The Karate Kid
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A fatherless teenager faces his moment of truth in The Karate Kid. Daniel (Ralph Macchio) arrives in Los Angeles from the east coast and faces the difficult task of making new friends. However, he becomes the object of bullying by the Cobras, a menacing gang of karate students, when he strikes up a relationship with Ali (Elisabeth Shue), the Cobra leader's ex-girlfriend. Eager to fight back and impress his new girlfriend but afraid to confront the dangerous gang, Daniel asks his handyman Miyagi (Noriyuki 'Pat' Morita), whom he learns is a master of the martial arts, to teach him karate. Miyagi teaches Daniel that karate is a mastery over the self, mind, and body and that fighting is always the last answer to a problem. Under Miyagi's guidance, Daniel develops not only physical skills but also the faith and self-confidence to compete despite tremendous odds as he encounters the fight of his life in the exciting finale to this entertaining film.

User Reviews
Mizzou Mike 2023-08-22
Classic film from the eighties everyone should see at least once!

Erte27 2023-08-05
Awesome movie Watching with the family you’ll be talking about it for days Back when movies where we’ll done

X=34 2022-10-03
It first starts off with a shaky kid who ages oddly weird. He is older than Thomas Ian Griffith as he is seen as Terry Silver. The shaky kid is Daniel LaRusso, who is nervous about moving to LA. I like how they added a little love sequence between him and Ali “With an I” and that is what sparked EX-Degenerate Johnny Lawrence to fight with him. I feel like Bobby Brown did not get enough credit as he deserves. Anyways, It is a great movie and I am not gonna spoil it, “so watch it, or your karate is a joke!”-Sean Kanan

This is a good movie, but skip the sequels. It’s the same thing all over again. But the next karate kid was pretty good in my opinion. And the reboot because it had a more modern kick.

TheGamer1000000000 2022-02-02
Love this movie! It’s way better than Star Wars and it should be more popular than Star Wars and Harry Potter. Now This movie is the best 80s movie in my opinion knowing it in all this makes an awesome movie to great with its characters! Thank you John Avildsen for a awesome film!

Jayson S 2022-01-01
They totally got rid of the best part at the end of the movie?! What is up iTunes. I had to go to youtube to see it. Bring the ending back. I assure 2 extra mins isn’t gonna matter.

Farttreyboyyougay69 2021-04-21
It’s a good movie

Abby platz 2021-02-19
Amazing love it!!

snoop dog 2021 2021-01-22
Snoop dog 2021

the youtber 2021-01-19
I really expect u people to watch this movie it is a awesome movie and Daniel is really cute.

Suferdudefrank 2020-12-04

ilistentomusic(obviously) 2020-10-10
With Daniel Macchio’s charm, Pat Morita’s quiet elegance and humor and William Zabka’s ultimate bully, John G. Avildsen’s The Karate Kid is an awesome follow-up to Rocky, and will do more to inspire generations of audiences over time. 9/10

strsgfs 2020-09-20
I watch goldbergs that made me want to watch karate kid

Sluber19 2020-09-15
This is an amazing movie highly recommended!

Jai_Jai 2020-09-11

thxgcfjvvvcfh 2020-09-07
It is the best movie I’ve ever seen

JanaeDior1819🔓 2020-09-07
This is was an amazing movie, it made me laugh a little bit.

ithfjdjfnxkfnxkfn TBH Genes 2020-09-03
Mr. Miyagi was a good teacher

NefariousOxide 2020-08-21
Amazing action to karate is fun and awesome!

the eobot 2020-05-22
This movie was good.if i had to pick a movie it would be The karate kid. It’s amazing Daniel moves to a new world were he can’t make friends but soon he learns karate from his only friend Miyagi. I recommend this movie.

escape MJ 2020-05-20
This movie was good I liked it a lot.if I had to pick a movie I would pick the karate kid I recommend it.

BushcraftNinja 2020-04-03
This is the Karate Kid to watch.

SAMUEL MAFFIE 2020-01-20

16 HORSES 2020-01-08
Pat Morita god rest his eternal soul became iconic in this Karate 🥋 version of Rocky! If you’re not moved by this movie then you need to be waxed on and waxed off! 📴!

mary larousso 2019-06-23
This is one of the best movies ever and I’m very glad that there’s two more movies after this and that there’s even a show contained after the movies. I recommend the movies and the show Cobra Kai if you love this series of movies.

lucia cia 2019-05-26
I love this movie so much. The movie locations are mostly in Los Angeles, California in the San Fernando Valley where I grew up. ❤️

omgthisisBAE 2019-05-05

jer.clifford17 2018-05-14
Fun movie

Jordie222 2017-12-28
If you ever get bored or are just scrambling all over looking for a movie to watch this ones it! I fell in love with this movie instantly I would totally recommend checking it out!!

Crothersaswhat 2015-10-10
Hated to see it end with him. The lead.

CapnRoseRose 2014-02-15
I love it so much!!! And I've watched it enough to know the whole script. It's funny, cute, sad, and heart touching. I'm obsessed with Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) too. It's just the best movie ever!

Minecarft hater 2014-01-14
I love this movie when I they first showed it I never got over the karate kid and I will never will

GuywalkerT 2013-09-16
It's the best, around! Nothing's gonna ever keep it down! It's the best arouound!

Oceans24 2013-09-01
From the struggle of adapting to new environments, to accepting the fundamental truth of our existence, the warm friendship cherished is rare and beautiful. The power of hope shines brightly in a young man's heart as he faces great challenges, yet learns the importance of discipline and endurance. But most of all, he learns that to achieve balance in his life, he must never settle for anything less than he is capable of.

Elliott vw bug 2013-06-28
Very true to life and great acting its funny and very unique

MarryMeHazzaStyles 2013-06-12
Ralph Baby You Look Beyond Gorgeous In This Movie,!!! You &&' Elizabeth Made A Beautiful Couple. She Should Have Stayed For The Trilogy.!!! I Love Ralph In This Trilogy, The Crosroads, &&' In The Outiders,! Way To Go Sexyy.!!!

Ringtone bros 2013-04-28
Great movie it's really an underdog film such a great film

Savcarly 2013-02-12
I had fun filming this movie and being apart of karate kid. I love my role of Johnny Lawrence which is the character who bullies Daniel. Thanks to all my fans and I would defiantly recommend buying this movie. Thank you

Kevarski 2013-01-21
This one is so much better than Jackie chan but doesn't touch sensei myagi or Daniel son the little kid couldnt have saved this movie cute or not!!!!loljust WORSE........REMAKE........EVER:(

Barlowjonasdemiselenataylor 2013-01-08
I love this version soooo much more than the remake with Jaden Smith!

thedenmasterchris 2012-04-12
this movie is so cool almost looks like me! thats right ALMOST

R Nav 2012-03-16
The best movie of all time for me. Watched this like 5 times when it came out in theaters in the 80's. Excellent plot and cast is awesome. Moved to Hawaii so I can see where they filmed part 2. Run into the late Pat Morita at a gas station in Haleiwa. Want to meet Ralph M. Someday. Thanks

Jace Juliano 2012-01-07
JOHNNY LIVES!!!!! YAYYYY!!!! :))))

Swamp09876567890 2012-01-02
Wish you could rent the movie but this is an awesome movie!!

GMiceli21 2011-12-30
This is my #1 favorite movie since I was born!!! I have watched this movie over 1 million times and I know ever single word off the top of my head and every word to every song from the movie!!!

alec john 2011-11-28
A sweet, compelling, and exciting story about a great friendship with humor, heart, and hurtful moments.

Jjjjjkjkkkkkkk 2011-11-24
It was the ok movie

im jj 2011-10-08
Hey whoever doesn't know about this movie,go to blockbuster or a video store and get it. It won't be a waste of time like the new karate kid with Jaden Smith. Do not hang up coat and unhang coat. Wax on wax off.

KnightGuardian3 2011-08-29
i love this great moive

Chub jub 2011-07-28
Puts the remake to shame