War (2007)
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FBI agent Jack Crawford (Jason Statham) is obsessed with avenging the murder of his partner by the

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FBI agent Jack Crawford (Jason Statham) is obsessed with avenging the murder of his partner by the notorious assassin known only as Rogue (Jet Li). Jack’s persistence pays off but leads him into a newly ignited war between rival Asian gangs. As Rogue manipulates the situation, Jack’s true colors and wrath come to life. The true war is between two rivals who think they stand for good and evil.

User Reviews
stluv2001 2021-06-19
Confusion say...what a confusing mess of a movie. wow with so much potential for action the focus of the movie, the two main characters and their motivation, is sidetracked by cliche bosses and their heirs and trying to be a gang war movie. Each scene seem like it was from a different movies slapped together. The ending was even more fed up. I lost track of the original plot with a semi ironic twist of an ending! Huh! Don't wast your time or money!

BuenMusic 2017-07-18
I was pleasantly surprised by the plot and acting in this movie. Mr. Statham and Mr Li were great. I don't expect reality in movies of this type, merely enjoy the action. Above all, this movie held my interest and ended on a good note. Less profanity would have been nice, but I guess it's the current trend in movies.

BSerracin 2015-04-18
Fast, flashy, and then some. Not a special plot or comedy relief, or sex. Just shoot, stab, slash, punch, kick, pound and kill. Lots and lots and it's all entertaining as these films go. Jet Li is very good. Some sequences are terrific action. That's about the sum of it. You want action, you'll like this film.

Squshie2002 2014-09-20
This is movie is action packed. Please watch this movie. P.S there is a major plot twist at the end that really makes your go back and think about the movie. Amazing

S C Morgan 2013-07-29
Another fun thrill ride with two of the best action legends of all time. this movie is worth a watch

amojik 2013-02-26
...by all the poor ratings. I loved the action and twisty ending.

kwame76 2011-06-25
Surprising ending...great movie if you're a Jason and Jet fan.

renegade__knight 2011-02-25
A pretty good movie none-the-less. I like how it is not simply an action movie. I like the story a lot. The acting is what it needs to be to entertain an action appealed audience. The action was great and a lot of fun to watch.

Skella Wolf 2010-03-08
This is a story that you will never forget. Anne Rice left readers breathless, and the movie is nothing short than that. The producers stuck to the story (smart move) and created the best vampire movie you will ever see. It is worth every penny of what you pay.

spencer jamal 2010-02-01
great movie really worth the money

deadpool28 2009-04-03
this movie shud have the option to buy or rent at the customers discretion o.O

Seanboarder 2009-03-18
Me and my buddy walked into this movie on accident when trying to go see the simpsons movie hah but we wanted to see it anyway so we just stayed in and enjoyed the ride this movie presented. a little pricey, but itunes always is.

Nightwalk 2009-03-02
Why can't we rent this?! :-(

btatsumi 2009-01-15
can't believe they don't have fearless :[

FrankMartin34 2008-12-17
This movie is pretty bad, not because of Jet Li and Jason Statham's acting, but in the hideous script save for a suprising twist towards the end.

kumarpatel12345678 2008-08-15
awsome action movie

Asynaka 2008-08-12
Good Balance of Plot and Action really the perfect action movie

ITSazngirlMalisa 2008-05-30
Great movie! But I still think Forbidden Kingdom is much better. Yet this is still good to watch when your bored.

-Syre- 2008-05-17
Excellent action movie. Also a bit of thinking involved. The cinematography is excellent and Brian Tyler did an excellent job with the score. Worth buying. ;)

GameandMovieBuff 2008-05-04
This is a great action film and is highly under-rated, people just didn't get it, however there is only one flaw, there are no chapter stops! Why I dont know, oh well, I own it and the uncompressed sound is awesome!

eric draven 2008-04-24
Does anyone know why you're not able to buy certain movies and can only rent? I emailed them and they couldn't comment they said.

bboy psykotik 2008-04-20
looks lyke a kool movie...too bad u cant buy it =[

awesomecooluk 2008-04-19
The movie was alright, but they have to get the soundtrack of this movie immediately!!!

bottomboy69 2008-03-29
just like video stores that have "previously viewed" movies for sale...everytime a movie on iTunes gets...say...5000 "rents", it should then be possible to purchase that film. if iTunes wants, they can make it every 15,000 "rents"...we just need to come to some kind of reasonable compromise on this problem, instead of just ignoring it. iTunes! if you ignore the requests, you're just ignoring your cash cow.

Nodice410 2008-03-24
Good action throughout but unfulfilling ending

XXXskip21 2008-03-23
why do you guys make the rental thing i mean whats the point and if you guys want to keep it on rental at least make it rental and buy on all movies all of the new good movies there all rentals!

The Dragon 2008-03-22
This Movie is awsome with the combined mixture of Jet and Jason, lots of action and good stunts. But when can we buy this movie??? How long do we have to wait??? Me and alot of other people would be willing to pay 14.99 or 9.99 for this movie as other comments below me say also.

nollsgame 2008-03-15
Lee Anthony Smith (written by) & Gregory J. Bradley (written by) <---- This is why the plot was lame. I guess when you budget expensive actors and huge action scenes with 3 million dollars worth of cars... you run out of money for writers and you end up hiring two first time writers. What was that story about? Did these guys bang out that script over night? Philip G. Atwell (Director) His only claim to fame was a couple of rap music videos and 1 episode of the shield. Besides Devon Aoki, the female cast were painful to watch. It's almost funny to see them act. So sad. Watch it if you want. They even left the ending open for number 2? Yea right. I wish itunes gave refunds. This movies is in my bottom 20 movies ever.

mauibboy 2008-03-07
Wow I think with the kung fue and the brutal american style whoopass in this movie makes it tottaly awesome. Jason Statham is da Man!

Shagless 2008-03-04
Fun movie if you like the idea of these two together. But where is the HD rental? Did I miss it?

Z510 2008-03-02
Man why can't itunes allow the option to buy or rent for all movie at the same time..... Grrr!! thats disapointing

nolo1234 2008-02-29
I go to the movies expecting to see a movie with a plot and action and everything i got a bowl of crap this movie was terrible dont waste your money

Biomed 2008-02-28
I think my title says it all!

Omnunz 2008-02-25
i havnt seen this movie yet because i think its pointless to spend 4 dollars on renting a movie when you can buy it for 15 and just watch it over and over again. its stupid to be renting all the good movies and buying all the outdated movies.

xohdis 2008-02-24
All you "let us buy" people sound stupid. The choice between Rent and Buy is not Apple's to make. If this movie is only available to rent, that is because the STUDIO did not allow it to be downloaded. So, quit complaining... it just annoys the rest of us that actually want to read a REVIEW, not a demand for something Apple can't do.

muller43 2008-02-24
I thought this would ba a cool movie because of the actors but i was wrong...... not worth the time or money

Michael Kam 2008-02-23
I rented the movie. It is such a good movie. COol!!!!

Phycon 2008-02-23
This is the first movie I rented from iTunes and I am very disapointed that you can't purchase movies any more. The download was smooth and played almost immediatedly, however the quality of the movie and the playback are POOR. The movie is not even DVD quality, it's more like VHS quality and the playback is jerky. I will not rent any more movies from iTunes.

zinful 2008-02-23
Jason Stathom's voice is this movie is terrible. Nitpicky, it seems, right? But when a movie fails to deliver on thrills, action or excitement the viewer turns to....the dialogue and plot! Dialogue was insanely stupid, plot was ehhhh standard boring stupid (it's obvious there's a twist coming, and even if the actual twist isn't predictable, it shouldn't be smug about having one) and Jet Li is very underused in this movie. Cliches are ok, that's generally what people crave from action movies- fan service is acceptable! This movie tried and FAILED. And that made me sad. But really, the raspy-annoying cop-with-an-attitude voice gets really, really old, which knocked this pretty uninteresting movie down to a ONE STAR, gross!

22Stealth 2008-02-22
Let us Buy it!

kyzo 2008-02-19
I personally love the rentals but there should be a buy option AS WELL AS a rental option, thats just common sense. not a good movie

Fleur de Lee 2008-02-18
I wasn't surprised. It is a very mediocre movie. It was entertaining...good for those who don't want to watch a thinking movie and want to just drool and be entertained. Fight scenes slightly above mediocre, acting...well almost believable. Good for guys who like romanticized movies about Yakuza and Triads. It might find it a little offensive if you're sick of Asian gang movies...this one just gets too ridiculous.

fat mama 333 2008-02-18
its time for WAR! need to rent this movie

UCSBaller 2008-02-17
The movie started off with action, then it took about 20 more minutes to get back to the action. The wait was worth every second. Excellent plot and story line mixed with amazing action sequences.

mmmmvhjhjjhhvjvhj 2008-02-17
He we go with another action-packed movie by Jet Li and Jason Statham. This movie, with two of my action movie favorite actors, I really was disapointed. With horrible plot I would say not to watch it. The ending is surprising, sure, but it was very stupid. Although I didn't like the story, the action was very cool. Heads getting blown off, cool guns, I enjoyed every part of that. When i rate this movie you know where im coming from when I talk about the plot (bad) and action (good).

Loonytik 2008-02-17
If this is going to be synonymous with the quality of Apple rental movies then im out....for good. Very choppy audio and video on a brand new PC. I could barely watch this movie, it seemed like watching a stream that was constantly downloading. Worthless..... I used 3 seperate audio sources, thinking it may be my sound, speakers or headphones....all the same.

GadgetGrl55 2008-02-14
Just when the movie started to get good --It expired!!!!!!!!!!! I will not rent another movie-it's a waste of money and I will not keep renting the same movie over and over just to finish watchin. I rather buy it. Another customer stated we should be given the option to buy or rent. I agree.

troypurn 2008-02-13
Whats up? i can'ttransfer the rental to an ipod? How? Help!!

random123456789101010 2008-02-12
still. there should be a BUY option. good thinking apple.

idoz 2008-02-12
let us know when the buy option will be available!.