Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
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From the studio that brought you the smash hits Freaky Friday and The Princess Diaries, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen stars Lindsay Lohan (Freaky Friday) in a hip and hilarious coming-of-age comedy for the whole family! When the always dramatic Lola (Lohan) and her family move from the center of everything in New York City to the center of a cultural wasteland in suburban New Jersey, she feels her life is simply not worth living! But no matter who or what gets in the way, Lola won't give up on her life's ambition: to be a star! In a crowd-pleasing movie treat bursting with music, dance, and excitement, Lola's fun-filled adventure won't be glamorous or easy, but it might just show her that real life could exceed even her wildest dreams!

User Reviews
Silbd 2020-01-26
i know this movie is objectively bad, but its bad in the most amazing way ever. This was my favorite movie when i was a kid and even though with emotions aside I would probably rate this 2 stars it will always be a 5 stars from me :). Lindsay lohan in this movie was an absolute god to me so what can i say *****!

Adrienne823 2018-09-16
No one watches these for quality, this is just a few good movie

Camry Long 2018-06-20
Quite possible the worst movie ever made, but despite its insane flaws, this movie remains a lot of fun today. I’d highly recommend watching it at least once.

Tfgjhfc 2016-06-01
I loved this movie when I was a kid and i love it now! You'll get a kick from watching this again! AND dare I was inspiring! Going to be singing that song for the next few day!

Girlygirl97 2014-02-22
I love this movie, always have, always will!!!

makalahjadetranny 2012-12-12
I love love love this movie and wish I could buy it on here!!! Please iTunes let me buy it!!!

TheMaryJane 2012-11-06
I love this movie why can't you buy.

Katlynbana 2012-02-03
I LOVE it sooooo much

britneyspearsfan93 2011-11-28
oh how i miss her :/ btw the cover of the movie is in spanish, itunes fix that

I Like Brownies 2011-06-09
When this movie first came out, I was 7, and at the time I only wanted to see it because of the song "That Girl" that Lindsay Lohan sings. Unfournately, that didn't come til the very end. Over the years, I have sat down and watched the entire thing. It turned out to be a really good movie, and its appropriate for kids. That's all I have to say.

Jarrod McCammon 2011-06-03
I loved it from the day it came out!!!

Angel22andrade 2011-04-11
This Movie ROCKS :D

YOU are mean text me back 2011-01-09
Y'all are this cazy movie rocks SO SHUT UP

Miss vv 2010-08-21
I luvvv this movie its so funny n shows real tenage drama

lulu997 2010-08-07
whoever doesnt like this is wierd it is an awsome movie you'l love it its sweet and adorable

LouisTomlinson'sLove 2010-06-24
This movie is really fun and funny!! Lindsay is great in it, i love how dramitic she is, that what makes it so funny!! Lindsay Lohan is a great actor and this is one of my favorite movies!!

Ashashcouture912 2010-06-23
I absolutely love this movie. Don't even think twice on weather buying it or not.

Lexif101 2010-05-09
I love this movie! Its a awesome, funny movie that you will LOVE! So, what are you waiting for? BUY IT!!!! Hint: its awesome! :D

the sucky movie presents... 2010-04-04
this movie, was just plain kreepy. i dont mind a normal amount of drama. But it made me think that these people who made the movie, was on aids. It was stupid, NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xavier 2012 2010-03-27
This is a great movie, I think it's the best movie I've ever watch, purchase It!

inlovewithmusic3000 2010-03-21
I personally love this movie. It's inspiring and unique. I first saw it on Disney Channel, and I fell in love with it. I like Lindsay Lohan as an actress and all the Disney Channel movies she's in are good too. I LOVE CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE DRAMA QUEEN!!!!!!

ChrissyBacak 2010-03-13
:) great movie!

alp99 2010-03-04
I saw like the very end of this movie when I was like four and I have been looking and looking for the movie for years cause I lllllooooovvvvveeeeeddddd her song that girl at the end and I found and it's like worth a million dollars to me it's sssssooooo special

GOT2SING! 2010-02-02
I love this movie! I've watched it like twice on tv. Great for a sleepover with friends or with the family. But it is a chic flick...:)

AnnieLeNeve 2010-01-03
This is a children movie. It is meant for 8 year olds, it is very cute for that demographic. The other reviews that say it is awful are silly because it is meant to be watch by a child that is why it is next to the rest of the children movies. Watch it is cute.

pinkproductions 2009-12-27
This was a great movie. I have seen it about 20 times and it never gets old! Buy it! You will not be disapointed!!!

SuperM&M 2009-08-21
This movie is really boring and stupid! I wouldn't buy this movie ever! "Lola" is a premadonna...I know this movie is called "Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen", but give me a brake! No one is ever that dramatic!

sophiasmiley 2009-08-08
lindsay is a great actress!!! but shes not a great singer!!! this is probably the best lindsay lohan movie!!!

GiRdYtHeBiRdY 2009-08-06
I like chick flicks....they are fun and can be good movies for sleepovers. However, I agree with lots that this movie is totally unrealistic....some of this stuff will never happen, and it's very Disney for everything to end happy. Girl gets drama role, guy, and ends with kiss. In my opinion, I've gotten a little tired of that. At least in Mean Girls (very similar) the characters seem real and flawed. These people just seem too perfect for their age. That part kind of ticked me off a little. But other than that, it's an ok movie. Not the best movie to buy, just rent it.

Ur Average Hottie 2009-07-24
I liked this movie because it was sweet, glamorouse, and following your dreams with a bratty twist. It'll neever be my favorite movie but its simple how I feel about it. I liked it.

Hiro Nakamura 77 2009-05-29
THIS movie rocks and a im a fan of lindsay!!!!!!!!!!

JL829 2009-05-17
That's almost as good as the little einsteins! :)

Mchizzle 2009-04-25
the movie was great

MusicAddict13<3 2009-04-16
Even though i do not like lindsay lohan that much this was a great movie.

mcotto88 2009-04-02
i saw this movie today with my little cousin (who ADORES the movie) and i couldnt stand it! it was boring and dull. i seriously fell aseep during the movie- and i watched it at 2pm (no lie). maybe i dont like it cause im too old for those goody two shoes kiddie movies, but honestly, unless youre gona buy this movie for 10 year olds or younger, its dead boring.

Rcade 2009-03-11
this movie is awful, like really really really awful.

Grilled Cheese mkr 2009-02-01
This movie was a HUGE dissapointment to me when I saw it about 3 years ago. I thought, at worst, it would be a little bubbleheaded and tweeny. Sure, some of the characters were somewhat believeable, but Lindsay Lohan's character was a borderline compulsive liar. She tells people her father is DEAD, for crying out loud. I take great offense to that, considering I didn't even get to know my father because he died when I was 6 years old. Disney, you let me down on this one.

AngGar 2008-12-28
This movie is adorable. I fell in love with Lola's character. Not to mention, the trippy, comic bookish scenes make it fun. The music is also perfect for the story. in other words, if you like the rockstar drama of being a teenage girl, you will love Lola. You will love the movie too. :)

Tee Dub Yuh 2008-12-28
This movie was horrible. I watched it once and hated it the first time.

wibblewobble 2008-12-15
this movie would sell so much better if it was rentable. click yes to agree. c'mon itues! haha xx

richardsgirlz 2008-11-13
This has got to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen! The plot was VERY bad and it was just so random! I mean at one minute she was yelling at a pop star for being drunk and the next was dancing with him and STILL getting HER guy at the end! Horrible.

Alexa1028 2008-11-11
i absolutly love this movie, i am 16 and i think it shows how most teeneagers are in a comedic sense. truthfully the movie is terrible and its not supposed to be a huge blockbuster like mean girls and its not serious or realastic but thats because it is cute, funny and an escape from reality like most movies should be. its fun, the actors are recognizable. and it is deffinantly one of my favorite movies, i stronlgy recomend it.

baileyyyyy :) 2008-10-29
I love this movie so much that me and my friends have it almost memorized whenever we watch it we can quote almost every word in the entire movie that is how great it is!!! buy it

Mahoward36 2008-10-21
I've been a long time fan of L.L. (recently, not so much) and I loved this movie. I thought she did great and that.....well, it was great.

hannahetesta 2008-09-08
Loved, loved, loved the book. Used to love, love, love this movie. BUT THEY PLAY IT WAY TOO MUCH ON TV.

keb- 2008-07-27
This movie was beyond horrible. Whoever thought this movie up must have been crazy - it's not even funny.

bamargerarules 2008-07-23
i love this movie! i usually don't like movies that are about whiny teenagers but i love it so much! it is probably one of the best movies that i've ever seen in my life! you should totally buy this movie!

mr.spears95 2008-07-02
i love and own of lohan's movies and all of them amaze me no matter what the critics say. this movie stands out from the rest of her movies because this is realistic fiction but with a fantasy elimit to it which pulls in the audince to this wonderous family comedy.

L0velyLizz 2008-06-13

isabella :) 2008-06-03
this movie was really good! but it should be for rent too. it was good, but i don't want to pay $10 and buy it. click yes if you agree