Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
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Lucasfilm and director J.J. Abrams join forces once more to take viewers on an epic journey to a

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In STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, the riveting conclusion of the landmark Skywalker saga, new legends will be born—and the final battle for freedom is yet to come. WARNING: SOME FLASHING-LIGHTS SCENES IN THIS FILM MAY AFFECT PHOTOSENSITIVE VIEWERS

User Reviews
Discoflowa 2023-12-29
Rion Johnson probably paid to give star Fks. JJ saved Starwars from the TLJ disaster. The original trilogy is of course the holy grail of cannon. JJ’s work of course destroys the prequels. His cinematography was absolutely amazing. Loved the cast performances. LANDO!!!!!!! WEDGE!!!! Good addition to the storyline. All those fast pace scenes were incredible. Those people that complained about loop holes need to check your cannon!!! The Prequels were a joke. Horrible acting bad video game VFX. If they had been produced like the old trilogy then the prequels would have been consistent. Only good thing was Ian Mcdiarmid.

St@rw@rs fan 4 life! 2023-10-21
I LOvE this movies but sometimes I don’t understand why people said Rey is crap. Anakin was not strong enough to resist the dark side and he could have literally been the strongest Jedi the “chosen” one.Rey is strong and calm but no body appreciates the fact that she tries.I mean we all make mistakes.but she’s literally a Palatine and practically killed the man who turned the chosen one to his side.So,think about it Rey haters.Rey is a very capable person and she is strong.y’all need to thinkkk.Also idc what ppl think all the Star Wars movies are golden.

Sir baggy bottoms 2023-08-08
Not that great. Kylo is to whinny . Rey is like the female version of Luke. Which Luke is way better then her. If you wanted a female Jedi. There was Ashoka. She by far way more awesome then Rey. Don’t recommend.

That one Bloke1066 2023-05-23
This movie doesn’t even make sense plotwise if it was a regular movie. But as a Star Wars movie, it ruined the entire story arc and in the end went absolutely nowhere. From horses in space, to ruining Anakin’s legacy, to Rey (why is she training if she literally can do anything beyond even the best of the Jedi or the Sith). I would have loved to see originality and a true Star Wars feel, that passion which is missing from this trilogy. Even if George Lucas hadn’t been involved, they could have taken the original ideas for this third trilogy and made a story about that instead. Wasted.

Easy_Churlish 2023-04-17

RockNRollStaaaa 2023-04-15
Horrendous writing, although The Last Jedi definitely did not set this up for success. But still more entertaining than the unbearable snorefest that is The Force Awakens.

Bmxmcdguy 2022-12-05
This film is amazing edge of your seat excitement, but emperor palpatine is kinda creepy and might come across as scary for younger viewers but other than that, highly recommend

Old l Star Wars forever 2022-11-15
It was such a shock that ray was emperor Palpatine’s Granddaughter but it didn’t make ray a better character sadly. It also ruined the prophecy of the chosen one Anakin Skywalker when he ended the sith by killing himself and Palpatine. But J.J. Abrams had little to work with after Rian Johnson messed up Star Wars so I give this a 2out of10

Nat King Cobra 2022-11-12
What a mess. I don’t know where to begin. First of all, I really liked Force Awakens. Yeah, it was little bit of a rehash of a new Hope but I thought the characters were great, it nailed the Star Wars tone and I was along for the whole ride. Last Jedi was a weird departure that dropped the ball and Rise of Skywalker was a really sloppy attempt to over-correct.

z42df 2022-09-15
Because of my family I love you 🚦🎑

tj cag027 2022-07-10
We actually really enjoyed the movie.

givitachance 2022-04-02
There are so many things I can say about Disney’s handling of a beloved franchise that had so much potential. All I can say is that they really squadered it. I did like it honestly but I feel like this movie was playing somewhere between cleanup and fan service for all of the mistakes that were made in the last Jedi. Let’s face it. You can make a movie that has all the bells and whistles and the sound effects and special effects of a Star Wars movie, but without the passion and creativity of George Lucas and without an original story and plot, it’s just not a Star Wars movie.I did love the force awakens as it introduced a whole new set of characters that were intriguing and you could tell that their story was yet to be told and it was an exciting one to find out along the way. But it feels like somewhere along the way they got lost and weren’t sure how to tell their story or make it captivating.

Negimaa 2022-02-06
Best part about this movie was that it killed my want to learn more about star wars.

Cyrus Dip 2022-01-18
Loved Palpatine , but him in here really bad.

figliodepapa 2022-01-06
Disney ruined the Star Wars plot with its extremely simplistic plots all-action movies. They should have got George Lucas to write the story lines and then find someone to script it. This 3rd movie at least saved the series from completely destroying the franchise.

hcjfnv 2022-01-03
Dumb completely ruins the point of the prequels and originals Rey is trash

Jay W. Y 2021-12-27
This is one of the most SPECTACULAR movies ever!!!

darkside315 2021-09-21
First, I love all Star Wars content audio books and more. Second this is by far the best movie words can’t explain why just listen to the audio book to this movie if your really want to know the truth about how Leia and Luke felt about Rey skywalker she truly became a skywalker and gave the Galaxy 1 last memory of what all skywalkers did for the Galaxy the name itself gave people hope 🎻🦂🎃

Manuelmaster 2021-09-21
I rather smell a Wookiee’s butt-crack to watch any of these movies again. This is not the way.

TaylorMesa 2021-09-14
JJ Abrams did the impossible, by righting almost all of the wrongs in The Last Jedi disaster. This was a great ending and a fun story without any SJW virtue signaling. Well done JJ!!

The originals are the best 2021-08-14
This movie is the absolute worst Star Wars movie under Disney ever. It was said that Anakin Skywalker was actually going to come back. Yet they used this to try and get a lot of people to like it and also they brought back the Emperor. which is wrong beyond all measures to all those who are true Star Wars fans. because the emperor died by Darth Vader in return of the Jedi. yet they bring him back in this’s a messed up movie. Kathleen Kennedy and JJ Abrams are the worst. by the way for those who don’t know that those people are. actually the ones who made the last Jedi and force awakens.(for people who want to see Luke Skywalker in action see the Mandalorian which is a better choice.) this movie has racist and sexist ideas around it so does the whole sequels.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬get rid of this movie if you have it. Rey is a weak force user. Yes she killed her grandfather but still.kylo ren or Ben should have killed the emperor and Rey. After all Ben is the last Skywalker not Rey!!!

Ilovestatwars 2021-07-26

Sprandude 2021-05-31
Honestly Disney, why? JJ didn’t have a plan for a trilogy, this had good actors and poor writing. I cringe every time Finn screams REEEEY.

Ok girl 👌👌👌 2021-05-23
Star Wars is awesome but really j.j?You rushed the ending and there was soooo many mistakes !!!! 😡 they killed off Ben solo!!! Rey shouldn’t be a Skywalker until she marries Ben!! Luke coulda been in it longer!!! Daisy Ridley your AWESOME and your one of my FAVORITE actresses 😍but.. show some emotion with Ben I mean Rey loves him!!! Same with you Adam driver!! They should really help j.j by hire me or other fans with better ideas!!! Poe and Zorri shoulda started dating!!! Finn better not end up with Rey, because he kissed rose!!! They better make episode ten.... and if they don’t then I’ll make it myself (which I already did) sorry if this review is kinda harsh and I love all of you!! but come on I love Star Wars, and Disney ruined it 😭

amandax345 2021-05-12

Kefentse Tk 2021-05-07
The worst Star Wars movie ever , my brain was hurting just as it did with last Jedi .. a female lead just wasn’t working for me

Vincent_Vega_junkie 2021-05-05
This entire trilogy stole storylines from the original triology-1st ep VII from New Hope & having finf s way to blow up a seemingly indestructible Death Star/ Planet destroying base by exploiting it’s one flaw(which The New Order could’ve put 100 guys outside & inside the base just to protect it), to Rey being fathered by The Emperor just like Luke & Vader, to the inexplicable way tye Emperor fathered Rey & survived a 5,000 mile deop from the top of Death Star to the bottom is too fsr fetched & just bad. Just lazy and awful. Just wish I could give a negative rating. First Lucas, then Disney have been milking this cow since the late 90s, even after they saw it produced sour curdled milk. Just keep funneling that spoiled nastiness until people forget what that fresh ‘77 milk tasted like🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮. Billions of dollars worth of chunky curdled chunks of vomit!

Dovic 2021-05-03
It was OK on the first viewing, but it got a LOT worse after The Mandalorian came out.

JesseOfAlva 2021-04-11
And that’s saying a lot. Nothing like killing the franchise. This movie is a hot mess.

cquil 2021-04-05
re-watched again, I couldn't sit through it. Its that bad, the story is rubish and so is the story arch. Nothing makes sense, it still has a designed by committee morality feel but somehow manages to have a convoluted story. What a mess....going from 2 stars to one...there isn't even a small bit of nostalgia now aftter a few years....

InnaGods 2021-03-19
Enjoyed that Palpatine return but even that couldn't save this Disney trilogy.

Luna_Birdsong_KOTLC 2021-03-05
Disney deserves a high five. In the face With a brick.

TTT737 2021-02-11
You can say whatever you want about this movie, but know this, every bad decision that this movie made was a result of the complete worthless Ness of the last Jedi. Why are people bashing this movie when they should bash episode eight, I mean come on this movie is not as bad as people say it is. And for the love of Star Wars, Rey is not a Mary Sue!!! If she was, she would have no relationship with the emperor which pretty much explains her force abilities. Rian Johnson tried to make her A Mary Sue by saying her parents were nobodies. So why people are bashing this movie and not bashing the last Jedi is beyond me.

gdhshshd 2021-02-08
better then last jedi but not much

edubdouble 2021-01-11
Horrible acting and horrendous plot. Don’t even consider this a Star Wars movie just a bad sci-fi flick. Won’t ever watch again. I consider only six movies in the Star Wars series. The new movies are crap, where is George Lucas to save us from this nightmare. Stick to making baby yoga dolls Disney, you are way out of your league.

Annaandherpaliphone 2021-01-10
I’ve been a fan for over 35 years. Love all the trilogies. It’s unfortunate that the faux fandom can’t appreciate what this movie is about. It’s closure to the Skywalker saga. I also loved that Ian McDiarmid was brought back to reprise his rule as Emperor Palpatine. He was the ultimate puppet master in Star Wars so it was very appropriate to have him there at the end with the closure of the Skywalker saga where everything came full circle.

fix ur game pubg 2020-12-26
can’t stand the fact Rey calls herself a Skywalker, like why you disrespecting Ani like that :’((((

Brawny#22 2020-12-21
I personally, have this as my favorite movie ever. In theater I watched it and walked away mind blown. I had seen every movie before that and was so excited for it. People think it doesn’t add anything to the story line, and the critics rated it badly making everyone not want to watch it. Go watch it yourself. Make your own opinion. I personally like the original three including rouge one which was amazing, but these ones come not to far behind. In my opinion, I think everyone should watch it and then get their own take away from it. Thank you.

Madmartigan77 2020-12-21
This movie is horrible. It ruined pretty much everything that made Star Wars amazing. They shouldn't have made this. Star Wars ended with episode 6.

asdfgqt 2020-12-19
So awful

Greythorth 2020-12-19
I can’t tell you how much I love the fact that this movie is already $9.99. Still won’t buy it. This was, sadly, a $6.99 movie AT BEST. The fact that the top rating starts off with “not nearly as bad as everyone says” pretty much says it all.

Vianney Weightroom 2020-11-26
Glad to know Rey is a god and defies everything without any training

FIRIOUS-IVAN 2020-11-22
REY DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE A SKYWALKER. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT ANAKIN IS THE CHOSEN ONE NOT REY!!! One star. Btw, if you give this a five star, get your eyes checked.

Hannah Johnsen 2020-11-13
To all those who are putting low reviews, you just don’t get it. This movie is so clever, and if you are not a true Star Wars fan, you have no room to put a review...especially a bad one. The CGI is amazing and beautiful. The plot adds so much to the entire saga in just one movie. The connection between Rey and Kylo is priceless. Overall a great movie.

CheifKachow15 2020-09-24

BloopBleepBloop 2020-09-24
The end result of not planning your trilogy from beginning to end. Underdeveloped, bland new characters. The old characters are either disrespected or underutilized. Palpatine returning was the most creatively bankrupt decision in recent memory. It’s a mess from every angle. Just watch the original trilogy.

lordbat87 2020-09-22
I have to say JJ Abrams and Disney did a good job on this film, and it took time to appreciate it. I have seen it a few times, and it leaves one to appreciate the homage to the original trilogy and the forward-thinking manner to try new things with Star Wars.

juan ina million 2020-09-12
I was one of the first people to watch the original Star Wars, way back in 1977, the day it opened in the bay area. Cut school and saw the first showing at the Century 21 theater in San Jose.. This was a day or so before the hype kicked in and there was no line. A day later, the lines streached out into the parking lots... Now in my 60's these movies no longer make sense to me and I cannot follow the instant action and lack of story... I waisted $20 on this movie and now it will be stored on my iTunes library, never to be watched again... At least I have the entire universe and I have enjoyed the animated more than the movies for many years now... Can't believe I wasted $20 on this... Mark Hammill looking like a washed up old drunk, the computer generated ghost of Carrie Fisher.. I'm glad it's over, so they say...

MATT general 2020-08-23
This by far was my favorite movie of them all I liked how they kept you guessing at the end what was going to happen so many movies go straight to what is going to happen but this one you thought was going to go one way than all of the sudden it went another way and when she used the name Skywalker at the end for her last name was so fitting because both Luke and Leia Where like a family to her they gave her their light sabers they trained and helped her so much And even Ben helped her. I keep watching the last 20 minutes of the movie Over and over. FAN-TASTIC

utinni 2020-08-12
Plot terrible and not original. Copy of return of the Jedi