The Last Romantic
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In this eccentric comedy, a poet moves to New York looking for professional success and ends up engaging in a series of strange encounters with New York City misfits. This quirky indie comedy is an IFC release.

User Reviews
Ham Camper 2015-12-02
A terrific, dry, intelligent comedy in the vein of Woody Allen and the great French new wave movement. Great performances throughout and amazing cinematography on a non-existent budget. A coming of age story that feels similar to Arturo Bandini in Ask The Dust, The Last Romantic makes you laugh out loud while pulling at your heart strings and drawing on the nostalgia of ones own naive youth. Truly one of the overlooked films at the beginning of the digital indie scene.

nanciblue 2011-10-29
I realize this was based on a book but I would have liked to see the main actor and cat lady hook up and have fun in NYC. The main male actor was way better in Able Danger - that is what led me to this movie. During this film I justed wanted to bathe and groom him.