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In the deepest reaches of space, the fight to save all human life from extinction has begun in this science-fiction adventure that launched the Battlestar Galactica phenomenon! Hopeful for lasting peace following centuries of intense warfare, the Twelve Colonies gather to sign a treaty with their dreaded enemies, the Cylons. But after an act of treachery on the eve of the ceremony, the Cylons launch a devastating surprise attack, destroying the Colonies' home planets and most of their military strength. A lone flagship battlestar, the Galactica, led by Commander Adama (Lorne Greene), remains to aid the surviving colonists on their epic journey for a new home to a far-off legendary planet — Earth. They must survive the pursuing Cylons in a series of epic battles that will determine the fate of the human race in this non-stop action-packed classic filled with cutting-edge special effects by John Dykstra (Star Wars, Spider-Man).

User Reviews
Exbusterr 2022-06-27
I have impecable memory and a few short but impactful scenes were not included from the original ABC airings. It doesn’t affect the story line but the characters would be so much richer. For example, I noticed during the count Iblis story arch, a confrontation between Apollo and Sheba is missing. Or Ray Bolger performed a little song and jig. They kept the song but removed the jig. I presume there are other scenes. Perhaps this is a syndication version, but it’s no the original Airings. This original classic is a great sci alternative to the 2000s BSG reboot if you have younger kids comfortable with watching Star Wars (Original Trilogy). In fact George Lucas equipment and employees he left behind in LA were used for the SFX. So the special effects hold up reasonably well. The new BSG is really geared for mature teens and above, not little kid friendly. The audio visual transcription is well done.

Lidgour 2022-05-27
The reimagined version is total felgercarb, shockingly it ran for so many seasons at it had. So many elements of the original where stripped or changed so much they did not give a frack what they where doing. Sadly watching “Hand Of God” it was the end. I even picked up on the mistakes of the episode as a kid. No red bridge lighting during alerts, I know it was a long time since the last Cylon battle, it was easy to tell in other aspects it felt that the episode was rushed. Richard Hatch should of had his wish on the Second Coming, it would have blown the reimagined junk away. R.I.P. The original never disappoints!!! Thanks to all that made this legendary masterpiece. May the gods of Kobol always look over you.

alphasuma 2019-08-07
Great fantasy series starring Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict. Came at the right time during the success of the origianl Star Wars. Loved the ship designs. The Cylons inspired evey kid to dangerously talk into a fan.

Alden Solo 2019-04-25
I happened to pass by the living room and saw this show on TV. I went, Oh I’ve heard of this. I sat down and watched, and I liked what I saw. Later we found this on Netflix and we watched the entire show. It was great. This is probably the best American show of the 70s.

mRobert71 2017-12-19
Love this version of the show, but would greatly appreciate the option to also purchase an HD version of the series.

Eagles6896 2017-02-08
😢🙏🏻 So Sad to to here the passing of Richard Hatch RIP 😢

cynsa 2015-11-02
The story writing on this classic series still holds up, even if the effects are cheesy as all get-out and TV editing has gotten a lot more sophisticated with greater digital control. But the stories, the relationships and especially the dialog is surprisingly good for a weekly SciFi series. The sound track is also excellent. The acting is pretty good as well.

BedBug28 2015-02-07
I'm glad iTunes has season 1 but what about the other seasons? We have all the seasons of the New Updated Battlestar Galactica but how about all the seasons of The Classic show?

Elliott1701 2014-11-19
I saw this on re run in high school, it is one of the best sci fi shows ever made. I enjoy this far more than the reboot.

readerholic 2013-12-18
I previously bought the whole season. I knew it started with a 3 part episode. But I just noticed that the missing episode is now available. And iTunes insists I pay an additional 1.99 for something I had already paid for? Not right. If you're a big BG fan (the original series)it won't be a big deal but the idea that I have pay for something I already paid for is annoying to say the least.

yum@ 2013-07-18
LOVED the series! Do we know if this version on iTunes has the uncut pilot?

iHugh 2013-02-14
I too loved the show when it first aired, I was 17 and searching for decent sci-fi was an obsession. BG was a well executed and fun show that was one of the better shows of its day. It was a shame they had to end after only one season. As the reviews have tended to compare the classic with the reimagined BSG on SyFy, I'd have to say there is no comparing the two. I loved the original, but the new BSG is superior in every way. Much better writing, great performances, stellar production, brilliant scoring and a story that is breathtaking. The critics have called it the best show on television for good reason. So, buy the oldie for fun and lighten up on the new BSG bashing please!

mar4 2012-12-25
I remember watching this show and the BG 1980.

Sanholio 2012-06-07
I remember the original Battlestar Galactica. The editing that was done to the pilot episodes was a hack job. Whoever did it could have done a better job or just left it alone. That is the only knock against it.

LesPaulFan71 2012-01-31
I am a fan of this version. I watched the new one and was not impressed with it. It sucked big time. It was nice that Richard Hatch (the original Apollo) was in the new one which mainly the only reason why I watched and also because of Lucy Lawless. The older series was way better and I grew up with it. They did great with the sets with the money they had. The $$$ is what killed it. They tried to bring it back with 1980 which failed . This will live on.

another veritas 2011-07-16
What a great show! Before science fiction felt the need to become dark and depressing there was Battlestar Galactica. Yes a horrible geneocide occurs over the pilot and things are tough, but the survivvors persevere. Hope was the spotlight. The show is definitely dated, the always complained about re-use of special effects was a result of the show being produced too fast. If it had been made as a series of TV mini-series as originally intended I can't imagine what wonders the sfx teams would have come up with. As with any hastily produced weekly sereis there are several clunkers herien. But at its heart this show was fantastic. So much room left to explore in its mythos. Too bad that was never done.

48Jimmie 2010-04-27
I grew up with this show, and it kicked butt every week, just couldn't wait for the next episode to come out, at the time I didn't notice the continual use of the same viper/cylon dogfight scenes, due to the extremely time consuming and costly process in use at the time. One thing I would have to give the new series, is at least they finished it. Had the new series been aired on ABC, CBS, FOX or NBC I think they would still be making episodes to this day. and oh ya, at the time I had the biggest crush on Anne Lockhart. 1 of 2 series (in my lifetime) that I never missed an episode, the other being Miami Vice. ps- you can have all that reality crap that currently dominates the tv schedule, I'd rather watch paint dry. Now if someone were to strap Obama, Barney Frank and Harry Reid to a rocket (to be shot into space) I'd pay to watch that!

Katjo143 2010-04-06
While I liked the new take on BSG nothing beats the original. I remember watching this show as a kid and looking forward to each episode as I watched it over and over. I never grew tired of this show unlike the newer version of it. I never found myself fast forwarding through large gaps of 'dead air' to find something worth watching as I have many times with the modern version. I've got nothing against a female Starbuck and Boomer and even 'human' cylons but let's be real, it's just not the same.

Jammin' Jimmy 2009-09-03
I love this version of Battlestar Galactica. I was young and watched it every time it was on. Just me and my dad. There is one big problem. I tried to watch the first preview of the show to see a clip of it, and see if I remembered it. All I got was the credit. Wouldn't you think it would show a 30 second of the program? Sorry, the preview didn't do anything for me. That's nice...I'm glad I know who was in the show... credit wise. Now, if I only saw a part of the show then it would be complete. hen it would be c

anonymouspianist 2009-07-19
The old Battlestar Galactica was, in many ways, an attempt to capitalize off of the Star Wars-induced craze for sci-fi epics. Thus, it follows the general silhouette left by Star Wars: a sprawling, high-budget sci-fi costume epic, complete with bizarre creatures, simple, archetypical characters, and an unsubtle battle between good and evil. It doesn't push you, intellectually, and in many ways it is highly flawed - yes, it is what people liked, and could therefore be seen as commercial, but at the same time, it may be what people in the era of the Vietnam War needed - a clear divide between good and evil. To compare it to the new Galactica is therefore probably unfair - they don't have much in common. In the new series, even Gaius Baltar, the "bad guy" from the original series, is far more ambiguous. People say that the Cylons looking like humans are evidence of a budget cut, which, of course, makes me laugh - the entire series questions the notion of humanity and human nature, which would be difficult to do with a bunch of metal robots. In short, if you're thirsty for an unsubtle battle between good and bad, right and wrong, and a simple struggle to survive, this show will serve your needs well. Like Star Wars, Galactica is largely a product of the cold war era - an answer to people's longing for a clear divide between good and evil in a time when everything seemed to be shades of grey. The new Galactica is the product of an age that has begun to severely question notions of God, morality, and humanity, and is, for that reason, far more subtle and introspective. I'm not writing this to tell you whether or not to buy this, but just to tell you what you're likely to find here.

hokiehawk 2009-03-17
I agree! The previews are absurd. What does seeing part of the credits (and nothing else) do to help me decide if I want to purchase an episode or not...and seeing the same opening number for every episode? Come on!

a guy i know 2009-02-07
I was stoked to see that the ORIGINAL version of Battlestar Galactica was available here! I was utterly disappointed in the latest series. I am still a little disheartened that they have basically overwritten the brand with something far different in fundamental drive. It seemed to me that the original series was an exploration of the question "Where did the lost tribes of Israel go and how will they make it back during the gathering?" from a science fiction perspective. It was a fun and interesting journey. Yeah, the production was what it was and cannot compare to the original in quality but what it lacks in quality it makes up for in heart...99% of the time. I was overseas when it was cancelled and everyone I knew there loved it and was shocked when it dropped off the planet, so to speak.

poop eater 2008-10-29
i frickin love this show and my dad is so happy he craped him self and i just had to clean it up but i am still happy even thow i got it under my finger nails. yaaaaaaaaaa ps., they stink

monolith21 2008-09-13
Great special effects, courage through adversity, Battlestar has it all including the integrity to endure thirty years with a die hard fan base that is like a family. With the highly successful reimagined series on Sci fi coming to an end it'll be interesting to see what Tom DeSanto does continuation wise. Keep the faith!

Bachelor95695 2007-11-15
I watched this series as a kid and I was literally glued to my seat watching in suspense in seeing what happened next. One episode I remembered very well was "Fire In Space" when a Cylon ship crashed inside one of the Galactica ships and started an inferno - the most intense episode I remembered. I prefer this classic series versus the remade series, but everyone has their preferences. Thanks iTunes for bringing back this sci-fi classic!

Curst Saden 2007-10-12
I knew Itunes had the new Galactica for sale, but I had no idea they had the old series too. I like the new series, but it's mostly a soap opera in space. The old series is the epic story of survival in space WITHOUT the whole multiple love affairs-second officer is a raging alcoholic-overly bloody/sexual content. Of couse it is a little cheesy with the graphics and the hair styles, and it's a little annoying when they re-use footage over and over, but it's still cool. I haven't seen as many old series episodes as I would like, but I've seen enough to determine that it is an awsome, classic sci-fi series! They should make the soundtrack they sell on here not album-only! (But that is a different story.........) The point is it's an awsome show.

DW74 2007-09-23 another reviewer pointed out are useless. Opening credits after opening credits. But as for the show, they do not make television like this anymore. An epic story, being told over the course of an entire series, that's full of drama and grandeur that can still be appreciated in these attention-span-challenged times.

Anakin Rocks! 2007-07-04

Merope 2007-05-20
Every generation gets the Battlestar Galactica they deserve. This one, done during the Carter era, shows an inept president making peace with an implacable enemy who betrays and destroys the Colonies. Hmmm. And, it is a version of the Mormon Myth, were planets are populated by humans across the galaxy. The old Starbuck (played by Dirk Benedict) has the same hair, cigar and bicep measurement as the new Starbuck (played in great macho fashion by the awesome Katee Sackoff). The costumes are taken straight from the Academy Award winning (no kidding) Logan's Run. It is a great show if you take it for what it is: a flashback to the 70's that encapsulates that strange era's mores and values. For my money... the cylons in the old series are better, though they don't look quite as good in red cocktail dresses. If you are a fan of the terrific new Battlestar, you will enjoy watching the characters and storylines that the new series has improved upon, for our era, at least. Hopefully, we will live long enough to see a new Battlestar in 2020.

N9LXI 2007-05-07
I, too was a fan in early high school at the time. Most other reviewers have said it all about this show. Here's why it was cancelled: Midway through production there was a writer's strike in Hollywood and several other unions backed the writers. That forced the networks to recycle unproduced scripts and (worse,) recycle special effects shots. That's why every Cylon gets blown out of the same position in the sky on the fourth turbo-laser hit... (count 'em). The earliest episodes were the best. BTW, if you can find it, rent the movie. It was the pilot (parts 1, 2 and 3) cut in a much darker, more menacing story. It was released in "Sensurround" like the movie "Earthquake." Giant subwoofers generating mind-numbing low frequency at extremely high volume levels... Not Kidding! You'll never think of a Viper launch the same again. Cheers.

Reallyjustrio 2007-04-29
I've only watched a few on ION, but I really love it. When the new one came out, my dad was like "Battlestar Galactica! I love that show!", and he got me hooked. It looked to me like a combonation of a Western movie and Star Wars-both of which I love. And the theme song is one of the best ever made. The plot is interesting, and the characters are solid, and this is definately worth buying!

Algae198 2007-04-16
Basically everything the title says it is The cylons emit such a glare you cant see anything within 20 feet around the,. i dont understand anything the measurements, AND IT LOOKS LIKE STAR TREK KNOCK OFF! Buy the new version, it has about a billion times more funding than this

Shamshoon 2007-03-23
I loved the original BG as a kid, despite its corniness and lack of dialogue. Lorne Greene was the only really good actor in the whole cast, but he actually carried the show in many respects. Yet for all its faults, there is something quite compelling about the story, with Greene's Adama as a kind of intergalacic Joseph Smith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Some of the show's success had to be attributable to the hunger for Star Wars on the small screen. Whatever the case, I'm very happy to re-watch these episodes. It's a lot of fun.w

Buster K. 2007-02-26
If you're a fan of the current version of Battlestar, this original series doesn't have much to offer you except, perhaps, a peek at 1980's hairstyles, special effects and production values. If you are old enough to remember this show when it was originally on (like me), then you will appreciate the fact that in the pilot, Rick Springfield plays Apollo's doomed younger brother, and that the amazingly beautiful Jane Seymour plays Apollo's equally doomed love interest. My theory is that Jane's character was struck down by the "Cartwright curse" which followed Lorne Green from "Bonanza" (where every single woman who fell in love with one of the Cartwrights wound up dead by the end of the episode) to "Battlestar Galactica."

chestertevilpigy 2007-02-24
I haven't seen the new BSG so I can't pass judgement, but the original was good, and it seems like everyone liked it. So why did they cancel it? That would be the first or second thing I'd do with a time machine. The problem SciFi is having is that they have to make theirs completly different to avoid violating MGM's copyright.

Zimrahil 2007-02-06
Yes, we all love this original series, and thank you to itunes for finally putting it up, but please you don't have to bash the Reimagined in the same breath! I adore the new series, and do think it pushes the realistic boundries of traditional scifi. I would not survive week to week without knowing it was there to download. That being said, I equally enjoy this original series, and to me Lorne will always be Adama. So download both, and quit bad mouthing the new version. Yes it is different but who would want just a cloned version.

the-dude1 2007-02-03
It is an OLD battlestar galactica. Not worth watching

CeciDiFlores 2007-01-14
I love it! It's always good to see the old Starbuck (Dirk Benedict). I wouldn't have changed the gender on him, it would've made the new series more interesting. 10 thumbs up if I had 8 more. :o)

Former Irish Piper 2007-01-12
This edition of Battlestar Galactica is an interesting mix of optimism in the human person, and a recognition of the faults that have plagued humanity. The heros are heroic, and the villians are easy to spot. We all know the story. Evil race destroys the Twelve Colonies, and a group of survivors hunt for the only refuge they can think of, Earth. In this search, they try to preserve what is good about their society, as well a build a new society within their small fleet. Those who seek to do what is best for the survivors are being undermined by the selfish and the greedy. All the while they are fleeing from their common enemy. Of the two season for the original series, this was clearly the better one. It was fresh. The stories were often original. It is well worth the money.

Man of the Desert 2007-01-11
This original series is to the new BG what Valley of the Dolls is to Citizen Kane. Be sure not to miss the sight of a monkey trapped in an electric dog costume. Terrifying.

RogerWilco99 2006-12-17
I remember when this series hit the airwaves back in 1978. I was glued to the TV for every episode. I LOVED this show. I was heartbroken when they cancelled this show. I was mortified when they foisted Galactica 1980 on us. Now they've foisted this "Galactica Reimagined" garbage on us and so many people think it's better. Well, it isn't. So much was changed that it barely resembles the original series which I think is superior in nearly every way. Sure the special effects are dated. So what? I prefer it to the dark, dreary and "gritty" new version. I have this entire series on DVD (bought the "Cylon Head" collector's edition when it first came out. The video quality here isn't as good (it's a download, duh). But the programs are the full versions and uncut. It's the whole broadcast BattleStar Galactica (the real one) TV series. And I bought it just to have on my video iPod. I do wish the Sci Fi channel would still play the original BSG. But I guess they're afraid that it will draw viewers from their new series with the same title (and little more). At least they had the good sense to release the series to iTunes for download. I think had they just started up where the original series left off (human looking Cylons? -- gimme a break) the series would be much more popular. This is where it began and this series was truly inspired. If you like Science Fiction, check it out, you won't be disappointed!

Techmate 2006-12-17
When I was a kid I loved this series. I even had the toys. Excellent series, better than the current one in my opinion. Looking forward to watching the whole season.

ejonesy 2006-12-17
I too grew up with the classic Battlestar Galactica and I'm astounded that anyone would think SciFi's version is anything but cheaply produced crap. The 70s version was sort of campy at times, but the plots were enjoyable, the characters realistic and the special effects were great, even considering it was the 70s. I'll take old-time model spaceships anytime over CGI (If I wanted cartoons, I'd watch Looney Tunes). The new one relies too much on "plot conveniences", i.e. we can't afford too many Cylons, so we say they "look like us now"; the ships look like the insides of 747s and aircraft carriers; the characters dress in Earth-like suits and ties; and the writing is like a ghoulish romance novel. The Cylons of the 70s were at least menacing - I stopped watching the new show when they revealed that Cylon ships are controlled by a woman sitting in a bubble bath - give me a break! Thank you, iTunes, for bringing back one of the great science fiction classic. You have earned yourselves another satisfied customer.

JohnAnthony 2006-12-16
When this show aired back in 1978 I would count down the hours between episodes!! While the new Galactica is a better show in every way, this Galactica had a certain something that even after all these years, still resonates! I still love this show!!

experiment626 2006-12-16
I was pleasently surprised to see iTunes offer this.I don't know why the Sci-Fi Channel's remake is considered sooooo "improved" and realistic.It has story and plot holes big enough to pass a Battlestar through.At least the 70's original had characters you could like and empathize with.While the individual episode scripts were uneven quality-wise,the overall storyline was a classic epic.Beautiful sountrack(especially the Opening Theme)"Classic" sci-fi TV brought down by it's enormous production costs which forced the network to cut as many corners as possible.

1musicLVR 2006-12-14
Not as good as the new serious Galactica,(which I enjoy). Done in the low tech seventies,when story over flash was the goal. The old shows still entertain. This show was cancelled while it was still in its prime,due to the cost to produce an episode. So enjoy a simpler time with your family and watch Galactica the original.Now if they could get Buck Rogers.

Applewine 2006-12-14
The classic series was good enough to bring back to life (as a dark and military remake), and so deserves to be shown for comparison's sake. You'll find it's lighter, amusing in a kind of early Star Wars way...way to go iTunes!

alhoyos 2006-12-14
This is a new classic of science fiction, epics and a symbol of a generation. A generation that started to think in future and technology all together. A stunnishing story of survival and life itself.

el Kyle 2006-12-14
it reminds me of the good old days when a ham was free and cheeses were mean

Richmond Wood 2006-12-14
I was nine years old when the original Battlestar Galactica aired, and it was a weekly battle with my sister to get to watch it. I don't even remember what was on that she wanted to watch, but I wanted to watch Galactica on the color TV in the living room, not the small black and white in my bedroom. The original is no match for the reinvented version on today, but as a moment in time, it is a joy to watch. And if it brings back the random flash of school boys flying around the playground in imaginary vipers almost thirty years ago, then so much the better. For those who were around the first time, get it for the memories. For those who have only seen the new version, get it to see how it all got started.