Spy Game
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Superstar Brad Pitt teams with Academy Award-winner Robert Redford in this pulse-pounding action

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Superstar Brad Pitt teams with Academy Award-winner Robert Redford in this pulse-pounding action thrill ride. When a top-secret, unauthorized mission goes bad, CIA agent Tom Bishop (Pitt) is captured - and sentenced to die. With just 24 hours to get him out alive, Bishop's boss Nathan Muir (Redford) must battle enemies abroad and the system inside the CIA to save his friend. Now, the clock is ticking and the race is on... as the deadliest game of all explodes into the spectacular, adrenaline-fueled thriller that ABC Radio says "Sizzles with suspense!"

User Reviews
Poppa bear 2016 2019-01-14
Hits on all fronts- plot, acting, execution. Three days of the condor with more action.

CNDZ? 2017-12-08
Robert Redford was the best in this movie. This movie held you captive through out, and the details were spectacular. I watched it over and over and found new things about the story every time. Brad Pitt did an excellent job paired with Redford.

JosiahMagnet 2016-05-20
I felt like I couldn't follow at some points in the movie. The only parts that really grabbed me were the opening scene and the last 30 minutes. Decent film, but could’ve been better.

jiujitsu brasileño 2015-05-15
Great movie, amazing performances by Robert Redford and Brad Pitt...

enigmatogo 2014-12-14
Great film!

brian11380 2014-07-10
such a great movie in everyway...one of my top 5 movies....spy movie to the fullest

Freshness23 2013-08-09
Its one of my favorite all time movies! Just super cool and awesome at every turn, gets me so pumped up. Everyone I've watched it with has absolutely loved it. If you haven't seen it, see it!!!

meimsocute 2012-12-24
Love it. Kept me on the edge of my seat

CoCoDei 2012-08-23
One of the best movies of all time!!

Stanlee01 2012-08-21

Camden eagles 2012-04-12

Simmo 2012-02-11
Cool history, espionage, and action. The end game is cheesy and unrealistic though.

Lean6T 2012-01-07
Cruising iTunes looking for a movie to buy for my iPad ahead of an upcoming trip. Had to drop a line on this one. Rotten tomatoes just lost all credibility with me going forward. This movie was awesome. Everything from the cinematography, to the plot, to the soundtrack. I've probably seen it at least 20 times. Definitely going to buy when I find a more economical alternative to iTunes.

grampadick 2012-01-07
Redford is good as expected . . . Brad Pitt is too, inspite of his part being largely out of sight. Very good entertainment while not being a mind-bender. Satisfying ending, too . . . even if a little melodramatic! Watch it before going off to bed on a bad TV night.

BryinSiam 2011-01-22
The positive reviews from Rotten Tomatoes were correct.

redhotnchilly 2010-12-25
Robert Redford does a great job directing no matter what anyone says

Mr.mantooth 2010-08-31
Its rare to find a good espionage thriller and spy game is that rare piece of greatness.

Jdkruse 2010-05-16
The movie maybe dated and many of the youth have never herd of it but the classics can teach you something of a life lesson and open your eyes. This is one that will be an eye opener and if your looking for an enjoyable movie that you can watch this is a thumbs up.

SunnyRun 2009-12-30
This movie has all the required ingredients to be great: suspense, action, love, surprises, etc. I found myself totally entertained. Great acting by Pitt and Redford.

SamForbes 2009-10-24
pitt and redford in a classic

ilikesmymovies 2009-08-16
better than a lot of the flicks i-tunes offers. enjoyed it.

mpn93 2008-12-28
Alright, I'll admit I'm a huge fan of both of these guys, especially brad, but that's not the only reason I like this film. It's smart, and keeps you thinking the whole time. Brad, in my opinion, is Robert Redford junior, looks and everything. They work wonderfully well in this film. It's great!

cyclingfreak 2008-12-28
...I"ve watched this about 20 times and I have been watching for this movie to come out on iTunes. This movie has everything and is not a pure action thriller. It is a sort of love that a guy would watch because of the action and suspense. The character Brad Pitt plays just can't stop loving a woman he met on one of his first missions. And regardless of their professional relationship that went sour, Brad's and Robert's characters can't stop the friendship and caring they have developed for each other. A great movie and one that a couple would both find enjoyable to watch together.

cuzco1 2008-12-28
Great thriller. Highly recommended

Bad remake! 2008-12-05
If you are looking for a movie involving the CIA/FBI/Secret Services and things along that line, this will work for you. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Keeps you thinking and grabs your attention.

CBoF!arebad 2008-11-25
Brad Pitt was amazing in this and the acting was superb!

7712jeff ebay 2008-11-20
Never been that wild about Bob and Brad, But they work togather well in this movie. Good story,keeps you thinking and on the edge of your seat....sort-of. :-)