War Horse
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From legendary director Steven Spielberg comes the epic adventure War Horse, a tale of incredible loyalty, hope and tenacity. Based on the Tony award-winning* Broadway play, and set against the sweeping canvas of World War I, this deeply heartfelt story begins with the remarkable friendship between a horse named Joey and his young trainer Albert. When they’re forced apart by war, we follow Joey’s extraordinary journey as he changes and inspires the lives of everyone he meets. War Horse is a “Genuine Movie Masterpiece” (Rex Reed, The New York Observer) and one of the most powerful and moving stories of friendship ever told.

User Reviews
WBBaglio 2023-02-25
Please fix this!

linstack 2020-10-05
I thought it was a decent movie the whole story and everything it was kinda too sad that people aren’t the only thing to die. But a lot of horses died also. One of the horse that belonged to the main person that was the Owner got taken by stolen by one of the bad troops.

Jolovesgum 2019-09-12
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yhhhduudud 2018-10-31
An instant war drama classic

Yodaman70 2018-07-11
Movie was perfect. But overwhelming loud music plays so can't hear anything of the special features and no way to shut off the loud orchestral music.

Ozarkchic 2018-05-26
Such a wonderfully done movie. A must add to your movie collection!

OlympicDreamer14 2018-01-04
Although it is a bit unrealistic at times the heart of the story is very memorable. It isn’t extremely predictable until the very end and doesn’t contain an ounce of the generic horse crazy girl story. It follows the book and does a great job a showing the story as it is; a memorable, tear jerking, heart felt story about pain, courage but most of all loyalty and love. A great movie that will be worth the money to own. I myself have watched it about 4 times in the past 3 years. You won’t regret it.

Mammoth Lakes, CA 2017-08-20
Spielberg really outdid himself with this one.

R. W. Keller 2017-02-25
A great story and great story telling.

Kayla🌻 2015-10-25
This movie is great, I love how the horse survived through every group he was with. I love it how the boy and his horse were reunited and how he took the time to train him an take care of him like he promised. Almost made me cry. (I think I had one tear drop) This is very inspiring. Great movie.

Hrm530 2015-09-12
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Tom Hiddleston...

Peabody202 2015-08-03
Not one of the all time greats, but a very good movie.

Montissi 2015-05-26
Great book, poor film. Melodramatic, unconvincing, plodding. Spielberg’s attempt at technicolor is abysmal and amateurish - I don’t think he understands it as a medium - at all.

CWHK87 2015-02-08
I am dislexic and war horse was the first book I had ever read fully I was in the forth grade and when this movie came out I saw it like five times in the theater and loved it then I Baugh it and memorized the hole movie word for word and the cried for like five minutes

My horse Levi 2015-01-26
I saw the movie and I cried this is my fav movie and I love it because I have a horse named Levi so I love horses.

Bernardo serrato 2014-10-26
It was really good :)

Delaney7552 2014-02-12
This movie is an absolute must see. WAR HORSE leaves a lasting impression of the true love a boy has for his family, country, and beautiful thoroughbred, Joey. I recommend it to everyone.

itsmariacarmenxx 2013-12-25
If anyone has ever seen the 1994 classic Black Beauty or read the book, this story is almost the same, but without hearing the voice-over of the horse’s thoughts and it involves a war. Whoever trained these horses did a fabulous job and so did Spielberg for capturing the emotions of the horses throughout the film. This film will definitely make you cry or at least tear up if you have a heart for films like this. I know I did.

Uuuuuuuuuuh a kid 2013-09-08
One of Spielberg's best

Octavian14 2013-07-20
I like you and your services quite a lot, but why $20 for this film, with no option of renting it? I just wonder what your logic is.

Orangetabby66 2013-07-18
Ok so I know I want to get this movie but if u but it where does it go on an iPod do u go to music videos!? Someone PLEASE ANSWER!!!!

GAP1956 2013-07-01
Despite criticisms about character development from some reviewers (what do expect in the timeframe!) I thought the special effects amazing! Loved the movie a real tear jerker of old!!

Jennie the Jesus-lover 2013-06-08
Even though I don't care for the language and drinking and smoking and the disturbing war, Joey's sweetness and desire to pull through all the pains he was through and survive and Albert's tenderheartedness somehow shows how stupid war is and how precious every living thing is, whatever nation it is or creature.

Imusic411 2013-04-19
At first, I thought this movie would not be good. A movie about a horse? Really? But when I rented it (when you could) one boring day, I was speechless. This movie is absolutely amazing. It makes you smile, laugh, and cry till you can't cry no more. If your thinking ehh I don't know if I want to watch a movie about a horse, think again! AMAZING MOVIE. Seriously stop reading my review, go make some popcorn, and buy it or rent it somehow. Go. Don't think twice. ❤🐴❤

Astroarya 2013-03-27
This was just an uplifting, beautiful film. It was amazingly authentic, and the acting and the story were phenomenal. Give it a shot, I was very apprehensive but I'm so glad I watched this.

Horse n cowboy lover 2013-03-26
In my opinion, I loved the movie!!! If you read the book, it might help you understand the movie better.

The Film Advisor 2013-02-25
An intriguing and rising story of pure achievement, courage, and glory! Another uprising Steven Spielberg film thats gives a cheerful communication within its story and production. The Film Advisor Late February 2013

ArabianMystery 2013-02-21
Oh my German martingales this movie is amazing. If you can handle a little war sene u will know it is amazing too. Prepare to cry at the end. And if someone tells u war horse dies at the end it isn't true. His buddy dies. Other than that it is fantastic. Expect ally if u r a horse lover.


GooberMountain 2013-01-21
This was a very trying movie that made my heart fill with warmth, and heartache as well. For some wretch who said "Who cares about a horse?" To that person, YOU sounded like a complete moron. What a twitty dimwit! But I loved the movie!!!

hcgfx 2013-01-14
I didnt see the movie but i dont want to buy it cause i dont want to waste the money if i didnt like the movie so itunes please make this movie ok to rent and the rating i put its just because i cant submit this without a rating so dont take the rating as a compliment

BouvierOwner 2013-01-06
Nice film.

Karci2019 2013-01-01
The effects were AMAZING! The part with the war... It was breath taking! So realistic! It was one of my favorite movies!

Great but was way better 2012-12-31
U sed to b able 2 rent it

The computernerd023456 2012-12-23
This has to be one of the best movies I have ever seen in a very long time. The cinematography was incredible and the score was phenomenal. The only reason this movie didn't win Best Picture is because the academy didn't want to give Spielberg another Oscar. It is an emotional and beautiful work of art. I would reccommend this movie to everyone except the people who are troubled by scenes of war. Also: to the ignorant people who thought this movie is just about a horse, it's so much more than that. Don't listen to the people who say that it is.

lxiuGDVO 2012-12-22
It's indescribable. War Horse is the best movie I've seen so far. It's such a tear-jerker (so bring a box of tissues) and portrays the horrors of WWI well. Watch this movie.

Noe's Reviews 2012-12-20
Awesome movie it touched my heart. Great for family movie night

1554 2012-12-02
It was a lacking movie in every department. Spielberg has lost his touch. Hollywood has run out of great ideas.

Man Edward 2012-11-26
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Nuebis 2012-11-23
Sickeningly awful. Sappy, stupid and absolutely disgusting.

rolandoperez 2012-11-03
It is now that I finally get to see this movie. I read some reviews and found most positive. And of course there are those who the movie does not stir up any emotions, so they have to put War Horse down with a bunch of technical non-sense. No one will ever make a movie like E.T. again, but Spielberg will keep tradition by continuing making quality movies. A whole lot of people thought A.I. was a disaster, but not too me, you have to look deep into the story. War Horse is not just about the relationship of a young boy and his horse, but about the boy beccoming a man and going to war. It is a movie about the atrocities of men to put themselves through in the name of nationality. And finally the full circle between the horse and it's owner. If you love horses, this movie is a must to see.

Kellymouse24 2012-11-02
Awesome movie very inspiring

Jonny2222 2012-10-31
This is the greatest horse movie I have ever seen by far!

MacReverb2 2012-10-16
This is easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Who gives a crap about a horse? I thought this movie might actually work on a deeper level but no, its just a ridiculous story about a horse that doesn't do anything interesting (unless you consider plowing a field interesting). Why did the tank go after the horse, can someone please explain why the Germans would want to blow up a riderless horse? If the boring doesn't kill ya, the mellow dram swill. What dreck. This is a movie for farmers and slow witted morons.

Abigail loves horses 2012-08-29
I love this movie it's the best u have to watch it!

Blahblah person who wrotthis 2012-08-12
You have to see it. Excellent story! Thank you Steven Spielberg

Tim GA. 2012-08-04
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It is a great story and well paced. I never became bored while watching it. My only regret is that I only rented it and should have purchased this one.

DesmondAugustine 2012-07-28
I have tried to understand the people who said this movie wasn't good - and then I realized - they clearly didn't really watch it. I'm not a Horse guy at all - but the simple way they made me love and understand these animals is crazy. Don't get me wrong - the acting is unbelievable as well. From all angles of the war - this amazing horse Joey - is able to make men come together at a time of incredible peril. 2 thumbs up, 5 stars, AAA rating, whatever you want. Watch this movie - you will not forget it, nor regret it.

Signaturescent 2012-07-19
Seriously, how sappy is this valley!?! Steven Spielberg couldn't decide which horse movie to remake, so he just threw them all into the schmaltz-o-matic and out popped this pile of horse puckey. Extra star for casting Tom Hiddleston and some very fine horses.

Frankystuff 2012-07-11
Steven Speilberg it the greatest director period! War Horse is an outstanding movie! It made me laugh, cry, & cheer on the film! We are reminded about the sad reality of going into battle. We also take a look at the great courage of the human spirit! We see the bond between man & animal.