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Power. Wealth. Sex. Extravagance. One place has them all… Dallas! Foreshadowing the “greed” decade of the 1980s, Dallas also changed the TV landscape, inspiring a string of sprawling multi-storyline dramas. In the show’s first and second season episodes, Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal and more play the Texas sons and daughters whose lives are soaked with oil, family and power. Larry Hagman embodies the infamous oil magnate J.R. Ewing, whose pursuit of wealth, influence and infamy would know no bounds. The man everyone loved to hate, during the series’ run – he still remains the model for corporate intrigue and Texas-sized conniving!

User Reviews
Bbgalini 2015-01-16
This is what nighttime TV should be today! Thank you so much...please please bring on more seasons!

pdx rose 2012-11-04
They say season 1 and 2 but it looks like it's only season 1

georgeionescu20 2012-04-08
please add all 14 season, best tv show ever

BubblesComin344 2012-01-22
Need all the seasons please! Best show ever! Never ever missed it. Bring on the rest of the seasons!

Dallas FW 2012-01-18
Please add other seasons!!!

redriver1 2012-01-07
Please add more Dallas seasons!!!! Thank you! This is an all time favorite!!!!!!

Coyne95 2012-01-04
Thank You Itunes,for finally adding this,PLEASE add more seasons especially seasons 3,4,5,6,7 and 8

CarenW 2011-12-19
I remember watching this series way back when. Welcome home to New York Dallas.

Precious1995 2011-12-12
I tried several times and it won't let me download it.

allamericany71 2011-12-10
I have always loved this show, I remember it initially came on Sunday and not on Friday the way most people remember it. The J.R. Ewing character set the standard for the soap opera bad guy; every bad deed he committed was always delivered with an impish grin. I remember loving the Ewing barbeques, the swimming pool fights, and the Oil Barons ball. What a heck of a show!

pnlvrdc1 2011-12-06