The Spy Who Dumped Me
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Audrey and her friend Morgan are going about their humdrum lives when Audrey's unassuming ex-

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Audrey and her friend Morgan are going about their humdrum lives when Audrey's unassuming ex-boyfriend Drew shows up at their apartment with a team of deadly assassins on his trail. Surprising even themselves, the two friends jump into action when two men are shot dead on their floor, grabbing a top-secret thumb drive and taking off on an undercover mission to save the world.

User Reviews
DaviLou143 2023-12-07
Love this lil movie! Exciting, Funny & Overall Entertaining.. purchased & viewed many times.

Dhcprouter 2023-06-17
Best lesbian spy movie. Always the eyes never the rabbit.

Ariel33 2022-03-29
This movie crossed lines from humor to gross I literally almost had to leave the theatre because I was gagging (that’s not comedy!) McKinnon was amazing, but the rest was either bland or barf.

Jay W. Y 2020-12-08

Joefacefoo 2020-02-23
Mila kunis such a bad actor ... by far the worst movie I have seen .. she needs acting lessons ..idk how she got to where she is now

Tanarreitor 2020-02-15
Funny, exciting and unpredictable. Love it.

KristineAndrews 2019-10-20
The writing is fresh and funny. Feminine forward AF. Loved it.

1azurebird 2019-08-05
With all of the bad reviews I’ve been reading about, I had super low expectations with this film. After finishing it, I was surprised how fun I had watching this. Granted, it’s no where near to the level of other high-action charged movies, but this certainly wasn’t the worst. Looking for a movie to just have dumb fun? A way to laugh during a girls night out? Because that’s what I did, and I loved it for that! Lol

None taken nickname. 2019-06-26
Easy movie to watch, very funny at times. I’d watch it again.

Brianwashere20 2019-06-02
I’m so glad it was only $4.99. I’m still upset because it really wasn’t that funny.

Nativemike 2019-04-07

@#$&*()'%-+=;/:,. 2019-04-06
Omg sooooooo good must watch

Azucena Valenzuela 2019-03-23
Overall I thought it was hilarious the whole time!! I think the roles played were phenomenal:)

Havefunfunanna 2019-03-12
I have never laughed so hard in my life. Not only was the story line good, the actors were amazing also. I am 13 and this is my kind of humor. Not saying that adults wouldn’t like it either. This amazing movie is my new favorite

700 Pages 2019-03-11
Kate McKinnon was the dumbest choice for this, and she single handedly ruined what could have at least been a fun silly action movie. SNL is a low budget show, so they can afford to have unfunny people, cringy bits and an unhinged political bias. Keep that out of the movies I pay for, please.

gunsnroz 2019-03-10
well, Just don’t waste your time

MJMJ93 2019-03-09
Such a good movie!

lajdhrbsn 2019-03-08
I thought it was funny and original. Very typical Mila Kunis movie, so if you aren’t a fan then you won’t like it.

happycustamer 2019-03-07
Smart,funny,action packed movie great movie I recommend it 100%

boredumb 2019-03-06
For a while, you'll wonder whether Kate McKinnon or her character is the most nauseatingly disgusting thing you've ever seen...Happily, within a few minutes, you'll realize it doesn't matter, which will free you to loathe them both - AND the movie itself - unreservedly.

Megan 0571 2019-03-05
a lowest common denominator story filled with social cliches

Rafalko81 2019-03-05
Kate needs to stop. She killed ghostbusters and now this. Does she act like that to be funny. It isn’t.

Sari Chile 2019-03-03
Super fun! We laughed a lot and there wasn’t a dull moment.

Icu2ra* 2019-02-21
It's not an amazing film but it works - if you want to laugh, its worth watching. The taxi scene is hilarious.

Syrimne 2019-02-13
I actually went to the theater to see it. I love both actresses, and sooo wanted to like this, but it was just terrible. Hollywood needs to start prioritizing scrpts more, not just tentpole concepts on their own.

GHinNoVa 2019-02-10
Think buddy comedies of the 80s and 90s that are now, “classics.” Think Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, Think Steve Martin and John Candy. Think David Spade and Chris Farley. Where any of those plots “believable”? Was there much plot at all? Were there Shakespearian performances? No, nope, and uh uh. Most people who watched those movies didn’t complain about them being too cheesy or too campy, or weren’t “believable” enough because most people know THAT’S NOT THE POINT of this genre. That’s what makes them enjoyable. Kunis’s straight “man” to Mckinnon's old school slap schtick mugging plus some genuine modern action fight choreography put this movie well on par with it’s silly predecessors of yore, and that’s a good thing. I’m guessing a lot of the haters are using their faux high brow criticism to hide behind their “women just aren’t funny” bias. Kate McKinnon can appear on camera and never say a word and be just as funny as the men mentioned above. Just ask the men mentioned above, they’re the first to say so. Forget the haters with the sticks up their (insert word of choice here) and enjoy this movie for what it is intended to be in the genre it holds it’s own in, and does it nicely.

PrePharm 2019-02-08
Would have been more entertaining if the movie was starring Tom Brady and Donald Trump.

Gooackers12310 2019-02-04
Great move more action buy funny.No bad sense all clean.10/10

Sylvan/Boaz 2019-01-28
I’m being generous with my rating.

The_Nerdetta 2019-01-28
I usually don’t watch spy movies but this one had Kate McKinnon and she is Hilarious, it’s nothing like Austin powers for one. Almost every since there is Cursing which was unnecessary. It is definitely filled with lots of gun shooting & dead bodies. Mila Kunis playing a normal Person that seems To have low self esteem , doesn’t know her place in the world ( something we are not used to seeing with Kunis) gets dumped by her boyfriend who is a spy and is chased by the CIA and criminals. Kate McKinnon plays her buddy that makes the movie fun to watch and makes you laugh.

wilem100 2019-01-27
Not a comedy movie, strong violence countered by profanity and drugs in an action and adventure movie.

DominickBattiato 2019-01-26
This movie is so bad. It’s not even remotely funny and the blonde girl makes me cringe.

Cody Brayton 2018-12-29
I was severely disappointed with this semantic creation. I honestly said, "wuttt" in regards to the plot or lack thereof more than a handful of times. The plot was so predictable that my finance guessed the entire movie. Additionally, this movie was so terrible that I felt obligated to write my first review on anything...EVER. Save your two hours, or what feels like a lifetime, by watching paint dry/grass grow instead; you'll receive much more satisfaction doing so. RIP to my Saturday night.

Shusaku Endo 2018-12-28
Kunis has been in more than a few flops for a reason. Her screeching is like fingernails on a chalkboard. I find McKinnis as one of the top notch comedians out there today, and her talents were wasted on this movie. Specifically, no chemistry between the characters, like pairing a Russian Ballerina w/ a twerking inner city "phat" girl, in a children's remake of Jack and Jill story, getting a pail of water. I literally, and I mean literally, fell asleep three times during this movie and ended up turning it off and renting another movie. Wait fo rit to be free on an airplane, and use your money for something useful like a pack of M&Ms.

MrItunesIsHere 2018-12-25
I was expecting this to be bad , But to my surprise it was pretty decent . I will say that Kate McKinnons character was a little over the top sometimes , and actually a little irratating .But as for the movie ? Let's just say that I was okay with watching this .So if your'elooking for a little lighthearted entertainment go ahead and watch this tonight . Just don't expect an academy award performance.

The Magical Mr. Bray 2018-12-12
Entertaining for sure but not as a spy movie. Script makes almost no sense which is disappointing. However I laughed my butt off throughout this film.

IceSoldier16 2018-12-03
This movie to me felt like a female version of The Hitman’s Bodyguard. But overall I still think that it was a good movie

harper kleet 2018-11-25
It wasn’t really that good because I didn’t even get to watch it because it wouldn’t download after I paid it

mmk.5 2018-11-24
amazing movie!

TRW5. 2018-11-23

BroMuscle 2018-11-19
Does this version contain the full frontal nude scene? Where the guy runs out of shower into the kitchen?

Raindancer218 2018-11-18
We really wanted this to be funny but it's the like the actors had to show up out of obligation. We suffered through it because we'd spent the $6 or so through iTunes but that's about the only reason. Part of the way in we realized it's really not going to improve and it wasn't just a slow, boring build-up. Sad because it had such potential with the premise.

NuttyNet 2018-11-16
So glad we rented this movie... sometimes it’s all about your frame of mind when you watch a movie... we didn’t expect that this was going to need win any oscars for us to enjoy... We had a great time... with PLENTY OF LAUGHS. Hey Tomato Munchers out there in Critsville...Stop critiquing every movie like being a troll is your favorite pastime. It’s not your day job... loosen up and get a life!

itdsis3440deka34dkkasss 2018-11-15
The Fancy Tomato reviewers missed the point.

wonderjh 2018-11-14
super cute and funny. lots of action and comedy for sure. If you loved the movie "Spy" you will like these one too!!!

Furiae 2018-11-13
Love Kate and I was super excited to see this film, but it’s all over the place. It did make me laugh, however, for every laugh, there was a cringe or eye roll to cancel it out. The boys were great—Sam Heughan and Justin Theroux brought some very welcome relief from the girls whenever they were on screen. It kills me to say it because I am all about female-led films, but Mila Kunis was searching for her bearings during the entire film and out of her depth while Kate McKinnon just acted SO OVER THE TOP the entire film that it felt like one giant SNL skit. I get that that’s Kate’s schtick, but there’s a reason why SNL skits are short—if you play out the SNL weirdness and extra-ness for too long, it’s exhausting to watch and the character starts coming across like a sociopath (which is exactly what happened). For every good, there was a bad to match it, so this film is a total mixed bag. Even my friends were divided watching it. I still think that it’s more of a rental than purchase material, though. Melissa McCarthy’s “Spy” is still the gold standard for a female-starring spy comedy.

Asplatt 2018-11-11
Such a fun premise but they missed so much. It wasn’t funny, the plot was predictable, and they went for so much cheap humor vs actually focusing on creative, fresh and funny jokes.

BoredMovieRenter 2018-11-11
and a complete waste of time and money.

caza77 2018-11-11
One of the worst movies I ever seen. Waste of time and money

Steinygirl1 2018-11-11
People who hated this movie just have no sense of humor whatsoever.