American Fiction
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Fed up with "Black" entertainment that relies on offensive tropes, a novelist decides to write an outlandish “Black” book of his own to make a point.

User Reviews
nuenjins 2024-02-17
If you don't vote democrat then Joe says "you aint black". How long will the simple stay simple?

nyctelecaster 2024-02-16
I liked it, but I had a few complaints. Yes, it was a comedy, but the white people were too much a parody of themselves. I suppose that the humor of “white guilt” was the point? That said, I might have preferred his agent be white? Just for some balance. The ending disappointed me. Right when he was going to speak at the podium, it faded to black and then presented multiple possible endings. It objectified itself. Call me corny, but the entire flick led to the writer confessing the truth, not only to the awards panel present, but especially those close to him and his romantic interest. I would have enjoyed that piece of writing. Instead it objectified itself, almost cynically. Was I not suppose to take any of it seriously? Then why make it? It was a film with a message - in theory.

iPhönner 2024-02-11
A struggling writer's spite spectacularly backfires in more than one way. Well written, acted and very entertaining. American Fiction uses one of my personal favorite plot devices, however the ending is felt coming from a fair distance away.

TrueUSAPatriot 2024-02-09
It’s a movie about a black dude pandering to the woke liberals. Him, being an educated black male, isn’t good enough for them. They want him in their image. Once he gives in to their rules, in order to provide for himself, he tickles the back of their throats, becomes a best selling author. Living a life of lies to pander to their whims of the woke ideology. Enjoy his journey into ignorance.

Danny boy5 2024-02-04