The Spy Who Came In from the Cold
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Forget James Bond... and step into the real, dour and chilling world of spies and counterspies.

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Forget James Bond... and step into the real, dour and chilling world of spies and counterspies. Oscar®-nominee Richard Burton is the burnt-out British agent who refuses to "come in from the cold" to take a desk job — but instead launches into the most dangerous assignment of his career, stalking East German agent (and Golden Globe-winner) Oskar Werner. John Le Carré's best-selling novel provides the basis for this breathtaking thriller of espionage, intrigue, crosses and double-crosses. First-rate performances from the entire cast are matched by a tension-packed and brilliantly plotted screenplay, with masterful direction from Martin Ritt (Hud, Sounder).

User Reviews
Furutan1 2018-12-06
JLC is an acquired taste. The story is maudlin, lifeless, soulless, and crushingly dull - just like Burton who, essentially playing his own miserable self, is perfect for the part. The story is typical JLC, but actually the blackest and worst of any of the films of his work.

Scrabble81 2017-05-12
An excellent movie based upon a John Le Carre book. Very good acting by Richard Burton and Clair Bloom. Some might consider it slow moving and boring because of lengthy conversation, etc., but this does capture Le Carre's writing style. I think mosst will enjoy this film.

FrankAziza 2017-04-15
Why is iTunes not selling this movie in widescreen. They do this all the time ..this movie is widescreen!!!

Mister Bipkie 2015-11-07
It's grim, dark, seedy, in b;lack and white. The cast is amazing; an emsemble of acting genius. The script is intellegent and the directing fast paced. This is a gendre classic for all time; a definate must see.

set1914 2011-10-12
As all great classic spy thrillers it is a bit slow. The acting great thought out. Richard Burton gives one of his best performances. The movie is very true to the book, with keeping all the twists and turns. A great reflection of the times.

gscott3 2011-09-27
Excellent story and drama. Tight story doesn't waste a frame and has symmetry, with the end helping to explain a similar beginning. Acting is superb and believable even as the story itself describes a world few of us know or care to know. I thought black-and-white treatment might reduce impact but quite opposite. Never missed color, which might have interfered with the effect. Like many Le Carre pieces, the facts aren't what they seem, by now a standard approach in espionage and other mystery and suspense films. But the story is told with such precision that I didn't have time to pause to consider what the film, with its the what-is-real questions, was doing to me. Rather, this film offers that fine feeling at the end: I wanted to sit quietly and review what I'd just seen to savor the full effect. I compare that favorably with so many film dramas, or comedies, in which I can almost predict the next twist -- and almost time the moments when they will come. The only time I sensed a little too much set-up was during Control's short but thematic speech toward the start of the story. I don't think he'd bother with the philosophy with a practiced agent. It was for the audience more than the character. But still fascinating.

booyashacka 2011-09-24
I first saw this movie when I was 15, with my dad, he had it on vhs recorded off a tv broadcast of it.. I loved it. I miss the suspence and craft that was once put into movies... You know actually ACTING.. I also love the fact that the actors are not completely made up with make up.. It's just refreshing to know now that itunes is carrying old movies that have quality acting and an original story line.. I've gotten to the point that I don't want to watch newer moves b/c I can always tell what will happen next. I highly encourage everyone to watch this movie.

txt0pr 2011-09-24
Scene time waste. Too much emptiness I hate old movies.

The Happy Wanderer 2011-09-21
Old school thriller. Richard Burton is great, his love interest is a communist (!), and its hard to tell who the bad guy really is until the end. There are some great speeches, including one where Burton's character explains the real life of a spy - lonely, desperate, often boring and uneventful. But this story has a lot of action and intrigue. I rented it for 99 cents - such a deal.

GR!P2013 2011-09-03
period films with great acting and cinematography and virtually no special effects but, I just didn't enjoy this film that much. It was just okay. Maybe I just find Richard Burton's voice extremely annoying.

VizionMC 2011-07-22
Like black + white movies? Great acting, incredible plot and twists, Cold War intrigue, and love? This is the movie for you. I was thoroughly surprised by how well done it was. Great story.

pdc11 2011-02-21
This film encapsulates two things for me: firstly, the phenomenal acting of Richard Burton. In this movie he is released from hollywood grandeur, held against a blank canvas. Secondly, and better, it encapsulates the London, the cold war, post-second world war, the grit and grime of both a bombed city but also a shattered continent confounded by questions of how far liberalism can fight for itself. I love it. favourite movie. Watch it alone with a bottle of scotch.

DowntownClaytonBrown 2010-03-23
A great film --- something this slow, deliberate and subtle could never be made today. Younger viewers will likely be bored by the pacing and confused by the low-key plot, but a real example of directorial control and acting restraint. The courtroom scene is worth watching twice.

Carsmac 2010-01-11
A timeless, brilliant picture. A classic.

Anthony Pour 2009-11-07
Not even Hollywood filmmakers could manage to make a mash out of this great story. All the damage they did to it was comparatively minor - embellishing some of John le Carre's true-to-life villains to their own image of true communists.

BIG Redskin fan 2009-09-28
excellent cold war thriller with a twist. well acted, well written and brilliant