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Zed and Addison are back at Seabrook High, where, after a groundbreaking semester, they continue to steer both their school and community toward unity! But the arrival of a new group of outsiders – mysterious werewolves – threatens to shake up the newfound peace and causes a rift in Zed and Addison’s budding romance!

User Reviews
Irin Grace 2022-10-12
It’s an absolutely wonderful movie which has gorgeous actors,I love the story of this series,and the most essential part is its musical part!!! I love the zombies songs definitely. It made me feel like I’m on the spot and I swing follow the rhythm unconsciously,pretty good story series movie ever!

buleh123 2022-10-03
I think this is the best movie ever because it as so many people and actors.I watch it so many times , I hope addsion finds where she belongs

some bdsmndndngghdd he 2022-09-25
I love zombies 2 it’s so good

Dorianne 😂😁😍 2022-09-18
You guys deserve 1 million stars instead of five stars five stars you guys earn 1000 million stars stars. guys love you, but I love you the most💕

🤩🤪😭 2022-03-23
It the best movie

fkdyvsthdehcdyh2 2022-02-16
Krissi: I love it and can you make one on Netflix please

gvfmffaehuidsr 2021-09-26

lexiwaffles 2020-12-19
I bought the soundtrack yesterday and I love it 😍 My fav is Flesh And Bone😝

kitty cat girl🐱 2020-07-28
I never got to watch the movie but i do listen to one of the songs (we own the night) i listen to it all the time because my favorite part is when they Howell great job making the movie though I’ll watch it some day soon

💗💝❤️💎😘🥰😍💕😃🥰 2020-07-27
I love the zombies 2 soundtrack

cool girl33 2020-07-24
I LOVR THIS MOVIE and I do know that the zombies 3 is coming in 2022

300837 2020-07-23

Momme25 2020-07-07
I hope there is a zombies 3 with witches and they try to takeover seabrook and try to destroy the zombies and werewolves and humans

King Ben Chris Ybarra 2020-06-20
Hey Werewolf My Name Is Chris Ybarra I Want Too Be a Werewolf Necklace Wolf Pack And Werewolf clothes Don’t Worry Werewolves I Will Help You Out You Want Chris Ybarra Be A Leader On The Werewolves We Will Fine Moon Stone

abbyplaysroblox 2020-06-13
I’m SOOOOOO anxious to know what zombies 3 is gonna be about I can’t wait because it’s gonna take 1-2 years until they make zombies 3

princess catgirl 2020-06-08
The movie is the best

pepper fam 2020-06-08
This is the best movie ever! Are hole family is doing a play! I’m willa my sister is Addison my cousin is zed my other cousin is bucky and the other one is wynter. When I watched it the first time I was like we should do a play of this awesome movie! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤🖤🤍🤍🤍🤎🤎🤎🤎

IAIN10X79 2020-06-07

gfhbdhshjd 2020-06-05
Zombies 2 is amazing it is so good that I can’t wait for there to be a three

bohuygyu 2020-05-25

bttlbrn 2020-05-09
I have been a few years since my last visit.

willa and winter 2020-05-06
I loved this movie it was amazing all of the songs are great

Unklepunky 2020-04-27
Love it

eddiekaspbrak123456 2020-04-14
I like it I just don’t like how they went from zombies being the outcast to the wolves showing up out of no where and started being the outcasts

You a dirty ho 2020-04-05
Live zombies

bubsterwubster 2020-03-23
It made me buy it when it said it was free also I didn't want to do that rating thing I faked that rate

happy sunshine bubbles 2020-03-17
This is so much fun 🐺my favorite character is winter🐺 ! My favorite song is do it like the zombies do

PrincessBossLady14 2020-03-16
“We won’t break we’re more than Flesh And Bone” This was an amazing movie! If I had to choose between the first ZOMBIES movie and the second ZOMBIES movie,I would say the second! The new song and dance numbers, the new characters(Willa,Wyatt,and Wynter),and of course,The Zeddison moments! I loved this movie! Bring on the third one! “WE GOT THIS!”

trucktokpoplock 2020-03-12
I love the movie so much I watched it in my room and danced to it all

ghjbhbhb 2020-03-12
Call to the wild is great so is flesh & bone and we own the night.

blaa_mia 2020-03-10
Grate song’s

Melody1wolf 2020-03-07
I have been using my tablet to watch it because I love the show.

camronboyce4ever 2020-03-06
It confused me at first cause I didn’t know it had extra clips I thought it was just the movie and the first episode is the movie but I didn’t see that but once I figured it out I love this movie so freaking much I encourage you to get this it has a good massage to send to people and the music is amazing love this movie so much thx

lola has a world 2020-03-02
I want zombies 3❤️

zombies one and two 2020-02-29
Zombies Is one of my Favorite movie It shows acceptance For Who you are I know oh most every Single person in the movie It’s on Disney Channel And Disney now I really love that movie❤️❤️

WadadliMama 2020-02-28
Zombies 2. The sequel to the 2018 film, Zombies. The first film was ok. Sure, the visuals can be good, but it’s basically just Romeo and Juliet with zombies and humans. That made the films plot predictable and bland. But now with the sequel, will this be another bland tale? The Plot: Probably the film improved in is that it seems original. It’s not like you can just think of 10 different movies with the same plot. But this doesn’t mean it’s completely original. The most unoriginal thing about the plot is Zed thinks Meg will fall for a wolf. Disney Channel has used this several of times. Plus, it doesn’t help that the first Zombies is the definition of unoriginal. Plus, the jokes are a mixed bag. Some deserve a laugh, while others just come flat. Also, there’s too much going on, but that can work. Meg’s cheer captain plot is easily forgotten and doesn’t turn up until the final scene of the movie. Zed’s election plot is, well, at the very least, better that Meg’s cheerleading plot. Making things right for the zombies, yes, zombies are still being treated unfairly. But it does seem generic. The Wolf’s side is probably the strongest. The plot does develop the wolf’s storyline. Plus, it does have the most heart of the film, with Meg and Zed. Some of the plot may be generic and predictable, but some of it can be good. The Visuals: The visuals in the first film are good, but in here, they are some of the best by Disney Channel. The action/danger the characters come across can be stunning. From the werewolf’s costume style to the big explosion at the building. Seriously, that is Visually stunningly. Other than that, the visuals are still good. The wolf’s lair would be the best setting. The movie really captures there not like zombies. Unlike zombies, they are more like savages. The setting captures that. Also, the wolf’s necklaces can be stunning, and look bright and a nice shade. And when the wolf’s sing, it can look amazing. The colors really stand out, making the music video enjoyable and visually appealing. The visuals in the first film are good, but the visuals here are amazing. The Characters Personality’s: While the visuals are great, the characters, have a a little bit built more in to them. Let’s start with Meg. She does have a little bit more built in because of wanting to be someone, as in she wants to feel like that she belongs. It does have more built, but it has been used countless time before, which doesn’t make it original. Then Zed. He has more built in because of his fear of losing Meg. That might be ok, but the side story of Zed trying to get zombies into prawn, is unoriginal. I mean it like Zed playing football to make it fair for zombies. It’s basically that but just written differently, but that’s more in the story. The wolf’s do serve more to the table, and they are likable, but they don’t really have something to make them stand out with their personalities. Compared to the first movie, this is and upgrade. Zombies 2 is an upgrade from the first film. Sure the plot and characters are ok, the visuals are amazing, and the plot and characters have more built in to them. Disney Channel isn’t the best making sequels and spin-offs, considering Bunk’d and Descendants 3. This is one of the better sequels. Plot: 5/10 Visuals: 10/10 Characters: 5/10 In All: 7/10

bybghbybybyby 2020-02-25
Sssssssssoooooooooooo lame

Model 20 2020-02-24
It is so good I loved it

review with me 😊 2020-02-23
This is my favorite movie ever go zombies!!!

Tennis Rules94 2020-02-22
I love it! My new favorite movie! Love the music! Listen to it everyday! Definitely recommend it! 🏆🤩

qwerdtygbhklougvb 2020-02-21

ChickenNuggetLover🤩🤩 2020-02-18
It has a great storyline about how don’t be afraid to be your self!😉And just because you are different that doesn’t mean you can’t be nice and have fun

ZacFan23 2020-02-17
Omg SO GOOD can’t wait for Zombies 3!!!

Grant Lorenzen 2020-02-16
Please Make zombies 3 please

afh😍🐶 2020-02-16
Love it😍🥰

Sebastian sent this 2020-02-16
One of the best movies I ever watched

UnbreakableBelle1994 2020-02-16
The only reason I’m giving this movie 5 stars is because I know it’s great! I’m having issues with watching it. I bought it and now I can’t watch it. It won’t appear in my TV app.

hkgbgjgg 2020-02-16
Zombies 🧟‍♀️ 2 is so good.!!!

jakefreshman 2020-02-16
whats so cool about this?

mermaid 2222 2020-02-15
It was great