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A personal look at the French military leader’s origins and swift, ruthless climb to emperor. The

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A personal look at the French military leader’s origins and swift, ruthless climb to emperor. The story is viewed through the prism of Napoleon’s addictive, volatile relationship with his wife and one true love, Josephine.

User Reviews
TR_1 2024-02-12
The significance of the English fighting in that formation at Waterloo is that Napoleon himself came up with it and deployed it successfully in the very battle of the Pyramids in Egypt that they showed and yet didn’t make the connection? Insane!

k9wardog 2024-02-06
With all the hype, I watched Napoleon when it came out in the movie theater. Not a great movie, but also not really that good either. The battle scenes are great, but Joaquin Phoenix acting is just horrible. He walks around like he really just doesn't want to be there and just has a stiff performance. I could think of at least 10 other actors that would have played the part better. The movie tries to stuff 20+ years in 2 1/2 hours. This is a movie you watch once, then forget about.

J. Nj mMMmm mm. 2024-02-03
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Hotdam69 2024-02-02
Rape. Apple rape. Rape rape price.

Retardent 2024-01-28
Aweful acting, dialog, and story telling. Did not finish the movie. Complete train wreck.

derftrop 2024-01-24
It’s a shame this director messed this up

MNO92 2024-01-21
Perfect film. Thank you Mr Scott for continuing to provide us with great movies.

lorenzo donato 2024-01-21
It is a good movie with great acting but it could have more, I mean the whole point of the movie was to see napoleon be a genuine legend on the battlefield. All we got were 2 good battles and that’s it.

Cheeto Bronze 2024-01-20
Could have been so much more. Skipped through the rest of the movie starting at 40 min. Mark

e.trevino 2024-01-18
I was so pumped to watch this movie. I have to say I was pretty disappointed. Timeline is rushed and most of the movie was slow and boring.

Whitfb 2024-01-16
Save your time and money for something worthwhile. This was a flop

nyctelecaster 2024-01-16
It was mainly... about Napoleon's romantic relationship. His origins, what made him a charasmatic leader, the intricies of his military genius... none of that there. But Napoleon's romantic relationship was thoroughly covered. Though that was exactly what I did not want ... Why o' why are bio flics always about the main characters romantic relationships? I had forgotten I saw the film minutes after viewing...

wesbent 2024-01-14
Fails as historical movie, fails as an entertaining movie, fails acting wise, fails story wise, maybe 3 scenes of boring action, boring romance main plot in which the actors have no chemistry, no sense of why he is at war or what made him a great leader either.

RobertoLMorales 2024-01-13
The movie not only covers his marriages, his desire for a son, and his rise to power, but also how he was a genius tactician that led France to many victories across Europe. 10/10 recommend.

Mandalorian fan 2024-01-12
While i found the movie very enjoyable (maybe it’s just because it was a breath of fresh air from the copious amounts of superhero stuff), I felt as though this movie was missing so much. I would say they should have cut back on a lot of Josephine scenes and replaced them with moments like his crossing of the alps and his campaign in Italy. It also felt like events such as the battle of austerlitz and the invasion of Russia were happening in the same war. However, I do acknowledge that there’s only so much you can do with one movie so i can’t be too critical and at the end of the day, I still had a good time.

Wde0457 2024-01-12
This was terrible. Not even historically accurate. We couldn’t understand the storyline and I studied this in college. I want a refund.

johnducas 2024-01-12
Arguably the worst historical epic ever made. Very disappointing. It's almost impossible to make Napoleon's life and accomplishments uninteresting, but Mr. Scott appears to have done both.

Bigdunn22 2024-01-11
Joaquin clearly has a Napoleon complex.

Merfourth 2024-01-11
I really wanted this to be a good movie. It’s just not very good. It’s a so so story. And it’s a so so action movie. It’s not even visually creative. Just meh.

iPhönner 2024-01-11
The depiction of late 18th century France, with it’s vulgarity and decadent humor was (for me) the most entertaining element of Scott’s film. On the other hand, Napoleon's complicated, tortured relationship with Josephine was of equal interest but in a far more personal and uncomfortable way. Witnessing myopic declarations of love followed by the soul-wrenching thrust and parry between the two, gave this viewer an unpleasant slimy feeling, as if viewing these intimate displays through a keyhole. Though uncomfortable, I’ll admit that Scott has a talent for rendering reprehensible people and monstrous behavior in captivating terms. Unfortunately the film, perhaps by necessity, suffers from overlong repetition as it drags on and on. One wonders that if Scott was comfortable taking artistic license with history, why was he also satisfied with his narrative being suspended in limbo for so long? Full disclosure: Neither I nor my companion had the patience to stick it out and chose to leave the theater during yet. another. battle. That said, viewing Napoleon in two sequential halves (separated by say 24 or 48 hours) just might address my misgivings. There’s an inexpensive rental in my future.

SpaceDaddies 2024-01-11
Joaquin is a great actor, but this was not good casting for Napoleon. Does not make you like or root for him at all. Historical inaccuracies abound. While factual liberties are fine in a movie, this movie throws out the entire book and creates its own story. Overall too long and does not focus on his life or achievements.

bendalton99 2024-01-11
The battle scenes are so historically innacurate that it is painful. During the Napoleonic wars, infantry and cavalry didn't just run at each other in one mob. It is as if the director forgot what movie he was directing and had the opposing sides fight each other in the same way he had them fighting in the opening part of Gladiator. Too many important details of Napoleon are skipped entirely. This topic would have been better as a 10part miniseries, because there is just too much to cover to do it well or accurately in one 2 to 3 hour long movie.

KNmovie 2024-01-10
I guess actual historic events have nothing to do with film making anymore. Garbage!!!

The Angry Army 2024-01-10
If you like The Patriot with Mel Gibson, your gonna love this movie. If you love history, this movie is an abomination.

Makingtimeforfun76 2024-01-10
This was so bad I don’t even know where to begin. The story line jumps all over so unless you are a history buff you have no idea what is going on. The sex scenes we so stupid they could have been left out all together. None of the characters ever developed so you didn’t know one from another. How disappointing!

jcfmovies 2024-01-10
Visually this movie is well done. I didn’t realize 75% of the movie would be about Napoleon’s relationship with his adulterous wife. Waste of time and money. Fairly disappointing as I’m a big fan of Gladiator. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone unless spousal drama is your cup of tea.

143336 2024-01-10
This movie was so amazing from action to the story highly recommended watching this movie!!

I wanna login 2024-01-09
Not much history but a lot into his love life

Xsquidsquad1X 2024-01-09
The cinematography was incredible, but there were so many historical inaccuracies that I wanted to bang my head against a wall for the entire runtime of this movie.

BDawg9714 2024-01-08
The sluggish inaccurate plot is a mess and bore to have to sit through. Gorgeously shot and that’s all the positive I can say about this bloated film. Ridley’s pompous ego couldn’t even take the time to get basic historical things right.