Action Jackson
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Jericho "Action" Jackson is a Detroit police sergeant who was demoted from lieutenant for almost tearing the arm off of sexually violent sociopath Sean Dellaplane, whose father is Peter Dellaplane, a major car manufacturer. But Dellaplane himself is violent as well. Dellaplane kills his wife Patrice by shooting her. And then he plants her body in Jackson's apartment, framing Jackson. Dellaplane won't miss Patrice very much, because he has a drug-addicted mistress named Sydney Ash. He keeps Sydney hooked with a free supply of heroin. Jackson suspects Dellaplane of masterminding a murder spree against local officials from the auto workers' union. Dellaplane's mission is to gain a political power base and choose the next president of the United States. Because of what happened to Dellaplane's son Sean, Dellaplane has taken a particular dislike to Jackson. Jackson gets Sydney's help in going after Dellaplane.

User Reviews
Crevona 2019-08-27
This was one of my favorite action girls growing up. Technically it isn’t in the same level as the bigger budget action flicks of the 80’s, and the script and screenplay is macho man machismo at its finest. But there is something about Carl weathers you just can’t get enough of , and vanity was stunning in this film, Sharon Stone was to die for also. This will always be one of my favorite action films. Not because of it’s stellar screenplay or action sequences, it’s because of the way it made me feel. As a black kid I looked up to Carl Weathers and felt like I could be like him... thank you for the memories...

Nard315 2011-07-09
Shoulda broke away from rocky before he got too old long ago...he he had potential to make more movies like this.

ChromoSonic 2010-11-02
Let's face it, Vanity is the only reason to see this movie and the only reason I give it 5 stars. Otherwise I would have given it 3. It's not that Vanity is a phenomenal actress; she is not. It's not that she is a phenomenal vocalist; she is not. But she is a decent actress, a better vocalist but most of all, she is an absolute pleasure to behold on screen. Flawless features, gorgeous mocha skin, intoxicating beauty, perfect body and overwhelming sex appeal. I wish she had done more movies and music before retiring from the entertainment industry. I anxiously wait for iTunes to get her songs.

13chas 2010-07-25
Not some of carl's best work

ILuvEazy 2009-06-07
...BETTER soundtrack. iTunes, get on ya job!

sippinonsumsizzurp 2008-01-25
This movie is great for action lovers. Kind of like a second James Bond.

loosegoose123 2008-01-25
this movie is great! Im so glad they put it on itunes! You should get watch Action Jackon! ITS THE BEST!