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With an Omnitrix full of all new alien heroes, Ben sets out to find Grandpa Max and thwart an alien invasion. But he can't do it all alone. Along with Gwen and Kevin, he must recruit other Plumber's children with special powers of their own. Can this new force defeat the likes of the DNAliens and the Forever Knights? Only time will tell.

User Reviews
Jay W. Y 2021-03-19

Zb Awesome 2013-07-01
I don't think that Ben 10 Alien Force is as good as Ben 10 because they have more adventures, but I do like how all the episodes connect together😊😀😄.

aziz mohd 2012-07-03

Saint Logos 2012-04-09
For those of you trying to download and watch Ben 10 in chronological order, I have some notes. The show gets deeper here, and the characters get much less annoying. You no longer have to watch a bunch of jerky kids save the world, but rather there teenage incarnations. Also, the show ditched the cheapo action scenes that were holding the first one back (you know, where they just keep changing between frozen pictures of Ben hitting whoever it is), as well as the poorly done humor. There are some negative changes, though: Gwen is totally boring, and Ben's new aliens are almost TOO powerful now, so that he pretty much can't lose. Still, this is a very important season, and the stories were all enjoyable here, before they started running out of ideas and the fillers started getting dull. This is the season that introduced Proffesor Paradox, who happens to be the greatest character in the history of the show. We got to see nice new things done with the more mature versions of the characters, and the story is a lot more solid than the old show.

AKIN JOHNSON 2012-03-21
Use to live Gwen in ben10,but in Alien Force she become so so boring,I mean she does not have any humor ....but still a good show

Metin_TR 2011-04-12
Bu. Film. Nasıl

inb2009 2010-06-03
I know it is only a cartoon but hey if he were a real guy he would be HOT!! i can imagine a Zac Efron body on ben, like when he was shirtless in Season 1 episode 8. does anyone agree???

Gavinbrownejrgj 2010-04-11
Hi ben10tennyson

Shock man 2010-01-04
She's so cute

alexisl238596 2009-12-05
i absolutely LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! im kind of old for it, and being a girl people expect me to watch things like sonny with a chance(which i like) but this is too good not to watch!!!! i also like the Gwevin idea too. lol

freddy rocker 2009-06-17
I love ben 10 but i hate thie new version it just is soooooooooo bad.

tman 44551121 2009-06-06
This show is the bomb i especally liked the episode pier pressure it's so sweet that ben and juile are going out to gether and good copy bady copy the evil ben will rise again

=) !! 2009-05-03
Im 14 and i admit i love this show! I only watched the other ben 10 version and didnt like it! But i watched 1 episode of this and i was hooked!!!! Its so addicting!! I dot exactly no why but kevins my fav !! Any one whos thinking of getting this totally should! =)

ETgalv 2009-04-06
I think the new ben 10 is awesome! i didn't like the original show but this is amazing. the old theme song was better but the aliens totally made up for it. Go BRAINSTORM and BIGCHILL!

I LUV THIS SHOW<3<3<3 2008-12-28
I love this show. One comment though, Alien X was a huge letdown. I spent like 3 weeks planning my schedule so that I would be home in time to watch it, and I hated it. The rest of the show is amazing though. Also, click yes if you want Total Drama Island on ITunes.

rcal7 2008-12-21
This show is much better tan the 1st but the 1st installment was much funnier. The show has many flaws though. in the episodes of the original ben 10 when they are in the future ("ken 10") it says that kevin didn't come out of the null void until that episode. also in the future ben's omnitrix is the same as the original and he never uses any of the new heroes. over all the show is much storger plot wise and character wise. I cant wait until the next episode

Science Geek 2008-11-05
I am a huge fan of Ben 10. But this season of Ben 10 is the best ever that I have ever seen!

dr_modean 2008-11-03
If you're a fan of the original show then this review is for you. If you're new to the show then most of this won't apply. After 4 seasons, Ben 10 had some very solid characters. When I first watched it I thought Ben's cocky additude was a little annoying but it was that same thing that kept me watching. He was funny. Even the background music made his character flaws (well written I might add) fun to watch. Gwen complimented him perfectly. A stable head and more of a mind over matter outlook made her more than a sidekick. It was great watching her gain magic powers which added a new dimension to the story and her character. The story didn't take itself too seriously but seemed to know when it was time to kick the drama up a notch. So all in all, the show was very well rounded, written and edited. So what do you get with Ben 10: Alien Force? Well, Ben has grown up. He no longer has the personality traits that I liked about him in the first place. Alien Force takes place 5 years after season 4 of the original ended so its likely for him to be more mature. But, seriously, it's like watching a different character all together. Gwen has changed also. She and Ben no longer bicker which is understandable but they barely even tease each other now. Not likely. The creators made a decision about her powers that is a total cop-out. Magic powers were a developing part of her character that made her interesting and we wondered what power she'll discover next and mess it up the first time or two. Not anymore. And as for the Omnitrix powers, I like that it has a new look but to have Ben call out the name of the monster every time after he "goes Hero" is very Digimon-ish and pretty lame. Don't even get me started on Kevin or Grandpa Max. And what happened to the background music that helped us get into the story? It seems like the budget didn't include room to add it in. Most of the show is without background music. The story seems like its been revamped by the writers of "Full House." Its now an after-school special. And anything that happens in the show is now blamed on Aliens: Genetic experiment gone wrong? Nope, Aliens. Government conspiracy? Nope, Aliens. Magical mysteries? Are you kidding me? The only possible explanation is aliens. The show is now more like a spin-off of the original. Personally, I blame the writers but, hey, its probably just aliens.

tuvy 2008-10-13
This show rocks.It`s very cool for a girl like me since it has my favorite things in a t.v show.1.Aliens and 2.Cool fighting.But I wish they could have the new episodes that aired on Friday.

Vlad4 2008-10-11
I love this season, but was wondering, when is Season 2 gonna be on here?

wolf12 2008-10-11
this show looks really good with all of the new aliens what is that tenth supposed to be and will ben ever see the origanol aliens ever again and why hasnt transformers animated been added to itunes yet and what is supposed to happen next but in the end it was kind of disapointing with alienxs powers

0ZERO0 2008-10-11
season 2 starts soon and it looks like the story isnt just filler stuff like last season when will it bee added

iLucid 2008-10-05
Gwen Kevin really are you kidding me Ben should've kick his *** ASAP they don't bicker anymore and the aliens you came to know and love are gone or either intergrated in to some knew fangle one. Next they take away from Gwen what makes her special is the fact that she can't just use magic she has incantate the spells.Sadly now she can just poof it right there in a split second. Now if this show had come on before Ben 10 i would've liked it, but that's not the case and unless the next revamp is is putting it back to where it was i can't say "i really wanna watch Ben 10 Alien Force" with out a negative verb in the sentence. I'm not a hate ful person i just want to tell you to watch this first Seaon and tell me which one is better.

JimmyNeutronClone 2008-10-05
I immediately purchased the season pass to this when it became available, thinking that it would turn out to be a continuation of Ben 10, with only a few minor changes. Sadly, I was mistaken. With Ben doing sports, all of the childhood energy that he expressed in the first show has faded away, to be replaced with awkward "character building" sequences with Gwen and Kevin, which are unrealistic and dull. I miss the way Ben and Gwen would argue, and of course how Grandpa Max would provide a strong parental influence over the both of them. But, I guess that's what happens when the writers change their demographic from 10-year-olds to teenagers. They may even make another live action movie, which seems like it will be 5x as worse as the first one. Oh well...

Curtis_F 2008-10-02
I bought this series being a fan of the original 4 season show. And as a stand-alone show it would be a strong 2 to maybe 3 stars. But since this is susposed to be a continuation of the charaters from the first series, this is two stars at best. It's quite a slap in the face to original series as the new producers have reimagined many aspects of the shows characters and the lore as set in the original series. It's af if they felt the original concept was broken and they tried to "fix" it in this new show. What they did was break the characters and simplified all their relationships. The show just doesn't have the intelligence, snappy dialog, or force of the original. In this show there's lots of time wasted with long takes of "action shots" during the fights. It's like for most, not all, of the episodes couldn't come up with enough story or chacter interactions to fill up the time slot. That aside, as a stand-alone show is on par with most of the other young-adult shows out there. The characters are stereotypical and some of the episode plots are fun. Best part of the shows are those rare cultural references to shows like Seinfeld and Doctor Who which are very well done. All-in-all I won't be purchasing any more of this take-off of Ben 10.

LucidFrye 2008-09-15
Alien Force is the best show on! I love to watch it with my kids.

DJkilla 2008-09-02
When the commercials would come on months in advance it would get me syched but when i finally saw it he used his power once (which was pretty sweet ) and then couldn't use it anymore becaus of those talking heads

ray13man 2008-08-31
l love this show so much its so awsome i want to buy the new episode X Equals Ben Plus 2 already its ganna be so awsome

richardl24 2008-08-29
cartoon network really surprised me with this show! This is my fav show

coolguy654 2008-08-26
I loved the sesson a lot, but when will Gwen finally kiss Kevin? And what happened to Max, in sesson 1, he was in the episode when Ben and Gwen travel to the future.

~cHeSsY~ 2008-08-17
I love that there is an overall theme, with the DNAliens and I love how all of the characters have matured. I mean it was sweet and kinda cute when Ben was a kid, but his immaturity got old fast. Ben 10: Alien Force is way better! I especially love that there is a romance thing between Gwen and Kevin! It's like they have this I hate you/I love you kinda spark. LUV IT! And I kno that Kevin's character was a jerk before, but B10:AF is about change, and Kevin has changed enough to know that his actions were wrong before, but he's still got the tough guy personality. I also love that Gwen is the brains behind the brawn, but can still kick butt if she wants to! On a scale of 1 to 5 I'd say 10... Ben 10! haha i like making bad jokes

bug1994 2008-08-11
this show is more serious but i like the other ben 10 as a kid

chrisalicios 2008-08-10
cool show

pepiss 2008-08-10
this is one awesome show

videohog12 2008-08-04
put on total drama island if u agree click yes

the way, I wrote this review! 2008-08-03
The old one was funnier. But this one is pretty cool. It's kind of not good because... hmm let me think: Evil aliens are stupid!! Honestly and truly, Kevin's power is the WORST EVER! Gwen's power is reduced to "energy shields" and "energy bolts". She used to be able to cast all of these DIFFERENT spells. And also I liked the weird words she used to cast them. It's BETTER because: Well there are new episodes and stuff. They use the null void a lot. End of my story... What are you staring at go read another review!!

critique_99 2008-07-20
i watched this show and i loved the begging of the first ben ten but now its just stupid. there is really no story line. Then the characters a lame. Gwen is acting like a mom, and ben is like trying to act all that because he has a fance watch. i do not recomend this to people older than 15. its a waste of time and money.

GuardianSoulBlade 2008-07-10
Ben 10: Alien Force is a great show, picking up where the original Ben 10 left off. Full of surprising twists and adventurous fun, this show is great for everyone, not just for kids. Definitely worth spending the money since I heard there were going to be 26 episodes this season. I love this show. Great for those wo are impatient for the DVD release.

my fun world 2008-07-10
the show is great and they've all grown to be smarter and stronger, but something just dosen't feel right about the show, we all miss the childish ben and gwen and how they insult each other, and the show is not as funny as the old one.

cngio20 2008-07-08
This newest episode of Ben 10: Alien Force was the best episode yet. It made numerous references to the future Ben Tennyson, aka Ben 10,000, and it showcased many of Ben's skills, while also giving a great backdrop from the 1950s as the origin of the time traveller, "Paradox." I will absolutely download every episode of Ben 10: Alien Force for the rest of the season, and I hope it will not be a long wait for Season 2. Ben 10: Alien Force rocks!!!!

camdagr8 2008-07-05
This series is a great timeskip. It's evolved the characters while adding a good plot, new aliens, and an upgrade to the omnitrix that seems to be way more helpful.

DeadHeir 2008-07-04
I was a fan of the original Ben 10 series when it first aired, and I was looking forward to Ben 10: Alien Force, but after seeing the episodes, I'm sorely disappointed. The new series, though apparently by the same creators, is severely lacking in what the old series had. Ben, who was once a carefree, optimistic and often troublemaking character, has been degraded into a "hollow hero" type, with very little of the personality he had before. Same with Gwen--she used to be a strong, incredibly smart and girl-powered female character, and she and Ben would often get into cute teasing arguments; now they hardly interact at all, not to mention her magical spells and abilities have been reduced to creating things from pink bursts of light, which is hardly stunning in the least. Kevin, who used to be a total rebel in the original series with the power to absorb energy and release it in electrical blasts or use it to transform, has been degraded into a lovesick jokester who still has the ability to absorb, but it's not nearly as cool as the original. He also has a crush on Gwen, which I find completely fanserviced, since he never even TALKED to her in the original series. He and Ben seem to get along now, though, which I like. The new aliens were disappointing, too, I'm sorry to say. The transformation sequences--which would often make you squirm or just stare--have been completely torn out, and the old aliens, I have to say, were way better. I also don't like how Ben has a love interest (who has all the personality of a robot) or how they supposedly killed off Grandpa Max, who was a MAJOR supporting character in the original series. All the old villains I'd grown to like--Dr. Animo, SixSix, Vilgax--they're all gone, supposedly, which is another major disappointment. So, overall, the plot is okay, and the animation is great, but it severely lacks the humor and, let's face it, fun of the original series. Let's just hope the creators improve on it in the future.

Flan E. 2008-07-03
This show rocks!

Agent R 2008-07-02
Return of the greatness that was the action cartoons of the 90's and early 2000's (Teen Titans, Justice League, etc.) The old Ben 10 was ok but seemed a bit too light hearted. While this new version has a fresh and darker feel I highly suggest this show and urge Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network to make more shows like this.

Spitfire865 2008-06-30
I thanked god when ben 10 got kicked off the air but this is even worse than ben 10 its just a freak running around as a monster someone gets captured ben saves them then it cycles over again! its sooo stupid!

ben ten alien force #1 fan 2008-06-27
i have to admit the original was pretty good but i am obsessed with the new series. Ben is more mature and cooler than ever. it is nice to see new aliens with a new attitude. Gwen is also really pretty and she and ben are much more agreeable since thier last encounters. my favorite character is Kevin though. not only is he older, cooler, hotter, owns an awsome car, and his powers are sick, it's cute that he's in love with gwen. Magic powered heroine plus exThief/villian = perfect couple. like i said the show is "So Awsome"

cas2cas 2008-06-24
I turned this on one night for my son having never watched it but seeing potential in some commercials. My son instatntly fell in love with this series. I must admit the cartoon is very good. Well when I noticed this available I bought it for us to watch together. Keep the episodes coming.

N.E.C 2008-06-23
It's on itunes! Now you can see all the action on your ipod! It's totally worth 2$!

RushingLeaf 2008-06-22
I personally like Ben 10: Alien Force better than the first. To start, they're more mature, and know what they're doing. I love Gwen's powers, and I personally like Kevin better in this. It has a very good plot, and it is appealing to most. I like that Bens new aliens are fresh, so that it won't get too old, or the same. I find at least two humorous things in each episode, for example, in the most recent episode, The Gauntlet. I find it funny when Ben takes back Kevin's juice and says, "No juice for you!" and when Gwen finds Ben and asks him how much juice he had, had. I also think that Ben, Kevin, and Gwen compliment each other in many ways, like their fighting, and their humor, for an example of this, watch the episode before The Gauntlet, called, What are little girls made of? I hope you found this helpful in looking for a fresh new show. (Plus its easy to catch on to....)

Fusionman43 2008-06-19
To me, it just dosen't have the feel and excitement that the first show had. Plus, Chromostone could never replace Diamondhead.