting parts but next time fix the fake baby part... I could tell it was fake the first time I saw it... But in the end the movie was okay. The kids loved it tho! :)

Predatrix 2013-03-06
Question: what do you get when you mix bad joke, bad effects, and a weak plot. Answer: this movie

Ty21554638 2013-02-02
What was that? Kid brother liked it though.

I'm a spy kid 2013-01-16
I think this movies awesome I give it 5 stars

Marbletable 2013-01-03
This is the best movie in the world!!!!!😃

Nicoooleee 2012-11-24
This movie is amazing and funny.

Spy maker 2012-09-15
I wish I can be you

Hannah Donegan 2012-08-11
it dosen't have Carmen & Juni in it

The boring game 2012-07-24
I never liked spy kids from the beginning and the stuff that's quoted (funny) is REALY not.it a bad script,bad movie, and bad actors. Stupid stupid stupid:()

Lucky Draw 2012-07-18
Wow, this is so horribly done. I'm a big fan of Rodriguez, but I find it impossible to believe that he actually thought a baby-toting spy would be funny. And what's with the villain's voice? I can't take it. It's so annoying. The writing is just bad. It's one of those movies you wish you could sit down with the execs and ask, "really?"

City girl 2342 2012-06-17
This movie wasn't very good, I was very disappointed. Acting wasn't good, a little over dramatic and the plot was pointless. I mean it was based on a guy with a clock on his head, what is that? If I were you, I wouldn't waste my time. I don't want to be mean, I'm just saying it like it is. At least they tried. Otherwise ever other spy kid movie was great, but ended with this movie. But I give it three stars for the effort. :)

Crissyjk 2012-06-09
Ok we waited 8 years for this I liked the old spy kid movies up until spy kids game over it was ok but this one sucked it's not that funny and remember there might be a spy kids 5 it might be good or might not ! I GIVE THUMBS DOWN!

NealCruco 2012-05-21
The movie was awesome. I loved it. For a decade, people have followed Carmen and Juni through 3 movies(by the way, 1: awesome 2: awesome 3: okay), but now that they've grown up and new Spy Kids have taken the stage, the same people are spouting, "movie horrible" and "don't waste your money." Stop it. Just stop it. Milking a different cow does not ruin the milk. Spy Kids 4 was great, and I hope the series continues.

TNG XXX69'er 2012-05-19
I luv it soooooo cool Lolololololololololololol Trollalalalalalalala :)

Mster1970 2012-04-10
Worst spy kids yet. I thought before I saw it it was going to be as good, if not better than the first ones. It was crap!

Big Bird6166 2012-04-04
THIS.MOVIE.STINKS!!!!! Do Not Buy It!!!!!!

DisNickfan 2012-03-27
In my opinion, this is a great family flick but adults might not like the bathroom humor. I would love to see a 5th movie!

linkmaster001 2012-03-25
it may have been a bad movie but who knows what is in store for the future. remember, this movie could just be for kids

VampSpy 2012-03-09
Awesome !!!!!!! Times 50

Perry Roque 2012-03-04
Best movie ever

PrincessLinii 2012-02-25
I thought this movie was funny and cute ! I like how it shows to spend time with your family now or will regret it cuz your time is gonna run out:)

Meghan berthelot 2012-02-17
Love it

jpkjpk 2012-02-11
For a movie of this kind I thought it was not too bad. My kids were literally on the edges of their seats the entire time, and I watched the whole thing with them. The special effects are pretty nice and the plot moves along.

claudiaa_01 2012-02-04
Its a greeat movie except the dad hes is so boring..!

S. y. W. 2012-01-28
Love the movie. So funny