Star Wars: The Last Jedi
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In Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Skywalker saga continues as the heroes of The Force

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In Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Skywalker saga continues as the heroes of The Force Awakens join the galactic legends in an epic adventure that unlocks new mysteries of the Force and shocking revelations of the past.

User Reviews
MSC2018! 2023-08-25
I’m not a hard core Star Wars fan but I lived this movie. My favorite of the trilogy of the newer films. He keeps things moving and things don’t go as you would expect . Rain Johnson can’t miss!

Sir baggy bottoms 2023-08-08
This movie was boring. I even like Star Wars movies 1-3 better. Rey is not a good character. The actress may act well. But the character is annoying. Ashoka Tano is a female jedi . They could have her in the movies. I just find most the characters annoying. I feel they didn't handle the original characters well. Needs to be remade. Seems like a remake of the old movie. Badly written.

The originals are the best 2023-06-29
Star Wars the last Jedi is the worst movie. and this is completely opinion based. so if you want to watch it and ruin your Star Wars life then,feel free up to you. but in my point of View it’s just bad because, what they did just feels like it’s copying return of the Jedi. and they ruined Luke Skywalker's character. And for anyone who does not know this: The Director of Lucas film Kathleen Kennedy hates Luke skywalker all because he(meaning Luke Skywalker) is a male. it’s if you don’t believe me look it up. And to make things worse the Star Wars sequels are just bad because they kill off the characters We are so used to . Just know I don’t hate it for no reason I hate it for reasons that I just explained.and for the lovers of the Star Wars sequels you are all wrong. I just don’t get it that SOME people love the sequels(thanks a lot Ryan Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy and whoever is running Star Wars)! And the worst part is from my part of View is that it relates to real life. and honestly I don’t think that that’s what most fans want. And the fights are barely even good Ok the battle in the throne room is kind of cool but let’s be honest here there is no good light saber battles for the sequels. And the whole point of the Star Wars sequels is that the force is just for girls(which is not correct)THE FORCE IS FOR EVERYONE!!! Not just for girls. But on the other hand the whole sequels is good for Memes.

$W£$K£R$ 2023-05-09
Terrible movie that’s why I never watch any film made by rían Johnson and I will never see knifes outs or glass onion or any future projects that he make he completely ruin the skywalker saga.

dvdgrhfhd 2023-04-30
I would not waste your money buying this movie the worst Star Wars movie ever overall my rating is 1.3/10

Easy_Churlish 2023-04-17

RockNRollStaaaa 2023-04-15
Bad writing and doomed Episode IX. However, for whatever reason, I find it more interesting and entertaining to watch than VIII or IX. It’s tolerable enough to not get up and turn it off (which I’ve had to do with the other movies).

piSSOFF!!! 2023-03-04
Betrays the original characters and takes a crap on the lore of Star Wars as whole!

Jefferson Theskull 2022-12-24
Not perfect but still enjoyed it and am a life long Star Wars fan. Has slow parts but honestly it is worth a watch and I don’t think it is deserving of the hate

Bmxmcdguy 2022-12-05
Best sequel made! This film is awesome for the fam! Supreme leader snoke might be scary for younger viewers but I enjoyed it very much, highly recommend

Ing 2022-11-26
Knives Out is an awesome movie. So why does this feel like such a terrible film? It literally didn’t do anything you expect it to. It did almost nothing to build on what was set up in the previous movie. A large swatch of the movie I just sat there wondering why I hated it so much when I saw it opening night. I’ve tried watching it again and it still isn’t great. Yes when Luke projects himself across the galaxy to kick Kylo’s butt it was pretty cool. And yeah it’s pretty, especially the throne room duel scene. But it just didn’t make any sense as far as building on what came before and handicapped the following movie greatly. If Rian wanted to put a new spin on Star Wars he should have waited for a separate non-Skywalker project. This movie is basically a negative/reverse spin on the story arc that runs through ESB and ends at the start of ROTJ. Think about it … it’s trying too hard to be the exact opposite of everything you expected it to be. And it fails. The only way Rise was going to work after this diverting of the storyline down a weird path was if they would’ve made an episode 9 & 10 to be able to compensate. Many people liked this take and all seem to because it ‘dared to be different.’ I argue that episode 8 in a 9 movie cycle is where you rev up for the finale, not meander off into the bushes…

Old l Star Wars forever 2022-11-15
The movie destroyed My hero Luke.Luke was my favorite because he was one person in the entire galaxy who was thought that Vader had good in him and he knew and witnessed his evil but still believed in him. So he decides to kill Ben because he feels a tiny bite of evil so dumb

z42df 2022-09-15
Ben 10 is a great idea

KMac712701 2022-07-07

MrPikachu1089 2022-06-24
Seriously. This movie stinks. The plot of the sequels are really just a remix of the original trilogy! Not to mention the fact that Disney has practically shut down almost every main trilogy branch and dubbed the Dark Horse comics “Non-cannon” Anyways, the plot of this movie was bad and thrown everywhere, and I thought the first one was bad. Absolutely nothing is original! Overall, as a Star Wars fan, I was incredibly disappointed.

HHH97823145 2022-04-19
Luke’s whole character was that he never gave up, and always had hope, and persevered until the end. In this movie, he’s just a depressed old man drinking green alien walrus milk straight from the breast

Jeisksurnnssksk 2022-04-09
This is a grate star wars movie that did something different so people hate it

Oz Cowboy 2022-02-22
This is what happens when you (Disney) give a 5 year old (Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson) a box of matches and razor blades to play with. What a stupid story. All those executives in Disney that were in charge of approving this movie should be fired and banned for life.

Unit-02 2022-01-09
When see this in theater and having high hopes, turns out it was utterly horrific. I was very disappointed and been Star Wars fan since I was a kid. Plot was very bad and I’ve notice every cut scene is from “The Empire Strike Back” considering it was very sad, I was about to ask for full refund lol it was the worst Star Wars I’ve ever seen, warning do not buy “Last Jedi” if you been Star Wars/hardcore fan…you would be extremely disappointed.

ruben 2021-09-16

TaylorMesa 2021-09-14
Scattered plot (if there was one), campy/corny humor, feminist agenda ( all the rebel leaders are insightful intelligent females, and all the male actors are either evil, cowards or trigger-happy idiots), meaningless characters (Snoke, Rose) and it was if The Force Awakens never even happened! This movie could not have been worse. EPIC FAIL!!!

a Star Wars fan 2021-08-02
The story and characters are all terrible.

shotsout101 2021-05-30
One of the worst movies of the 2010s, congrats

Mysteryals 2021-05-23
This is the worst Star Wars movie, hands-down. It’s a deceptively arrogant film that thinks expectation subversion is the way to go instead of telling a good story. It commits a ton of character assassination, has a ton of plot holes, creates problems within the SW franchise, has two characters worst than Jar-Jar Binks, and placed visuals ahead of a good story. The story felt so morose, bleak and depressing. Like, there was no hope in this movie AT all. Even in all the other SW movies, there was always this sense of hope. But not here. There is barely anything to like. And, in a lot of ways, it felt like it was poaching from the films before it. Go look at MauLer, DX and Left Foot Media, all on YouTube. They do a MUCH better job articulating what the heck is wrong with this film better than I can.

amandax345 2021-05-10
Yes, it’s different from the rest of them but it is still very interesting.

Vincent_Vega_junkie 2021-05-05

Dannyb1234566 2021-05-03
Tried to rewatch this after being so disgusted when it came out years ago... I couldn’t even finish it this time. Terrible. :(

IvanKinkle 2021-05-02
Lol. It’s a dead horse. Let it rest. 😂

JesseOfAlva 2021-04-11
It almost redeemed it’s horrible self at the very end, but... Nope. Just another woke SW film. Rogue One was last real SW movie.

Oak M. 2021-04-09
Filled with horrible, cringey SJW nonsense. This movie is an insult to the Star Wars franchise. George Lucas should sue Disney for ruining his life’s work.

JackInfinity203 2021-04-03
Star Wars: The Last Jedi wasn’t the ideal middle installment. Instead of continuing what we got with The Force Awakens, Rian Johnson chose to steer the series into a different direction, and it hurts the trilogy as a result. I did think the acting was outstanding, the VFX were beautiful, and that the music was spectacular. I’ll admit that this movie has the best cinematography in the entire series. However, the Canto Bight plot point was long and it felt unnecessary. It’s great as a movie, but it doesn’t work so well as a Star Wars movie. Star Wars Rating: 7/10 Overall Rating: 9/10

Ok girl 👌👌👌 2021-03-30
I have to say, that rian has a better vision for Star Wars than j.j but that doesn’t mean that this movie is good. I love how Rey and Kylo both have a special connection and it’s.. OH ITS JUST SOOOO ROMANTIC 😍!! But other than that it doesn’t quite feel like watching a Star Wars movie 😭

Boardz20 2021-03-17
A good addition to the already awesome Star Wars Saga. Thank you! Although it is a little sad in the end SPOILER ALERT: Luke dies, it is a well-directed movie. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ DON'T LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE WHO SAY THIS IS A TERRIBLE MOVIE!!!! THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY AND COMPLETELY WRONG!! THIS IS A WONDERFUL MOVIE, WORTH MUCH MORE THAN 3 1/2 STARS! COME ON, PEOPLE!! WHERE IS YOUR APPRECIATION FOR THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS MOVIE!! THEY WORKED ON THIS FOR YEARS! So I hope you learned something from my review. Let me make this very clear: IT IS NOT A TERRIBLE MOVIE!!!!!!!!! It is really good.

Tboerio 2021-02-21
This was an amazing movie! Why do people hate it? It’s actually pretty good! Yoga even shows up at one point! Don’t skip this movie it explains A LOT about Kylo Ren. This was almost as good as 1,2,3,4,5, and 6! Still don’t know why people hate on it so much. I am tired of critics and want to say hello to people who actually appreciate the directors hard work.

gdhshshd 2021-02-08
one of the worst movies i have seen

Blind Brian the Allfather 2021-01-30
I hated this movie more than the prequels!

lordbat87 2021-01-10
I hate to say there is Star Wars that I don't like but the last jedi is the one. I hoped it would achieve some place of appeal to me but the film lost focus of the theme of the Skywalker Saga, its a family saga. Rian Johnson tried to make a political statement out of this movie, and turning it into a less than worthy star wars film.

Madmartigan77 2020-12-21
This movie is horrible. It ruined pretty much everything that made Star Wars amazing. They shouldn't have made this. Star Wars ended with episode 6.

Bruce Burk 2020-11-26
The worst Star Wars movie ever made. Ryan Johnson is a disgrace. It does not make sense. The movie should be remade.

Vianney Weightroom 2020-11-26
Just flat out bad

Korey O 2020-11-24
Despite to hate mob that has accumulated around this movie Ryan Johnson’s with entry in the skywalker saga is one of the best in the entire series. Whether it’s the deep dive into minds of Luke and Ben or the beautiful cinematography this movie is definitely worth buying

Luna_Birdsong_KOTLC 2020-11-23
Let me skip the review; The Force Awakened....then it went back to sleep in a film even worse then the Phantom Menace. (YES! YOU HEARD ME! ITS THAT BAAAD! 🤢 🤮) Seriously I’d rather watch that twenty times then watch this one more time. What’d they do, say; “You know what? I think fans will cheer and celebrate with a corny, cheesy opening space battle (bombers? In space? I’ll overlook a lotta bad physics but that’s just too much). Fans will feel moved and emotional at a wimpy Luke Skywalker (*FLING GOES THE SABER*). Fans will take great joy in visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (the stupidest series ever—read Keeper of the Lost Cities, it’s so much better and less corny). Fans will lean on the edge of their seats watching a brawl over a illegal parking job (No comment you don’t wanna hear it). And, of course, fans like watching our lil Ma-Rey Sue grow up and take on a Wanna-be Palpatine in Return of the Jedi, Alternate Universe!” If they were thinking all this, Disney deserves to sell their company. This is literally the most boring event in cinematic history. PLEASE HOLLYWOOD FIRE YOUR POLITICALLY CRAZY ATHEIST PEOPLR WHO HAVE NO IMAGINATION AND REPLACE THEM WITH REAL ACTORS AND FILMMAKERS! I WISH THIS TRILOGY WOULD FALL DOWN A TRAPDOOR AND GET EATNE BY JABBA’S RANCOR!!! (Now I must cry this energy off....) #ShameDisney

jaywalsh929 2020-10-14
Star Wars “The Last Jedi” has exactly what I was hoping for in Force awakens, however I will draw this conclusion. Force Awakens was the set up and this is the payoff. The Last Jedi is directed by Rian Johnson who has now taken over the script from J.J Abrams, and he tends to run away with it with such confidence and imagination, its one thing to explore unfamiliar territory in a franchise but its another thing to come out of it alive. The style of Johnson is different, he throws in a lot of funny cameos directed at the main characters, theres a lot of scenes with slowly built up tension that stretches out and isn't afraid to leave you there during the process. All the main characters are back, and now they all have more purpose, the movie opens with resistance lead pilot poe dameron (Oscar Isaac) leading a surge to destroy a giant ship thats targeting the last rebel base for the Resistance which has been exposed by the tyrant First Order, it also leads to Fin (John Boyega) awaking from his coma from dueling Kylo Ren without any clue to holding a lightsaber. The Main re-intro of course is scavenger girl Rey (Daisy Ridley) meeting and finding Jedi Master Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamil) with hopes of luring him back on the millennium falcon to help the Resistance win the fight against the villains. But there’s a lot of dilemma and this is where I give the movie its applause, Luke is in exile, he has abandoned his purpose to being a Jedi, he is still swallowed up in guilt over loosing Kylo Ren who once was Ben Solo (Adam Driver), a trainee with Luke but good guy gone bad in the wake of his Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis) who is now not a hologram but a live in the flesh presence with intelectual dialogue. Theres many one on one conflicts between multiple sets of 2 characters, Snoke sees the vulnerability in Ren whom feels regret in killing his late father Han Solo and he demands more of him, so Ren destroys his mask from the original and tries out a new look because Snoke told him to “Take that ridiculous thing off”. This is the witty dialogue you get when watching Robot Chicken, its funny with a purpose. The other conflict in the movie is poe being disapproving to his General Leia (Carrie Fisher) she demotes him for being too risky, Leia is eventually in a coma due to being “blasted” during an encounter with fighters. Her temporary replacement admiral holdo played by (Laura Dern) is someone with 2 side’s to a personality, based on her actions she makes poe anxious about knowing what her plans are to save the Resistance, they are not on the same page by words but only in mind and this leaves the audience guessing for a while and its very entertaining. Fin meets a new friend Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tehran) who is the most noble soul in the movie, she comes across fin fleeing with fear to an escape pod, not before she pulls a stun gun on him. The movies big plot is the resistance keeping away from the First Order but they are being tracked by Snokes ship, Fin & Rose set off to find a code breaker to breach the tracker and help the fleet get away, while at the same time poe is performing an act of mutiny by sneaking on bridge and waiting on standby to jump the crew to lightspeed when the tracker is disabled. This Star Wars has everything to offer and then some, it plays on new strategies like the bad guys holding a firm grip over the good guys 90% of the movie and its more fun directing a movie that way, its unpredictable and exciting to where the audience is eager to get the movie figured out. The new characters from Force Awakens have much more depth mainly between Rey & Kylo, they start seeing each other through the force and they both try to discover what’s guarding each other from their true fate & desire and its again very intriguing & creative. This is the best Star Wars film ever made, the reason is because of all the craft and skill used to make this 3 headed monster of a story work and it goes in a new direction thats been far overdue.

Jtlottsboi 2020-08-31
As a prequel fan, this really didn’t do it for me. The other comments are exactly what I would say

thucjdhdxhbd 2020-08-21
This is one of the WORST Star Wars movies ever! Well besides Phantom Menece and Attack of the Clones.

Suferdudefrank 2020-08-19

utinni 2020-08-12

Robbie4nin 2020-08-11
This film just dropped the ball & never recovered. Poorly written & zero character development or advancement in story arch. Completely ignored previous film and feels poorly conceived

Wow2092 2020-08-02
Worst Star Wars movie

thePhantom713 2020-07-28
Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson burn the franchise to the ground.