The Spy Next Door
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When Bob Ho (Jackie Chan) is called to babysit his neighbor's unruly children, they accidentally

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When Bob Ho (Jackie Chan) is called to babysit his neighbor's unruly children, they accidentally blow his cover as a spy by downloading secret codes on his computer. Suddenly Bob has to kick into super agent mode and take the kids on an action-packed adventure that turns suburbia upside down. Bob fights off assassins and arch villains, narrowly escapes traps and outsmarts double-agents while somehow managing to keep the kids out of harm's way.

User Reviews
I liked it in the second grade, now I realize how lame it is. Jackie chans stunts are good but not enough to save the movie for me.

layup9999 2021-03-21
This movie is so good! I first watched it with 2 of my friends and then I watched with my family and I wanna watch it again! It never gets old

Raycastillocrow13 2020-10-09
I like this movie but I can’t find one of Jackie Chan’s best films which is twin dragons hopefully your will read this and hopefully add it to iTunes

Combatfisher 2020-02-08
I got this movie for my kids to watch and they really thought it was really funny. It's similar to the plot in "The Pacifier" but they loved Jackie Chan's action. Now they want to see more Jackie Chan movies ! :)

CHISHD 2018-12-23
Great family movie. Appropriate for all ages, I was so disappointed when they took this movie off of Netflix I love this movie with all my heart

Jolovesgum 2018-05-28
I enjoyed this movie on NETFLIX today for Memorial Day and loved the spy next door. Awesome film!

Jerad From Millad 2018-03-30
The best why I can describe this is by saying This seems like a parody when it really isn’t.

#guywhohatesthismovie 2017-10-17
Why are u guys mean I helped produce this 🎥 movie

Jwjwajan 2016-03-28
I have watched this movie ever since I was 6 years old and I love it

Hudsonoliviamom 2015-07-17
Awesome movie worth it

Momeverymoment 2015-03-11
Rented this and I have never seen a worse movie. I grew up watching Jackie Chan and practically every movie he ever I was excited about this. All I can say is run don't walk away. I have never stopped a movie 10 minutes in, but that's exactly what happened. Huge waste of time.

OtakufromAZ 2014-08-17
When they take a good action star and put him in a kiddie movie. It killed Hulk Hogan’s Career, Arnold’s, and almost Vin Deisal’s.

Tweetyburd1985 2014-02-26
I love this movie and I love Jackie Chan in this movie

Cj13021 2013-12-28
AWSOME the best ever

Jon12457 2013-07-16
I rented the the movie for 3.99 and it didn't downloaded but it took my 3.99

Hornetfast 2013-04-06
I love this movie. It is funny. It's worth it.

ADUBfan 2013-04-03
Idk why ppl dont like this! It's awesome

Nibblenosetheawesome 2013-03-19
Funny at times, sweet, and action packed!

Camryn87 2013-02-11
Mommy that man can fly

Coolman1224 2013-01-10
It was funny in some parts, cheesy in others, but had a good ending. A real heartwarmer. A good movie for movie night and popcorn.

Zafar Haidary 2012-12-31
I have a man crush on Jackie chan he is simply the best martial artist after the great Bruce lee but Jackie chan is my hero !!!!!!!!

Gleek411 2012-12-01
its an ok movie it was funny but its kind of a more kiddie take on the pacifier good for kids but if your over 10 i don't recommend it

ctman91 2012-08-19
This movie was the most boring movie made. I don't know who was kidding themselves when people say it's good.

Deer Hunter12 2012-08-18
The people that wrote the rotton tomatos are stupid because it's the best movie ever made.

TiredWarVet 2012-08-14
I download this movie but my phone broke and I had to download again. Thanks Apple for the great help.

-(@le)- 2012-08-09
Best moVie

cami :-) 2012-08-06
Good show but way to violent for a kids show

DaveYoSup 2012-07-31
The first time I saw this movie was 3 weeks ago and I loved it! I'm ten so u adults who want adult stuff in movies u watch don't buy. My Mom, Dad, Nanny, Brother, and sisters love it! It is a great family movie for all ages. So now I'm saving up 15 bucks so I can buy this super-awesome movie!!!!!!!

The boring game 2012-07-24
I tried REALY hard to like this movie because I thought it would be funny but it is very boring I mean I can't even sit through the movie without getting up to turn it off and take my amusement to go somewhere else. And it was so boring It took me 5 minutes for me to get bored.

Skubes74 2012-07-21
Love it

Singer 297 2012-07-08
Horrible actor):

Killianboy 2012-07-05
This movie was a perfect family movie. No filth, no gory scenes, and no strong language. People who wrote poor reviews on this family movie are the individuals who love filth.

Dublyoo 2012-06-07
Jackie Chan is always great. Watching him fight creatively is always super fun to watch, but I haaaaaaated those freakin' kids. Every line spat outa their cake holes had me praying for Jackie's character to drop-kick em' in the noggin. At some points you wonder why he doesn't! Any who, Jackie's great, kids awful.

Averytunstill 2012-05-31
How does Ian know how to do that?

NealCruco 2012-05-18
A rip-off of The Pacifier? No. Cheesy and unpredictable? No. I loved this movie, and I'm a teenager. I hardly EVER agree with Rotten Tomatoes, and this is no exception.

E Star***** 2012-05-03
Hilarious and awesome! A must see!

Saint Logos 2012-03-27
Possibly the worst film I have ever seen, its essentialy a rip-off of the Pacifyer with a horribly generic storyline and utter lack of anything interesting to watch.

JessicaLovesKenny 2012-03-04
It's so cool I want to be that little girl

SuziG. 2012-02-25
Very funny... Enjoyed the movie & loved Jackie Chan's performance!

Too many Glotches 2012-01-26
If you want a awesome comedy and and fighting movie you should get this when I say 5 stars I mean it

missxfashion 2011-11-08
I always will think Jackie Chan is a great actor but in my opinion, this movie was not for him. I suppose it is good in a way for him to do something outside of what he normally does. He's funny and I thought he did well. The plot of the movie was some what boring. I'm used to watching Jackie's other movies and I feel like this movie is a down grade for him and it kind of killed the whole story. Overall, not bad. I enjoy watching it with the little ones.

Disney Rebel 2011-11-06
Jackie Chan's the most amazing guy who's a master on kung fu and his character can kick the butts of his enemies than ever before.

bass483 2011-11-02
usually if a critic says the movie is bad its a good movies dont listen to those critics the a bunch of dumb old farts

Michelita93 2011-10-31
I always thought Jackie Chan makes hilarious movie but this was just cheesy and bad casting. Just make another Rush Hour 4 better.

EricaS3 2011-09-24
It's not as good of a movie as I would have suspected. My dad downloaded it to his computer and I couldn't stay focused on it. I'd suddenly get bored of the movie and started watching something else or pick up a book as I was watching it. The only thing I could look forward to was the action parts really...

I Like Brownies 2011-09-06
When I first saw the trailer for the movie, I was looking forward to seeing it. When I read that it go bad reviews, I became skeptical about seeing it. When I did see it the weekend came out, I thought the critics were stupid. Okay. Yeah, Jackie Chan is old and most of the stunts possibly weren't really him, but hey, this is still a great family movie.

Two4bluz 2011-08-01

To good 2 be true 2011-07-27
Such a funny movie 4 the family I love Jackie chan.Watch the movie!!!!!!!

Dani1234:) lol 2011-07-19
Kiss you hand 10 times. Say you crush name 15 times. Then post this on other movies review. Then look at you hand

water7394 2011-06-13
This is one of those movies where they are constantly renewing this one topic over and over again.... it was a stupid movie, with really unbelievable (as in, why would anyone put that in a movie??? Not good, unbelievable) moments, and the action was pretty weird. A couple funny moments, but you could count those with one hand they were so outstretched. All in all: DO NOT BUY. Seriously. Don't click that button. You will regret it.