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All your favorite stand-up stars will have you on your feet wherever you go when you download our full-length comedy specials. Check out hilarious performances from Carlos Mencia, Wanda Sykes, Demetri Martin, Patton Oswalt, D.L. Hughley, Christopher Titus, Brian Regan, and The Amazing Johnathan. Plus, we've got the extended and uncensored version of Dave Attell's "Insomniac Tour" featuring Greg Giraldo, Sean Rouse, and Dane Cook.

User Reviews
EDDY918 2012-01-08
NO they dont need any Jeff Dunham, he is the least funny person on earth I went to see him live because i was given free tickets & i still felt ripped off, Ive seen funnier people at a funeral & they were in a casket. He should be on sesame street not comedy central, his standup is weak at best.

The Hazies 2011-01-29
When I Tried To Download Onto My IPod Touch, It Said On ITunes That I Had 3 Videos Downloaded But On My IPod, It Said I Had NO Videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

theydazzleme11111111 2010-07-22
I love most of the comedians but the John Oliver one won't download. I paid for it and the money was taken from my account . In the downloads area it just says download error tap to retry . Can anyone help who has had this prob ?

blu3d3vils 2010-02-20
I'm seeing a lot of complaints about the specials. The only place I have been able to find many of them is looking up the stand up comedy features in the movies. Try that and you can get those there.

QKY6SN 2010-01-06
omg gabriel iglesias, jeff dunham and carlos mencia r getting annoying! wat about chris rock, zach galifinakis and lewis blacks specials? ppl need to stop watching those other stupid immature comedians and move on. watch the real stuff like mitch hedberg, joe rogan, dave chappelle and chris rock

NCIS Los Angeles superfan 2010-01-04
they really need to add Gabriel Iglesias: I'm Not Fat, I'm Fluffy! BEST SHOW EVER!!!!

ason420 2009-11-02
I like these comedians but I like John Reep and Dave Chappelle alot more. Also Dana Carveys stand up was really funny aswell. Please add these guys, they make me laugh a whole lot more.

Haligator 2009-09-14
I won't be buying any more until they post the uncensored versions.

Jacob (Oh, Ya) 2009-04-18
I love Brian Regans vid.

kamakazekilla 2009-04-14
itunes ya need more specials!!!!

5T488Y 2009-04-12
Hands down my favorite comedian replacing dennis leary and george carlin on my list. Demetri Martin is complicated and hilarious. If you haven't seen his show "Important things", check it out. While it is not quite as good as his standup, it is still funny as hell

Jgg0009 2009-04-08
This is really great but there's a lot of specials that need to be put on here. Please add Daniel Tosh's special!!!

Flubby the Sailor 2009-03-30
Hes the only one i have but he is so awesome... ladies

hockey-D-man-6 2009-03-17
this is hilarious and worth the 2 dollars

Devonator/KWoN/Leprechaun 2009-02-20
Itunes you need to get Christopher Tutus: Love Is Evol. I know I spelled it wrong

Menace_408mh 2009-02-13
ITunes needs Freddy Soto's Standup Special. He was freakin hilarious!!!!!

shania411 2009-02-12
So great. I loved it. I really like the differnt comedy styles.

karaleg 2009-01-18
Why go out to a store and buy these specials on DVD for at least $15 when we can find them on iTunes for $2? Now, out of all of these, the only one I own is "Demetri Martin. Person." After I saw his half-hour special, I knew I had to find more by this guy. Watched something of his on demand and saw an ad for his DVD. I thought that I wasn't going to be able to get it, but I did a little reasearching thankfully. Now, if I ever want any of these other specials, I know exactley where to look!

Shammy127 2009-01-13
Jeff Dunham isn't even that funny. My 6 year old sister laughed harder than I did at his stupid specials. I've seen most of his work and I'm not impressed. Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious needs to be put up because he is WAY funnier than Jeff Dunham.

Milkman2010 2009-01-10
All of the videos are awsome but we need more. Like Jo Koy: Don't Make Him Angry, Dane Cook: Vicious Circle, etc...

dhg;lheb;goie 2009-01-04
demetri is the best comic. period.

Macke4 2008-12-28
There are a lot of good ones here but I can't believe that after all this time they still don't have Jim Gaffigan's Beyond the Pale. It's ridiculous. That was the funniest special comedy central has ever had, next to Demitri Martin: Person.

TONYTHETIGER444 2008-12-27
need daniel tosh "completely serious"....jeff dunham (everything)...etc!

devo975 2008-12-19
need all 3 jeff dunham specials

moemoe705 2008-11-18
need rodney carrington !

Jen.T 2008-10-18
If the other 9 shows are as funny as the "Christopher Titus 5th Annual End of the world Tour", then this season of episodes is definately worth the money. I'm not a big iTunes media purchaser (especially videos since they take so long to download on my slowass internet) but the intelligent and absolutely hilarious 42 minute stand up show of Christpher Titus on the 6th episode is so worth the 2 bucks. It takes a lot to make me laugh and this had me almost crying in laughter. Ps: do not buy this episode if you are a Patriotic Canadian or you might be offended LOL *he mentions 2 or 3 jokes about Canadians in there*

etniesman 2008-10-05
these stand ups are ok, but iTunes is missing so many others, like Dane Cook: Vicious Circle & Dave Chappelle: For what its Worth. C'mon guys step it up a little bit

disturbed_1 2008-09-29
But where are Jim Gaffigan, and Jeff Dunham?

The Dysfunctional Girl 2008-09-28
you NEED to put up Christopher Titus' "Norman Rockwell is Bleeding"! it's fantastic! i mean, this stuff is all great, but i can't give you a five without that special!

97Stang_Freak 2008-09-12
I like the different specials itunes has available but I'd like to see some more specials from Steve byrnes(Happy Hour) the new Brian regan special(epitome of hyperbole) and some of Daniel Tosh's specials too.

G.C.O. 2008-08-01
ITunes definately needs to put up Dee-Ray Davis: Comedy Central Standup!

reality_check 2008-07-27
He's a funny man, but every 10 seconds there is a bleep, it's unwatchable.

paigeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 2008-07-19
This is so fricken funny! i loved it so much that i wanted to buy more Comedy Central stuff... i think that everyone that loves to laugh should bye this becuase i was laughing off the walls all the way home in the car watching and listening to this! hehe:]

i.e.t.b.a.f.c. 2008-07-17
These are two of the funniest guys and they're not on here

jl651 2008-07-15
spark of insanity is listed as a movie!

Musical Aura 2008-07-15
Title says it all. Needs Jeff Dunham's new stuff. The man is unbelievable lol. One of the greats of our time. Get on it iTunes this is like the millionth review asking for Jeff Dunham's new stuff. I'm not spending a penny on iTunes until you get this.

texasfan101 2008-07-09
the best stand up act is dane cook and jeffdungham spark of insanity i loved the dead muslim puppet Achmead "I KEELL YOU ALL"

fanofmusicandmovies 2008-07-07
Even though I do like most of the stand-ups here iTunes you really need to put up all the stand-up specials. This collection is very close to being completed but still not quite and others have said which ones need to be up so listen to them and please have them available to purchase. Click Yes if you agree with me and everyone else.

nickgreene25 2008-07-06
Dude come on... Kevin James: Sweat the Small Stuff! why is that not on here??? one of the best standups ever.

criticguy 2008-06-28
Yes! Please bring on Jeff Dunham!

maxb3 2008-06-09
most of these were great but mencia is stupid. i would love to see a minority comic who's entire repetour wasnt race jokes

Countrygal041591 2008-06-03
These are all extremely hilarious, but yall are definately missing some of the best ones! Jeff Dunham's Achmed and Peanut with the Jalapeno on a stick. Also, George Lopez's. The man is genious!

hmperlis 2008-06-01
its true! me and my friends all love him because he doesn't have to curse or insult people, and everything he says is 100% true :) so buy it, cause you will not regret it!

purdiemcper 2008-05-24
some good, some bad . needs Dane Cook : vicius circle Chris Rock : Never Scared Jeff Dunham : Spark of Insanity Jeff Dunham : Arguing with Myself Lewis Black, Dave Attell, and D.L. Hughley : Last Laugh 07 Lewis Black : Red, White, and Screwed They should do a volume 2 with those and some others with Patton Oswalt, Demetri Martin and another Dane Cook .

keitare 2008-05-24
This had to be one of the funniest tv shows I have ever seen. I am gald i paid the 1.99 for this since it was so good I would recommend this show to everybody and their brother.

starshine48 2008-05-23
These are good....most of them....but I'd love to have Christopher Titus "Norman Rockwell is Bleeding". Why is that so difficult to get anywhere? Anyway, iTunes....make it happen! :)

Nick Milbrandt 2008-05-22
iTunes needs to add happy hour with Steve Byrne . . . you'll laugh your head off . . . . type in "steve byrne - mac and cheese" and also type in "being asian" on YouTube to see how funny he really is.

gbeats93 2008-05-17
new carlos mancia and gorge lopez but over all is a kick but stand up specials

metfan86 2008-05-05
They got Jeff Dunham: Sparks of Insanity as a movie. Unfortunately, if it were here it would be 2 bucks. Since it is a movie, it is $3 to rent, and $10 to buy. I do agree they need more of these though. I would buy Demetri Martin: Person, Brian Regan: Standing Up, Rick Cleveland's My Buddy Bill, and maybe DL Hughley, Wanda Sykes, Patton Oswalt, and The Amazing Jonathon. Pablo Francisco: Ouch! is also a movie that is $3 to rent and $10 to buy.

Ungit 2008-05-04
The Amazing Jonathan video is pretty good, and Brian Regan's routine is one of the funniest I've seen. I downloaded the Dave Attell episode too, since I saw him on Arrested Development once and Dane Cook was on it to boot. Big mistake. Dane Cook was pretty good on it, the other two shlubs were boring at best, but Dave Attell is simply not funny. He's like Andrew Dice Clay, only he's got a couple of things going against him: he's less creative than Clay (I didn't think it was possible), and it's not the 90s. His comedic tactics can be summed up like this: Cheesy set-up - then Bam! - he shocks us all by going to the racy, anal-sex punch line (or oral sex, or some crude reference to a sexual organ, male or female, gender is irrelevant). I don't mind some profanity - Dane Cook's routine is down right gross, but I still like it. Dave Attell, however, thinks being gross is a punch line in and of itself. Go watch Brian Regan, Dave. The guy doesn't swear once in his whole act and I'm practically crying by the end. You know why? Because he's funny. He makes jokes and exposes the humor in everyday life instead of merely using lewd sex references as a crutch. My advice, Dave, is to learn how to tell an actual joke, with a relevant punchline, or give up comedy and work as a stunt double for David Wain.