Anatomy of a Fall
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Sandra, her husband Samuel, and their son Daniel live a secluded life in a remote town in the French

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Sandra, her husband Samuel, and their son Daniel live a secluded life in a remote town in the French Alps. When Samuel is found dead, the police question if he was murdered or committed suicide and Sandra becomes the main suspect. What follows is an investigation into the circumstances of Samuel's death and an unsettling journey into the depths of Sandra and Samuel's conflicted relationship.

User Reviews
iamrian 2024-02-25
This film wounds the story tight like a drum, and demands a second viewing. Superb acting and airtight editing.

k.kiffmanntkd 2024-02-05
The movie is brilliant and the actors as well. It moves slowly in order for us to be completely enthralled with how challenging it is; having ones’ private life now flung in public, and the insane levels of accusations and fabrications within a very perverse judicial system. I felt catapulted back into an era of the Inquisition, witch burning's and when misogyny reigned. The lead prosecutor—and actor so brilliant you want to smack him—portrayed his indignant prejudicial and biased indignation without shame. Only brilliant acting and directing would carry one through this very long movie. But—oh dear—if these are the ways of French courts, to which conjecture, assumptions and fabrication are allowed in court rooms, and the courts ignoring the psychological harm potentially done to minors. This movie should put a damper in tourism. I’ve certainly marked it off my bucket list. Truly archaic courtroom and misogynist ethics.

Peter DKB 2024-02-03
I read the reviews before watching many of which were commenting on the slow burn and overall length of the movie. They were right. It is a slog. In the end it took me two attempts to get through the entire thing which i actually felt guilty about considering how truly excellent the movie is. I also felt i may of missed something deeper considering the lack of continuity. Despite that, the acting from Mother & son is Oscar winning standard which i think in the end is the biggest takeaway. If court room drama is your bag and you don't mind flipping in and out of English & French, then this is for you.

Aziz.s.a.ksa.1987 2024-01-30
I’m half way through this movie and can’t believe how boring it is. I’m not sure I can handle watching another hour and 15 minutes of this!!!! HELP!!!

RyanWatchedThis 2024-01-29
A gripping courtroom drama that features an astounding lead performance. The movie is about half in English, half in French so be prepared for that. The fun part if deciding for yourself whether or not there is guilt, who has it, and why you think that as well as to see the various characters decide that themselves.

StopSpamTexts 2024-01-16
This was WAAAAAY overhyped. I've seen better artfilms in college. It was so slow and I wanted to just leave the room. Don't waste your money on a purchase.

Currrrrtttttttt 2024-01-06
Just a long movie. That is all I could think about.

RaysOfSunshine101 2024-01-04
Slow, bland and longwinded. Overall just keeps you in a slow low and repetitive state of suspense.

Ezra100 2023-12-30
Super subtle and intelligent file. Great acting as well as a compelling script. I should have bought it since I’ll want to watch it again. Not to be missed !!!!

I eat books 2023-12-30
I am astonished at how many positive reviews this has. Surely even the bots who gave 5 stars were bored with this one.

SeanNyberg 2023-12-27
We loved this film, had us on the edge of our seat the entire time. The performances were astonishingly good and the writing was superb. Watching this was a great experience.

rsumner62 2023-12-26
Although iTunes says the Primary Language for this movie is English, and the trailer is in English, the reality is half of the movie is in French. Although the movie portrays the workings of a French courtroom - which is why it didnt get one star - I found the movie to be BORING. Weak plot, weak character development, it's not a thriller, just a boring French courtroom story. Don't waste your time.

JD94114 2023-12-23
Really enjoyed this film. I’ve seen a bunch of “courtroom dramas” like The Lincoln Lawyer, A Few Good Men, etc. but this one was original. I’m not familiar with laws/procedures of the French court system but I assume the movie accurately portrays how trials are conducted in France ie. the way the judge and lawyers interact with each other, what the expert witnesses testify about, etc. is very different from what’s allowed and done in the US court system. I found the story very interesting and thought provoking. The whole cast was great and very convincing in their roles.

I Watch The Watchmen 2023-10-19
Genuinely one of the best films I’ve seen all year. Sandra Huller deserves the Oscar.