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Experience the breathtaking global phenomenon that has captivated audiences around the world.

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Experience the breathtaking global phenomenon that has captivated audiences around the world. Written for the screen and directed by Christopher Nolan, Oppenheimer thrusts audiences into the mind of physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy), whose landmark work on the Manhattan Project created the first atomic bomb. An unprecedented cinematic event, Oppenheimer features an all-star cast that includes Emily Blunt, Oscar® winner Matt Damon, Oscar® nominee Robert Downey Jr., Oscar® nominee Florence Pugh, Josh Hartnett, and Oscar® winners Casey Affleck, Rami Malek and Kenneth Branagh.

User Reviews
nick05082006 2024-02-03
It is really good

Sept 948 2024-01-30
Not better than Fat Man & Little Boy.

required_pseudonym 2024-01-28
I liked the historical plot line and stunning visuals but the bouncing around of the time line and unnecessary sex scenes didn’t work for me. Overall I’m glad that I rented instead of going to see it in theaters and I’m not sure I’d want to watch it twice. I’ll be happy when films start transitioning wholly away from social politics and back towards great storytelling and films that inspire instead of divide.

四宫辉夜 2024-01-20
It’s definitely the best movie I watched in 2023, and it may changes my life to some extent

camisafrog 2024-01-13
The world will remember this day

Motorhome Max 2024-01-12
🔟out of 🔟

orangeblood12c 2024-01-09
I have tried to watch this 3 times. 1st it is way to long. 2nd this movie bounces around so much it is impossible to stay focused. One minute you are in the classroom then jump to congress then the lab. Not recommended at all.

willië_wonka 2024-01-06
There is no doubt EVER when I sit to watch any one of Christopher Nolan’s movies, that it is going to be MASSIVE. But this one, will leave you with your mouth wide open after it finishes. It is simply a masterpiece.

Cubfansal 2024-01-04
This movie was nothing but 3 hours of music video!

JAKEcloud25 2024-01-03
A singular piece of art, that engages and respects the viewers time and intelligence. It asks the viewer to engage and think, and doesn’t let us down in it’s delivery. Oppenheimer shows us that science is neither good or bad, but a tool that can be used for either.

Rafeanei9 2024-01-01
Nice sence

rtemdsc 2023-12-31
I don’t tyt see a lot in your Ft

Isaileo 2023-12-29
Boring!!!!! Fell asleep like 3 times 😂

SarcasticClown 2023-12-28
First ever dialogue film I have watched and it was a masterpiece. The people who rated it low put no evidence validating their point or straight up didn’t pay attention. Phenomenal casting and acting. It has great pacing and the soundtrack was beautiful and absolutely remarkable. It was well worth the cost. (P.S. The movie is about Oppenheimer for those who can’t read. Not about the bomb or the victims(May their souls Rest In Peace), Oppenheimer.)

wallemon 2023-12-28
This extremely long winded soap opera about Robert Oppenheimer could have easily been edited into a 90 minute film. Instead, repetitive special effects are used and unnecessary dramatic twists are injected to bloat the film into a three hour pseudo biopic. Poor messaging in marketing of the film gave the audience an impression that the film would focus on the making of the atomic bombs. Instead, the movie focuses on the complex life and trials of Oppenheimer before, during, and after the making of those weapons. Before you watch this film, read up on the life of Robert Oppenheimer and ask yourself if sitting through a dragging three hour film on the subject is really what you want to see. If so, you will enjoy the film. If you came to learn more about the development of the atomic bombs, as the trailer implies, then you’ll be greatly disappointed.

Adjacobson 2023-12-28
I should have waited until this was free

edubdouble 2023-12-25
Imagine a world where Matt Damon wins an Oscar? lol clown world. Easy pass

Darkness25own 2023-12-25
This movie is a must watch.

NateyTHEGreaty 2023-12-23
There is no focus in this movie, it’s so over edited its annoying.

tripolian 2023-12-23
If I could sell this movie back to iTunes and get my money back I would in a heartbeat! If you rent this put a pillow behind your head..you’ll need it.

Before Our Kingdom 2023-12-23
Literally, nonstop dialogue without any pause to marinate on what’s being said. I have no clue why some people raved about this movie. Great acting. Great cinematography. Great score. I love Nolan. But wow, this was not good. Horrible, jarring editing too. I actually have a headache from the constant talking and quick cuts. What was Nolan thinking?!

Brocolli joe 2023-12-12
The movie was fantastic. However, if you want to experience the full IMAXesque experience with the changing aspect, ratio and sound as Christopher Nolan filmed it and intended it to be watched, get the 4K Blu-ray Disc. The digital version does not provide the changing of aspect ratio.

Aj24000 2023-12-11
Was so excited to see this…. And then we did… So boring and pointless… stay away

BeatlesGuru 2023-12-10
Great movie!

🔥😂🔥 2023-12-08

frankwhitenyking 2023-12-04
Dope flick on history. Now, turn Gaza into a parking lot and be done with those evil people

JT_0311 2023-12-04
The sets are great, however the movie dragged… unnecessary sex scenes just thrown into the movie, and the movie fails to keep your attention even in the somewhat interesting parts. Just watch little boy and fat man with John cusack, better movie by far and they get the job done In probably half the length of this movie. I understand this movie is focused entirely on Oppenheimer but people watched this movie to see the Manhattan project play out which is probably an hours worth of the movie, lots of jumping around.

Jonmrk 2023-12-03
The story line is horrible. It goes back and forth, with no explanation. I wanted to watch it to know more about history, they used Matt Damon in the previews, to make it out like he was a main character, which he isn’t. Just confusing and disappointing.

Cabron666 2023-12-03

Kcw0214 2023-12-03
This movie was criticized by some as not painting Oppenheimer as a clear traitor. I think the movie illustrates what is likely to be true. There was a lot of nuances to his position and conflicting emotions. He probably erred like any human would, but perhaps because he saw a bigger picture than one country battling another.

outkastsk8er20 2023-12-02
Not the movie I was expecting it to be. The cast is honestly the only thing that will keep this film aloat. Other than that, the audio quality in a lot of scenes were terrible. The soundtrack was bland and over blaring. The storyline is somewhat historically inaccurate. The buildup to the only explosion was crappier than the fireworks shows I put on each year. They don't even have the balls to show the aftermath of the bombings probably due to the u.s. government. There's more negatives, but most of all this movie should've been an hour half or less.

88ma2 2023-11-28
Ugh left wing propaganda, created a bomb to destroy everything, just like they are doing today destroying everything and the bomb is called “woke”

Ajmal Hashir 2023-11-28

arlingtonred 2023-11-26
Without taking ANY polical sides, Nolan told the story in a brilliant way that captured the WWII and Cold war era, an era of paranoia and a vastly growing divide of ideologies. The infancy of two emeging Superpowers and the many pit falls of the emerging Administrative state forming in DC ....Masterfully done imo

onions64 2023-11-26
This movie did not cover the science. It starts with bizarre sexual issues. More political than science. Annoying background music. Don’t waste your money.

Ryan 1234554321 2023-11-26
The trailer for Oppenheimer is proof that this could’ve been a better movie with some editing and a more focused storyline. The way the story unfolds by jumping timelines is messy. There’s a lot of campy, over dramatic acting. It looks and sounds beautiful though…and Cillian Murphy was great. There’s just too much Christopher Nolan happening in this (trying too hard to be clever instead of telling a good story).

GlennBond 2023-11-26
Loved it even more the second time I saw this. Great cast/performances. Including by Florence Pugh. It’s not just about man’s achievements but also about their flaws. How we can create and destroy. This is one of Nolan’s best films. No doubt.

Happy Spud 2023-11-24
Oppenheimer is perhaps Nolan’s best movie. I bought this on 4K UHD Blu-Ray and let me tell you, the transfer is immaculate. The IMAX filmed scenes fill the screen and really make it feel like you’re there. The DTS HD track is powerful and incredible. I implore you, do not buy the digital version of this. The video and audio quality do not even compare to disc. You’ll get it included anyway and it’s fine if you’re on the road but the disc is so much better. I get it, discs take up space, but if you only ever buy one movie on disc- be it 4K or regular Blu-Ray, buy Oppenheimer. As Nolan says, “No evil streaming service will ever take it away from you.”

Twizzler muncher 2023-11-24
Well well well like a moth to a flame

DvirBenAsuli 2023-11-24
Oppenheimer might be the best film I watched in a long, long time. Very different from Nolan's recent films, especially the Sci-Fi ones, but shows that Nolan can master the Biopic/Drama genre just as well as he can any other genre he tried to tackle yet. The film is 3-hours long but goes through very quickly and enjoyably. Without spoiling anything, the film presents important and very relevant subjects, and doing so while being non-stop entertainment and a comprehensive character study and a study of our society on a very high pace. Without mentioning anything specific, there was one scene that caused almost every single person in the theatre to move nervously in the seats, non-stop for a long period of time, being one of the most intense scenes I ever watched in a movie and reminding me of the true power of the cinematic experience like no other movie did in recent years. Ludwig Göransson's work in the musical aspect of the film is masterful, on par with Nolan's previous works. Visiting the score on a daily basis. The cinematography is stunning and the editing is cutting edge. In fact, this movie is a masterpiece in pretty much all technical fronts as well. The year is not done just yet but right now this is my top pick for the upcoming awards season. Picture, Writing, Directing, Acting, Score-- Oppenheimer is a winner on all fronts. A rare feat for filmmaking and a salient reminder that cinema is not dead. Give Nolan his Oscar! I highly recommend this film to everyone. Watched it 5 times on IMAX already, and if they return it to theatres before awards season I will go and watch again. So good to finally have it in my home collection and watch it in the comfort of my home in the glory of 4K. A must watch and a must have. Movie of the year.

Onijnsimismn 2023-11-23
Gets even better with repeated viewings as you get better acquainted with the story.

Penguin2222 2023-11-23
More context was needed when it came to why the US government feared Oppenheimer having security clearance. Stalin had murdered millions such as with the Holodomor and enslaved people in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania during World War 2 and yet Oppenheimer wanted to give him nuclear secrets. Would anyone good want to give hitler or stalin access to nuclear bombs? Strauss actively tried to save Jews during this period and yet they make him the villain of the film which is beyond stupid. That being said, the first two hours of the film are incredible and well-worth seeing. The acting is flawless in the film and so is the cinematography.

CoreyReviews 2023-11-23
A masterpiece I’ll easily be revisiting multiple times every year. An absolute treat for film fans and history buffs. One of Nolan’s best. Flawless. 10/10.

BennyBoyNYC 2023-11-22
Anything Nolan does is incredible.

Fae Jesus 2023-11-22
I loved this movie way more than I had imagined. Never expected to buy it, but here we are. They screwed this man over. Wonderfully shot.

Rodger8 2023-11-22
One of the most boring movies on the planet! 20 minutes in and I dumped it!

L0RD/D4RK53ID 2023-11-21
This is probably one of Nolan’s best works yet. He is still a cinematic genius who creates masterpieces worth beholding. This is just the latest in a long line of filmmaking triumphs. Solid acting performances by Murphy, Blunt, and Downey. This is an Oscar-worthy film unlike so many other recent movies that do not deserve such a nomination. Keep up the great work, Nolan. I cannot wait to see what you do next.

Suzannah Troy 2023-11-21
Ambitious undertaking ...

MICAHMANN 2023-11-21
The music and sound are characters just as much as any of the actors. And the moments of silence speak even louder to chilling effects.

blackwolf_51 2023-11-21
We need arabic subtitles