The Kids Are All Right
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Academy Award®-nominees Annette Bening and Julianne Moore star in this funny, smart and vibrant

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Academy Award®-nominees Annette Bening and Julianne Moore star in this funny, smart and vibrant portrait of a modern American family. Nic (Bening) and Jules (Moore) are your average suburban couple raising their two teens, Joni (Mia Wasikowska) and Laser (Josh Hutcherson), in Southern California. But when the kids secretly track down their “donor dad,” Paul (Mark Ruffalo), an unexpected new chapter begins for everyone as family ties are defined, re-defined and then re-re-defined. Fall in love with the big-hearted comedy that critics are calling “one of the best films of the year!”

User Reviews
raygray 2019-09-11
Unique premiss and great acting. Most of the people giving this one star reviews seemed to either be offended by the lesbian couple, sex scenes, or were expecting a comedy rather than a drama. It's definitely a drama. If you're offended by any of those things then you probably won't like it. But if you're ok with those things, you'll probably love it, as I did.

Flickice32 2017-07-03
I saw this movie and it is just crap I mean the stuff the woman does to her wife. SPOILER ALERT The woman cheats on her wife like 6 times!!!! With the father of the children, he was a sperm donor. This woman is a lazy stay at home mom who has a "cute" little business where she HORRIBLY landscapes people back patios. While her wife actually works as a full time doctor to support her and their kids. Anyway this !ss$ole cheats on her 6 times and just complains how hard marriage is causing the actual hard working wife to take her back! F$&K THIS MOVIE!!!

Down for the ads 2017-06-26
I loved it.

757 Super Fly 2017-05-12
Just a really slow and truncated movie. I believe in the cause, but this movie does not help it...

Mez Joseph 2017-01-22
This movie was o.k. The cast was great, and the story was good. Felt it could have moved just a little faster.

CharlieKelly5 2015-07-25
I loved this movie. It surprised me in the best ways possible and I felt that I really understood the characters, their motivations an their emotions. Really great.

TCF212 2015-03-17
That word pretty much covers it. I dare say the lesbian community would have found this quite appalling….didn’t you know every lesbian is just waiting to be screwed by a guy?!? The acting was bad and the relationship between the two main female characters was really fake and over acted. Mind, I dare say the director needs a serious kick in the but here for allowing this to all go on. A waste of money and I would not recommend it at all,

clairebear2468 2014-05-10
*Spoilers!!!* Not one redeeming character at all. All of the characters were just ridiculous and self-absorbed. The doctor - her sins were obvious: Overbearing, patronising. Nothing redeemble. Control freak. Alcoholic. Did she have a good side? I realize that this movie wanted to showcase flawed people but seriously, did this woman have a good side? The red head was an irresponsible, immature, self-absorbed, disaster who fired a worker because she didn't like the way she looked at her. Was this supposed to be funny that she wasted his time and made someone unemployed for something as petty as an innocuous look. Ridiculous. After driving the daughter 8 hours to college, she promptly tells her family to leave her alone. They just drove her 8 hours and she can't wait 30 minutes until they leave to have some quiet time? -.- I left this movie strongly disliking all of the characters, getting absolutely nothing from this movie. All of us are flawed but seriously, none of them learned anything or evolved in this movie for the better. It gets 2 stars however because the acting from everyone was superb. Mark Ruffalo played an old, tool failure quite well. The surroundings were beautiful. Other than that, the plot was boring and unbelievable. Seriously after 10+ years of marriage, red head is willing to throw it all away for some man? Ugh, you don't have to be a lesbian to be annoyed at that boring, contrived "plot twist". Another woman would have been more convincing or at least those two (red head and sperm donor) should have known each other longer than the 2 weeks. And talk about minimal chemistry to illicit an affair after 10+ years of marriage. Very disappointed. This movie was hyped up so much.

NicholasWXYZ 2014-01-20
This movie is perfect. There are so many things at play in this story and yet it’s very relevant and real. As a decidedly straight guy, this has opened my eyes and my heart to emotions that I didn’t know existed and could exist. This movie is true and relevant art.

AliceFour 2013-11-25
I wanted to see this for a long time but it wasn't available to rent. Now that it is I just cannot get through the movie. I watch ten minutes, surf the internet for ten minutes, try again. Geezus. This is horrible. I agree with most of the other reviews. No chemistry between characters that you automatically hate from the beginning. No attempt to redeem or flesh them out. Painful to watch unrealistic sex. Why do we always have to watch two straight women pretend to be gay? Just get real lesbians to play the part. I'm giving up because I know I'll wish I could get my time back. If only there was a refund button on iTunes if we don't finish 75% of the movie.

Tanyannette 2013-11-17
First of all, forlorn reverie, that "boy" is Josh Hutcherson. I'm 11. And I watched it because I thought it was a heart warming drama. Is the cover sopposed to be a trick? I found this movie HIGHLY disturbing! :(

MtAspens 2013-08-03

Ron360 2013-07-17
Great movie!

Rudy_Chasal 2013-07-16
This is one of the worst movies I've seen.

V_Man_88 2013-02-05
I don't like it. Not sure I liked the cheating part especially showing a lesbian with a man.

RebeccaDCrouch 2013-02-02
Great Movie!!!

mimsyaz 2012-08-03
they really didnt need to be so geaphic with the was quite ugly sex too

trajapeas Avery 2012-07-15
I really hope people don't believe this crap is real or portrays a lesbian couple. Honestly its a disappointment. I expected a comedy and ended up watching a stereotype that society has placed on lesbians. Please speak for yourself if you agree with this movie. Its literally a Rotten Tomatoe.

Someonegreen 2012-06-30
First thing's first, I love Josh Hutcherson, and he was great in this movie, along with the other actors. But I have to say, "The Kids Are All Right" is not the correct title for this motion picture, for the story is not really about the kids. Mostly the film captures what life is like for the two mothers as they deal with their kids, but more with their complicated marriage. Secondly, there is a lot of nudity and sex, which I felt was highly unnecessary for this film. There were more "touching" scenes in which the characters remained fully clothed. Overall, this movie is okay, but isn't totally interesting or enjoyable. Of course, this is just my opinion, but I was very disappointed.

Briestar 2012-06-02
I am in love with this movie and the actor who plays the sperm donor I love him!!!

Adorabelle1 2012-05-22
I love mia in alice in wonderland but didnt she have a accent ethier way there fantistic

Mrs.Peeta Mellark 2012-05-06
It sounds like a good movie but why is it rated R. But I don't care it looks like a really good movie

ktblala 2011-04-23
This movie is fantastic. People tht are saying gross and stuff like tht are obviously not mature enough to watch this wonderful film

abc123def456ghi789 2011-04-06
Really funny and still smart and also utterly different AND glad I saw it.

Volleyball1997 2011-04-02

Rosa sylvatica 2011-03-29

El Bordo 2011-03-26
Dismal, dull, pointless film. The main characters were cringe-worthy, completely lacked chemistry and totally unbelievable. The "kids" might well have been made out of cardboard. A second of believable chemistry when Julianne Moore has sex with Mark Ruffalo - she should have stayed with him. I had to hire this movie twice because I kept falling asleep and ran out of time to see the end. I only did so because of the Oscar buzz but wish I hadn't. In the end I had to attempt watching the end about 6 times and finally managed it in the morning when my brain was fresh, but why did I bother? I refuse to believe that lesbians are this revolting, surely some at least have a believable degree of love and friendship? All Annette Bening did was whine and drink wine, in that order. I could cope with the lack of attention to physical appearance but personality wise, none were the slightest bit likeable. The movie "The Switch", which has had some damning reviews at least was fun, engaging and extremely enjoyable. I think you get the point by now, but to sum up, boring rubbish, a complete waste of $. Buy a bottle of wine & pizza instead.

reinventnv1 2011-03-26
This film is all around great theyres nothing that I didn't like about it.

TheCulinaryGeek 2011-03-26
Interesting premis, good cast, BAD movie! It went nowhere and was painful to watch! Oh yea, and the lesbian sleeps with a man, because that ALWAYS happens... Don't waste your time or money.

Jammon9678 2011-03-24
Brought nothing new to the table of family drama accept same sex marriage + adoption. Doesn't change the formula, doesn't challenge the "Contemporary issues," and doesn't make us care.

sweetjsour 2011-03-23
This is the perfect awkward comedy. One of the best films that provokes a special feeling unique to this film. More artful than most films out there.

pio2 2011-03-22
Waste of film and time.

clayre at the disco with cobra starshipxx 2011-03-20
This movie was so overrated and disgusting. I'm fine with homosexuality, but all that? That's just going a little too far.

Pizzamanopenup 2011-03-19
Don't w

moonmycron 2011-03-19
A strereotypical made for tv movie, trite and trivial.

genevievebubbles 2011-03-18
It was a good movie.

Taceagle1 2011-03-17
The movie is very slow. The characters are ok played. I would not recommend this movie to be seen more than once. I would give these many stars: **

Arnasome 2011-03-15
I loved it because it gross and sexy oooohhhhh I don't know how its inappropriate

The Dickle Pickles 2011-03-15
Worst movie I have ever watched and totally inappropriate

Chandlerlier 2011-03-14
This lesbian is so mean n so the kids

K2K00L 2011-03-14
Not a good movie; not recommended at any price. For Annette Bening to get an Academy Award nomination for this is...well.....ridiculouos.

patcina 2011-03-14
This movie has to be one of the most disgusting movies I've ever seen. I was totally disgusted with the sexual content and the two lesbian moms. What is this world coming to when this move is said to be one of the "best" (?) movies of the year?

SoBadWeCouldn'tSleep 2011-03-13
This movie had a lot of potential, but got lost in the mire of an affair and sexcapades of the "moms". This was not much of a comedy. We enjoyed the kids and that was about it.

lulu28737 2011-03-12
this movie does not even deserve 1 star. it was absolutely horrendous. It was just one awkward situation followed by another interspersed with really graphic sex scenes that were just awful. none of the actors had any chemistry and it was just flat out boring. i was not even able to finish watching it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!

Shpadoinkle_girl 2011-03-11
First of all, I'm by NO means a prude. I worked in an adult shop for years, and got way more of my fair share of porn viewing. However, I find the sex scenes in this movie were really over the top and unneccessary. They did NOTHING to add to the movie, other than make it feel like a borderline soft cinemax porno. The characters were underdeveloped in most scenes and over acted in some. The story line seemed to bring you to the verge of some great moment, then move onto something different, leaving you feeling like you missed out or just didn't quite get the finished thought. Then end left WAY more to be desired...sooo disappointed!

Jennifer Kedziora 2011-03-11
I am not sure how this is considered a comedy?!? Everyone sleeps around and the story is awful!! I would not give it any stars if I did not have too!!

–Dave 2011-03-09
I cannot believe it was nominated for anything at all...

Xenalover 2011-03-08
I can see some feel the movie was bad but I disagree. I thought the movie was great and I laughed and cried. It was a well done movie with great acting. There are some movies we should all skip but this is not one of them. I am glad I watched it.

H2Ocandle 2011-03-06
The movie was pretty predictable and slow, but overall was okay I guess.

meriambakati 2011-03-05
Movie is a really good family movie. maybe get all ur kids together and watch it it's the best family movie and it's something all ur family can watch together