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Superstar Eddie Murphy (The Nutty Professor) teams up with Owen Wilson (Zoolander, Behind Enemy Lines) for a hilarious, action-packed thrill ride. Famke Janssen (X-Men, GoldenEye) also stars as an ultra-sexy secret agent. A super-powerful experimental spy plane is stolen by an evil arms dealer and is about to be handed over to an international terrorist. The U.S. Government drafts an egotistical boxing star (Murphy) to join a suave special agent (Wilson) on a dangerous top-secret mission to get the plane back. Armed with the latest high tech gadgets and a whole lot of attitude, this ultimate odd couple might be able to save the world - if they can just get along.

User Reviews
virginscrewdriver 2023-10-06
a lot of people missed this one at the time. give it a shot

Spartin219 2015-08-08
This Movie is the greatest movie of all time. I Could never stop laughing when I saw this movie.

Nathan Corcorran 2013-04-06
This movie is like James Bond but it has some comedy

Person of Few Words 2012-07-24
This movie definetely has some good funny moments. My one drawback is that sometimes Eddie Murphy gets a bit annoying.

Beastly Mastabas 2012-01-27
This movie is hilarious I love it

JakeTWright 2011-11-05
It's great watched with my bf

budjunior55 2011-03-05
i loved it!!!!!

ZoeyTheShihPoo 2011-02-16
Good!!!!!:) But rated PG-13!:P

Dawsonology 2009-04-05
Great Movie!

Mike painter 2009-03-08
this is one of the few movies that i actualy liked. it should be fetured or set up for a rental

forest-cat 2009-01-25
I think owen wilson is halarious. This movie is in my top 8 favorite movies! Even though this movie is really old i still think that its funny!

$Br!@N$ 2008-10-26
funny and awsome! love it!

JLZ213 2008-10-24
owen wilson and eddy just so funny to get there!