Horror of Dracula
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Every night for 600 years he rises from his coffin-bed to seek the warm blood he needs to keep himself alive! Investigating the death of his friend Jonathan Harker--apparently the victim of a bloodsucking vampire--Doctor Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) discovers a diary incriminating Count Dracula (Christopher Lee). But even as Van Helsing realizes the horrifying truth, Dracula stalks Harker's fiancée, Lucy (Carol Nash), trapping her tortured soul in the terrifying force of his hypnotic power--and only Van Helsing may be strong enough to save her by exorcising the Horror of Dracula.

User Reviews
Jtheurp 2020-06-14
Chris lee does a great job, the only problem is that this version is not the original uncut version, maybe some day it will be on iTunes, until then it is only 4 stars. Still good though.

Head Maroon 2019-10-12
Christopher Lee is a decent Dracula in this film but no Bela Lugosi. Mr. Lugosi was the man when it came to his portrayal of the famous vampire. Peter Cushing is good as Van Helsing. This is a different but interesting take on this famous tale. Watch it. You will not be disappointed. 👍 This was my second time viewing this film. I enjoyed it as much as the first time.

Mario Naves 2019-01-08
Notwithstanding Christopher Lee's cinematic presence, and the steady-as-he-goes fortitude of Peter Cushing, "Horror of Dracula" has not aged well. Stagey, over-lit and nowhere near as sexy as the novel by Bram Stoker, this has lost whatever power it may once have had.

Monstermandan18 2017-10-19
Christopher Lee did a great job filling Bela Lugosi’s shoes as Count Dracula

semi kevin 2016-10-23
theres only one dracula and thats christopher lee

William Purcell 2015-06-13
The resent passing of Sir Christopher Lee Prompted me to revisit some of his movies particularly the Horror films made by Hammer studios. This film clocks in at 86mins. and does it move fast. You will be so engaged you wont even notice the time. Within minutes of the films opening you know everything you need to know allowing you to sit back and soak it in. The sets are beautiful as we travel from woods to castle to crypt. The acting was very well done also and left me feeling real nervous emotion for the victims. I also love how The vampire (Lee) is not all powerful and must use more conventional methods to obtain his dinner. Peter Cushing (star wars ) plays Van Helsing and does a masterful job as the vampire hunter. This movie stands up to multiple viewings and never gets old.There is no nudity or foul language so you wont have worry about offending anyone. There is a little blood but it's very minor and used briefly for effect. I was so fueled by this movie I pulled out my Tomb of Dracula comics and will most likely spend the day enjoying them . It's awesome when a movie can inspire crossover magic. $9.99 on itunes,,, Get it today.

R nR 2013-07-25
I'm a vampire lover anyway, I admit, but the Hammer films are to be savored! This is one of the very best: Christopher Lee at his most elegant yet beastly and Peter Cushing at his most formidable and unflappable. It's a classic for a reason, people!

LucasChad 2012-10-04
While I admire the classic Dracula interpretations done by Bela Lugosi and Gary Oldman, Christopher Lee's Dracula is the most terrifying, mesmerizing, and faithful to the Bram Stoker legend ever conceived. But while the movie itself strays further from the novel much like the 1931 Universal classic, this version remains the strongest interpretation in a way that only Hammer can. Fantastic sets, wonderful gothic tone, and most importantly the top-notch performances by Lee and Peter Cushing as (the best) Van Helsing. The most memorable scene is definitely Dracula's demise that remains the most amazing vampire death scene filmed. Though the only version of the scene existed (in both the UK Dracula and US Horror of Dracula) is shortened from the original version, the full version with Dracula's melted face with Lee scratching the makeup off his face has recently been found at an archive in Tokyo, Japan. Hammer already announced the new uncut version with that scene (and another scene deemed too erotic for 1958) will be released on Blu-Ray. I can't wait until iTunes releases the new version along with other restored Hammer classics!

Halfbaked64776 2010-06-02
There will never be a greater Count than Christopher Lee....Todays vampires are all overmade, walk around in the daylight, do martial arts.....these imperfections of Hollywood are not even scary. Christopher Lee keeps it real. This is one of the best Dracula movies ever...if you're into reality and not hollywood hype.

LaughingGodzilla 2010-05-11
The Horror of Dracula brought Dracula back to being awesome again (after the Abbot and Costello films ruined the monster genre). I truly think that the only one who could ribal Bela Legosi as the Count truly is Christopher Lee. He's just awesome and so is this movie. So, check it out. Apple, WTH? I was figuring out how much in total Horror of Dracula, The Curse of Frankenstein, and The Mummy (1959) was going to be so that I could determine whether to get a $25 or $30 iTunes card in order to get these movies. But, you suddenly pulled the Mummy off of the iTunes store. Can you please put that back on there?

eddie_nyc 2010-03-21
After Hammer Studios' tremendous success with The Curse of Frankenstein, they struck a deal to adapt Universal's catalog of classics and set their sights first on Dracula. Christopher Lee removes the monstrous makeup from the earlier film and makes his entrance as an elegant, confident, altogether seductive Dracula, a frightening figure of flashing eyes and erotic allure. Peter Cushing, with his hawklike profile and piercing eyes, turns his rationalist intensity to Van Helsing: man of science as crusading vampire hunter. Director Terence Fisher and screenwriter Jimmy Sangster make a few changes to Bram Stoker's tale; gone are Renfield, Transylvania, howling wolves, and transformations into bats. The Count is an old-world aristocrat firmly ensconced in a castle in England and Van Helsing a crusading vampire hunter who plots his demise with an elaborate plan. This is the first film to really mine the erotic appeal of vampires: Dracula seduces Mina and Lucy like a devil tempting good to the dark side through sex--more suggestive than explicit, but daring for 1958. Lee is electric as the ferocious Count, despite his limited screen time, and Cushing turns Van Helsing into a virtual swashbuckler of a hero, leaping and diving through the climax like an aging action hero. Cushing reprises his role in The Brides of Dracula, while Lee absented himself from the series until 1966's Dracula: Prince of Darkness.

Hitchcock103 2008-12-12
I loved this film and i'm so happy it's avialable on iTunes! A must see for any Dracula fan!

Ingrastimach 2008-11-01
Everyone has heard the story of Count Dracula, but there have been so many bad imitations of the story you get tired of hearing the same thing over and over again you fall asleep. Well this is a complete reawakening. Retold beautifully, the story of Dracula lives forever in a way that makes it seem brand new but yet an old classic. I say it's a must buy!

Maresy 2008-08-27
An excellent version of Bram Stoker's novel, "Dracula". Jimmy Sangster who wrote the screenplay, also did "The Crawling Eye"(1958 - another excellent horrow film with Forrest Tucker!). The film is real scary. But the ending is superb!!! You cannot beat watching Cushing going after Lee, in their second film together from Hammer! One of the best in the genre!

Scuba Dooba 2008-08-02
This is by far my favorite Dracula movie and Christopher Lee was by far the best (and most molevolent) Dracula. I can't wait until it's for sale. I hope itunes gets all the "Christopher Lee" Dracula movies.

amr1029 2008-07-29
Christopher Lee is probably the best Dracula ever! Next to Bela Lugosi of course.