Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
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As Arthur Curry confronts the responsibilities of being King of the Seven Seas, a long-buried

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As Arthur Curry confronts the responsibilities of being King of the Seven Seas, a long-buried ancient power is unleashed. After witnessing the full effect of these dark forces, Aquaman must forge an uneasy alliance with an old enemy, and embark on a treacherous journey to protect his family, his kingdom, and the world from irreversible devastation.

User Reviews
RT review 2024-02-12
You already got the two people interested in paying $19.99 to rent this, drop it to $2.99 already.

hamburgst 2024-01-29
Reviews don't do it justice/

frk5050 2024-01-28
Bug eating and climate change with no pollution change. Aquaman was an a hole in this movie. Loved the visuals though epic. Mira saving his tail a few times. Stop the super trawlers! To woke but will watch again.

Chris F! :) 2024-01-27
I bought a ticket in advance and literally walked out of the theater barely halfway through. I was so bored and disappointed. The actors literally look bored. It’s just a total waste of time.

Jaime James 2024-01-23
Despite all of the problems with the movie, I still enjoyed parts of it. I just ignored logic and didn't care about quality. LOL

Dayshao 2024-01-19
The fact that they made a second one is all good with me actually love the movie I’m a water sign all day but land is my home as well I hope they continue with Aquaman movies and they get better every time action suspense justice love it

Johnbell758 2024-01-10
This was not a bad movie at all. All the negative publicity destroyed this movie before it had a chance. I’m not saying it was great, but I really enjoyed it. Also, I’m absolutely no fan of Amber Herd, but she did a decent job in her role in this movie. This movie was also Refreshingly Not Woke, which kills any move for me. BTW, Woke is not about equality, it’s a lie, it just hates men.

Ligø 2024-01-09

ThEyCaLLMeRaVeN 2024-01-08
I get that obviously the whole DC Universe on the big screen basically has tanked its universe but both Aquaman films has been incredible. The amount of detail, combat and ways they portray the character’s abilities have been phenomenal. This movie was very awesome to watch all the way through especially with seeing more Black Manta. Personally can’t see how it is bad but I think it is mostly because this universe is over and moving in a different direction with James Gunn. Either way it was definitely worth the watch and can’t wait to pick this up when it releases on the store!🔱🔥🌊

cht2015 2024-01-05
The first one is better definitely, but this one’s entertaining enough to see once.

slytherinskywalker 2024-01-04
i saw it in theaters expecting hot garbage but it was actually pretty great of a watch and one of the better superhero movies i had watched in the past year. worth the watch

Jayz9243 2024-01-03
Pretty great I enjoyed

Stevg92 2024-01-01
We bought tickets for purple and within 10-15min in we swap our tickets for Aqua Man..

Shuwatch! 2023-12-31
Fun send off for the DCEU.

SeThaSe 2023-12-31
Don’t go by other negative reviews. Did they watch it after getting drunk? What they were expecting from a super hero movie? An oscar worthy performance or what? A neat entertainer. A must watch in big screen.

Watched_It 2023-12-29
I hadn’t been to a theater in a long time and a few movie trailers, starting with new Aquaman movie, were released that caught my attention. I typically like to see my favorite sci-fi and superhero movies at the theater the first time. I thought this movie was really good in terms of the story, action, special effects, and typical Aquaman sarcasm. It definitely met my expectations.

SaltStorm007 2023-12-25
If they would have listened to the people and recast ‘you know who’, this movie would have made $! Now it will be a HUGE loss! I will NEVER support a movie with a lying, abusive, woman like that in it! If they would have cast ‘Lily Rose Depp’, this movie would have made SO MUCH $! They made their they must sleep in it💯Hope that EVERYONE has a wonderful Christmas/New Year🙏 Now I can’t wait to see Jason as Lobo/The Main Man.....that is...if WB hasn’t COMPLETELY lost it!?

Wolf723 2023-12-24
Don’t bother. If your curious I suggest waiting for it on Max to save your money.

Noah Pfister 2023-12-24
The DCEU ends with a wet fart and a whimper. Only redeemable aspects are Aquaman, Orm, and a bit of Black Manta. But yeah, this was massively disappointing and just made me sad.

Raft3r 2023-12-24
James Wan never disappoints.

Dlhcyp 2023-12-23
I agree with boyinthestreets

monkey-astronaut12 2023-12-23
The only two things I hate about this film is the racism and the cockroach eww!🤮

Blackrainbmx 2023-12-23
Hollywood simply Will NOT playing the “no snitch” card with black characters having them simply motivated by revenge of a murdered family member with revenge murder as the plot. Blacks should be insulted by his non stop Pattern of black characters simply seeking revenge murder same was they did in black panther. Pathetic

Boyinthestreets 2023-12-22
Typically I am the kind of person who won’t leave a review unless I’ve watched a movie but I’ll give an exception for this. I know there is no perfect person in the world, and that there are only good people who choose to do bad things. In this case, Amber hasn’t had enough time to self reflect. Giving an opportunity for an abuser to be part of this can enable continued emotional and psychological abusive behavior. I’m not writing this review to be some opinionated tiktoker gen z or whatever you call it, I just want to write this because I care about this topic strongly. If anyone reads this, and you are suffering in silence, I HEAR you. People hear you. You are more understood and more loved than you think. 🩷🩷🩷