A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio
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Rod leads a very popular radio show dedicated to horror. One day the show begins to receive strange

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Rod leads a very popular radio show dedicated to horror. One day the show begins to receive strange calls from a child who desperately asks for help. At first, they all think it’s a sick joke until they discover that this is not the case. These calls hide a dark and deadly secret.

User Reviews
Bank of America_Knoxville 2020-09-16
I’ve seen this movie twice actually, and each time was a surprisingly fun. This movie actually kept me interested. The majority of horror movies I put on every night when I get in bed just bore me to tears & I end up falling asleep. I’m not saying this one kept me awake because it was scary, because this isn’t that kind of film. This has the style more like the 2008 masterpiece, “Trick r Treat,” (and the director of that little indie/cult classic went on to also direct the extremely enjoyable 2015 film, “Krampus.” So this one isn’t really trying to scare you, but rather tell a couple of pretty decent short stories in an anthology format, all while making 100 obvious references to as many classic Horror films as possible in the moments that take place in between each segment of this anthology. (I’d say 3.5/5.0 is the score it really deserves – instead of just 3.0 out of 5.0 – for what it’s worth.)

krampus86 2020-09-13
I saw the trailer for Nightmare radio last year and i was super excited to watch it. Unhappily this movie did not meet my expectations, the trailer is MUCH better than the movie itself. This movie has about 6 horror shorts. Only 2 or 3 of them are watchable, the rest are pretty boring. If you REALLY LIKE horror movies, if you're a horror fan (like myself) i can recommend this movie. Its not GREAT but since youre an horror fan you might like it. BUT if youre NOT a horror fan and is here searching for a good horror movie, do you self a HUGE favor and do NOT rent this one. Peace!

Arnolfosaur 2020-09-12
Compliations aren't usally worth watching but the previews looked decent enough to give it a try. We didn't make it past the third story (or chapter) and really struggled through the radio DJ sections. The monologues were flat and felt like the guy was reading to a classroom. I kept imagining how Marilyn Manson or Rob Zombie would fill the part with so much more intensity and spookiness. Although 2 of the 3 chapters we watched were ok ( the Hair Stylists was awful... another dull monologue)we decided to move on to another full feature movie.

Ms1e;}#€huffs//22uiikgffdss 2020-09-11
Something was missing from it

nature23 2020-09-10
6 stars I would. This has everything you could ever want in a horror film. Most of the stories are perfect ( there’s only one I didn’t like that much). This is so well made, scary, and artful. Everything from psychological horror to the paranormal, to monsters and everything in between. Even the nude mermaid was awesome lol. The atmosphere is dope and this is my favorite anthology now, set around a cool home base with the radio host on a stormy night. Very dope. A few of these are terrifying. Loved it.