The Romantics
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Over the course of one raucous night at a seaside wedding, seven close friends—all members of an eclectic college clique—assemble to watch two of their own tie the knot. Laura (Katie Holmes), maid of honor and Lila (Anna Paquin), the golden-girl-bride, have long rivaled over the groom, Tom (Josh Duhamel). Friendships and alliances are tested, and the love triangle comes to a head the night before the wedding, when the drunken friends frolic in the nearby surf and return to shore... without the groom. Based on the heralded novel by producer/novelist/director Galt Niederhoffer, THE ROMANTICS is a Zeitgeist love story and generational comedy that breathes new life into the genre, and recaptures the camaraderie of youth.

User Reviews
ALEX23PREU 2014-09-24
This is not a romantic movie! Poor script writing and the choice of music did not suit intense emotional scenes. Few scenes were funny or even romantic but overall not worth the purchase. This movie truly lacked depth, especially for the ending.

Jaja4674479 2013-12-04
Amazing. Loved it

asdgfjh 2013-05-05
I was really excited for this movie- it looks so good, and I love katie and josh. As it went on, it was a really good story with A LOT of potential. But the ending was horrible, and I feel like they didn't resolve a single thing. Almost as if the last few pages of the script were thrown out and we didn't get the full story. Very Frustrating!

txo68 2012-07-22
I don't understand how this movie was a miss for people...this was the most real, complex, and interesting plot lines I've watched in a while. I adored it. Five stars for me!!

Jaci0888 2012-07-19
It just ended. No closure on anything. The only good thing was that Josh was in this movie.

dontwatch! 2012-06-01
Don't waste your time. I never write reviews, but I was so disappointed by this movie I couldn't resist. The plot is terrible and the acting is even worse. I only watched the last 45 minutes to see how it would end, and there was no ending. This must be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

WallyRolla 2012-05-24
Why is this not for rent? In general you would want to see a movie before you buy it just in know you don't like it.

chafre 2012-02-19
Yes where is the soundtrack, very good music!!!

IkeaEnthusiast 2011-08-31
I saw this movie the day it came out at a matinee, and was in the middle of bashing the film at the end when the director and actors walked in for a surprise Q&A... oops! The acting in this movie was generally good, and I have to say I thought the actors did a reasonable job with the lines they were given. That being said, I thought the story line was completely random and strange. Even hearing the director explain what she was going for in person couldn't help this train wreck of a story.

Nfjryaoakbdbwj 2011-07-22
i actually really liked the movie. i watched it twice in a row. the only person i didnt like was "lila" anna's character. she was lifeless. was the acting the best? not at all. but i like the script. i liked the lines. especially between 'tom" and 'Laura". i thought thier delivery was on point the majority was on point. I do agree with everyone the soundtrack is amazing. I also though "tripp" was a great character who brought some life into seeminl dull moments.

Amybean 2011-07-05
The best thing about this movie was the incomprehensible casting of Anna Paquin. She was supposed to be the "it" girl who makes everyone jealous, and it's difficult to buy her in this part. She was not-quite-beautiful and very mean. At the same time, her strangeness made me want to keep watching, wondering what was underneath her cold facade. Other than that, the movie was a mess.

WKarfiol 2011-07-05
You may want to ignore the saying, don't judge a book by its cover, because even though there are lots of hot actors in the movie, the film is pointless and extremely boring. There are also cheesy moments/lines and a horrible plot-line. If you like this kind of movie (romantic comedy), then you should consider seeing Something Borrowed with John Krasinski, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Kate Hudson because it's the exact same plot-line, but more entertaining and worthwhile.

gg98 2011-06-25
this was really bad,so disappointed. they couldve done alot more with the story and it just wasnt good, it was weird

Clare deLune 2011-06-20
Unfortunately this movie was awful, despite it's all-star cast, and it had very poor character and plot development

TMF202 2011-06-09
First off, the actors are not to blame for my dislike of this movie. They did their best with the script they were given. I like a lot of Elijah Wood movies and think Katie Holmes is gorgeous so figured I'd get my money's worth based on those two sentiments. Elijah Wood has a minor role, less present than in "Eternal Sunshine." At least "Eternal Sunshine" had an awesome plot. Or a plot at all. This story reminds me of a script from a grad student in creative writing. Spent the first third of the movie feeling awkward for the characters who try to portray some historical relationship, the second third thinking something might happen, and the end hoping for at least a conclusion to this mess. I was let down. If you're watching because you're an Elijah Wood fan, you'll be disappointed. If you're a Katie Holmes fan, you might like it. You will rarely see her smile though; it's mostly frowns, dejection, or tears from the pretty actress. So glad I watched this on a weekday; at least I didn't waste my weekend on it.

bridget52292 2011-06-07
I enjoy dark romantic dramas and usually disregard critics but Rotten Tomatoes was pretty generous with their 15% score. After seeing the trailer, it seemed as though there was no plot, but I wanted to see it any ways because of the actors. I really disliked Katie Holmes's character because she was selfish and didn't care about her friend at all. I realize she "stole" him from her but he chose her friend, several times! Most of the characters were not believable or realistic which was a shame. It was like watching an older and more boozed up episode of Gossip Girl only without a storyline.

Benjamin Lee 2011-05-29
Good movie. Loved the choice of music.

MacaulayConnor 2011-05-16
Twenty seven producers! 27! And none of them, obviously, bothered to watch Kasdan's THE BIG CHILL to see how this genre of film should be made. It is easy to understand, with grandstanding, melodramatic speeches sandwiched between musical montages, how and why such a remarkable cast would be attracted to the script. It is precisely this reason why agents and managers exist; to squelch this instinct in actors. Here, though, the protectors are given screen credits (and $$?) to allow their clients to indulge themselves. And though they try mightily, no one - not even the incomparable Bergen - can breath life into this DOA film. Few actresses could deliver Galt's arch, self-aware dialogue; Anna Paquin is definitely not one of them. Duhamel, one of the screen's most relaxed and engaging stars, is tense; perhaps even he was made uncomfortable at playing a PhD in English. Holmes doesn't register any screen presence (has she ever?); and well, it would be cruel to go on. No one escapes unscathed from this mess. And no one should be spared blame. You, though, should be spared your time and your money.

fotohosk 2011-04-23
A bit slow, a bit disjointed, a bit entertaining and a bit good. Josh Duhamel was a times brilliant but not consistently. You could watch it or not and be fine.

movie grul 2011-04-05
This film was interesting a quirky to say the least. Rolling in at only an hour and a half it doesn't exactly tell a great story but it depicts human emotion at it's most raw times.

Ibo Gregg 2011-04-03
The movie had a great plot, and a phenomenal cast... with the exception of Anna Paquin. She wasn't right for the part...I think her acting is purely meant for television. But.. the movie is worth seeing.

kwame76 2011-04-03
I enjoyed this was surprisingly good. I highly recommend it. I think we all have dysfunctional friends like these people in our lives.

esth5 2011-04-02
The only thought-provoking thing about this movie was wondering what on earth either woman saw in the guy. I didn't purchase this movie, I borrowed it from my roommate, but I'm sorry I even did that.

Steph Morris 2011-03-18
This movie is well written, beautifully acted, brilliantly directed. I don't suggest watching it with many people as it highly personal and appeals to the little romantic in all of us, the one we keep locked up and hope no one ever finds out about. I will i wish the character of laura would have said something like been a bit more fulfilling. I just wanted to see Tom own up to his feelings. That aside the movie pulled at my heart strings and conjured emotions of true love, and falling for someone whole heartedly. Touching Film. Great performance from the supporting cast, they are a beautiful comedic relief.

MOOOvies 2011-03-12
I havent seen her in a movie in YEARS! She came back and came back big! Although the story wasnt amazing, her acting was real and emotional. I love seeing her as a character with such emotional and impulse! I really loved the conflict in the story! the only reason i didnt give 5 stars is because I wish it would have given more info at the end, the credits just started rolling with no warning! Excluding the end, this is a MUST SEE for all who wish to see a unique romance story!

Follower_of_JC 2011-03-08
My wife and I were hoping for a cute, romantic movie to share, but this film was extremely disappointing from the beginning to the end. Hard core drunkenness was an endless theme without purpose, and the script was so lacking that I'm writing one of (if not) my first movie review ever. Though I usually just kick back and enjoy a movie for a break, I actually found myself wondering what the director was thinking multiple times throughout the movie. Much of the movie is captured at night and the lighting is terribly unrealistic. Overall, the quality was very poor and the budget must have been very small for this film.

ujaldi_hd 2011-02-21
I am not a big person for critics but this one sucked beyond everything i have seen before. Story was not even existent. I have seen better episodes of soap operas on tv. Another 96 Minutes of my life I will never get back. Dont rent or buy it - Rotten Tomatoes was totally right about it.

JLarrison 2011-02-17
I was expecting a romantic comedy with this film, especially after watching the trailer. I couldn't have been more wrong, this movie was charming, complex and real. The writing and storytelling rank up with some of the best movies I have seen in years. Though most people criticize this film for lacking depth, I found the story to be so compelling and realistic I feel some people must have missed the point. From the start of the movie to the ending you are brought into a group of friends, with all their feelings and baggage that has been created over years. Every group of friends goes through this time in their lives where they are growing up and becoming mature adults. This story shows a time before having children and the burdens of massive mortgages, private schools, and taxes, and allows us to share in the joys of love and the complexity of that love relative to your close friends and family. Throughout the film there is a feeling that this is finally the end of the friends 'aka The Romantics' as everyone is moving on and living their own lives and building their own families. The casting in this movie was brilliant, with Katie Holmes playing a distinctly mature young woman still in love and struggling as she is brought back into the place in her heart she has hidden away and was hoping never to come back to. I had no idea Katie could play such a mature and interesting character. She doesn't try and over sell the feelings her character is dealing with, and allows the audience to interpret what is really going on in her head and heart. Josh Duhamel is amazing in playing the cold footed groom, that is carrying more than typical wedding day jitters as he is trying to deal with complex emotions and feelings that go along with growing up and becoming a real adult. He does a great job of playing the groom that is formal and respectful to adults and involved in planning the special day, but also can revert back to his young wild days. Anna Paquin, Candice Bergen, and Dianna Agron do an amazing job of playing the bride and brides family, who are all struggling to ensure this special day is as great as all special days they have had in their sheltered, albeit sophisticated, lives. Candice is so great as the mom who is trying to hold everything together and make sure her daughter's life is just so perfect. From the start of the film you are brought into these relationships and can feel the love, tensions, excitement, and even resentment that have carried over from years of this group being friends and comrades as they grew-up. I really felt like I could relate and saw many of my friends in the different characters. I could see the days we would go to weddings together because so many of our friends were getting married. It gave us a time to get back together and relive the old days, but in a new dynamic that always carried over us. The film portrays this brilliantly. The cinematography is amazing, keeping you interested in the story, but also highlighting the sub-stories and feelings that carry through-out the film. The music that was selected for this film is also an important part to telling the story. I was a little disappointed that there was no official soundtrack because the music was wonderful and uplifting. I personally feel this movie is underrated. I am not a big fan of romantic films or coming of age movies. I never really liked wedding movies, though did find Rachel Getting Married to be interesting. This is an exception to the rule, it has all the charm and emotions that go along with a romantic drama, but brings to life a complex story of feelings and relationships that I hope everyone that watches can enjoy. The acting in the movie was great. Everyone from Candice Bergen to Elijah Wood to Adam Brody did a great job at being an ensemble cast, rather than one actor stealing the show. I strongly recommend this film to everyone. It is such a great film! It is a movie you could watch over and over again. Kudos to Galt Niederhoffer, Sam Levy and Jon Sadoff in creating such a great movie!

janyango 2011-02-16
i made it a point to read the book before watching the movie; I think the reason why the movie is so disliked is because it's just like the book. It's hard to translate what's going on in their heads on the screen. I kind of like the fact that the screenplay didn't bother to so much, but then, thinking of all the people that just watched the movie, the story just seemed strange. I liked it because I liked the book.

Movies to pass time 2011-02-15
i think most of the other reviews panned this movie strictly because it was katie holmes... i thought the movie was pretty decent. very 80's brat pack style, with all of the characters quasi romantically linked, etc. i'm not a fan of dushamel or holmes, but the movie worked, nonetheless. worth the rent. and as everyone else has said, the music is really great!

Srsly wth man and stuff 2011-02-15
The music was awesom, where is the soundtrack?

Ros7381 2011-02-14
This movie was sooooo boring, that I almost fell asleep a couple times while watching it. The acting was just blah. And this movie had Katie Holmes in it and anna paquin, so I definately expected a lot better acting. What a waste of time I spent on this horrible movie. DO NOT RENT!!

Katie Smiles 2011-02-12
I feel I am the only one that appreciated this movie from the reviews I have seen. The trailer I saw was right on...this movie is just what I had expected. Everyone was great in it and I was amazed to see Katie Holmes role in this movie. No one person out shined the other...there was perfect balance. I only wish that there was more of it to watch.

Mindy Houri 2011-02-11
i dont know why the reviews were so bad. it wasn't confusing or strange at all. i personally think that it was good. a nice and twisted romance.

Afitz1105 2011-02-08
This movie is absolutely terrible. I was so looking forward to it when I saw the trailer; it had such amazing actors in it! the plot, but Anna Paquin was super strange! The only good thing about the movie is Malin Ackerman; she's hilarious and real!

Buttons2424 2011-02-08
Am I the only straight guy who thinks Anna Paquin isn't even close to attractive? Okay, but I MUST be the only straight guy who thinks Katie Holmes is completely unexciting sexually. Oh, right: And in case Rotten Tomatoes wasn't clear enough: This movie is HORRENDOUS!!!!! P.S. Galt, you're done. No more writing. No more "directing." Just go.

Christy Luong 2011-01-20
They should really put up the soundtrack, especially Something Good by The Defenders!