Executive Action
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Screen legend Burt Lancaster stars in this fictional account of a plot against President Kennedy by a powerful group of political conspirators who object to his foreign and domestic policies as a threat to their control of the economy. A topic of constant curiosity, even decades after the assassination. Scripted by one of the infamous "Hollywood Ten," blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo("Johnny Got His Gun").

User Reviews
Ricdaij 2018-04-02
The whole Lee Harvey Oswald perspective is a farce, The assassination was multifaceted. It cuts deep into government, and corporate greed and controls. There’s been a cloak of deception since 1964, and many witnesses on the location were silenced. Col. Fletcher L. Pouty Was one of many who gave credence to the collective efforts to undermine our government.

Jeff0566 2017-01-28
You are as ignorant as you appear...you and your "Oswald was the only shooter proclamation" Everyone in the world knows there was a conspiracy but You... go back to sleep now. Kennedy would have been a great President and was for a short time. Nuff said JSM

Superman Fan since the early 60's 2012-04-19
Despite what many people may think happened Nov 22, 1963, the fact is the only person shooting at the President was Lee Harvey Oswald. Objective, nuetral investigators have proven: 1. The second bullet fired hit JFK in the back of the neck, came out the front and then hit Governor Connally. They have proven it with 3D graphics, enhanced copies of the Zapruder film, and with lasers shot from the window where Oswald commited the murder. 2. The correct configuration of the limosuine seats has been verified. Gov. Connally was in a jump seat in front of the President and to the left. He was also lower than the President. This contradicts the picutre shown in the movie "JFK" which showed him to far to the right. 3. Enhanced stills from a film taken the opposite direction from Zapruder clearly shows the fatal bullet that struck the President came from behind, not the grassy knoll. This movie distorts facts and leaves the viewer with the impression a conspiracy must have happened. There was never a conspiracy. I would not recommend this movie at all.

trex2011 2011-10-26
dull, very dull movie

cbspock 2011-06-26
This was a good movie that explores one of the many conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of JFK. Read the books Rush to Judgement, and Six seconds in Dallas for starters.

Retired military 2011-02-10
I saw this when it first came out. It was quickly pulled. Burt Lancaster and Will Geer are great. Worth buying and owning

NO OSWALD 2010-05-19
A well-scripted, well-acted movie. It tells an important part of the basic truth about the assassination conspiracy against JFK, including the motive for the crime. Well worth seeing, well worth owning. I'm going to buy it.