This Means War
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The world’s deadliest CIA operatives are inseparable partners and best friends until they fall for

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FDR (Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy) are covert CIA operatives and best buddies...until they both fall for charming and sexy Lauren (Reese Witherspoon). Their friendship is put to the ultimate test as they wage an epic battle for her affection, using their surveillance skills and an array of high-tech gadgetry -- may the best spy win!

User Reviews
morganmariiie 2020-04-14
A really good movie, it’s romantic and funny and Reese as always is just awesome.

wbahng 2020-04-12
Good mix of beautiful people, quriky antics, not so realistic scenarios. Its a Rom-Com, not a drama, it might not be one of the best in that category, but definetly not as bad as some reviewers might make it to be. You need to be in the mood to watch one of these, so watch it when you feel you need a little light hearted fun and ENJOY!

SAMUEL MAFFIE 2020-02-17

Gamer holdem 2019-02-09
Love 💕 this fun flick. Own it, watch it ever so often. Just a fun film. 👍

Armada75 2018-12-07
Yes this is an action-comedy to please women of all ages, not a dramatic comedy film. If you understand that, then you will love this movie. For $4.99, buy it, your girlfriend or spouse will love you for it...this movie allows you to relax with GF or BFF and watch multiple times without getting tired of it. The two spy friends roles should’ve been reversed, but I don’t see anyone being able to pull off the “Lady in Red” roll quite like Reese Witherspoon did. A nieve, nockout blonde torn between two men fighting over her like teenagers before asking her to decide which she’d prefer to a typical scenario for high school and college campuses. Something like this happening in the world of Spies, not at all believable but these two guys are as drop dead gorgeous as Witherspoon. What it lacks in a serious action-adventure makes up for in Comedy and nobody can resist those baby blue eyes❣️👀 You try looking into those blue eyes and say “No.”

rickiikai 2018-11-04
I have watched this movie over and over and it never gets old. It’s literally the perfect romantic comedy and.. Bonus there’s some action too. Plus, Chris pine and Tom hardy.. nuff said.

Depravedpsycho 2017-12-23
The film had a decent premise, lovable lead characters, and a few genuine laughs. It’s problems were the cliched script and extremely short action scenes. I feel like if I took a bathroom break during the end battle, I would have missed the whole scene.

rlo123 2017-09-01
Really a great movie. Wish there were more out there like this one!! A must see.

Fletch F. Fletch 2017-07-22
Even though it's a rom com mixed in with spy action and it's not groundbreaking in any way, there are some genuinely hilarious moments, some well done (literally award winning stunts) action sequences and massive amounts of charisma. If there's one glaring issue is that the chemistry between Hardy and Pine is so good that it dwarfs the chemistry either has with Witherspoon. One can only hope these two guys team up in another movie one day. It's a fun time.

ttokar6 2015-12-24
Very fun chick flick! I loved it and will definitely watch it again!

Valdigus King 2015-09-03
An action/espionage film disguised as a romantic comedy about two guys dating the same woman? Awesome! Add in the awesomeness that is Tom Hardy and Chris Pine, and you get a masterpiece.

¢$ 2015-09-02
This move is funny and has some good action, yet it is quite generic

DPM 1234 2015-08-29
A really funny movie, but you have to ignore the dreadful opening scene. We watched as a family and were happy to give up on the $4 bucks rental after 10 minutes as the opening is so bad. But we kept going a little longer, and it became really entertaining.

Emster12309875 2015-08-03
It will have you dying of laughter one minute and the falling in love (with the characters) the next.

FlicksNotFilms 2014-05-18
Once again, the professional critics got it wrong and they remain out of touch with the general population. This was a great movie ... I laughed all the way through it and I actually liked the witty dialog. Like many of the other commentators, I especially liked the natural chemistry between Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. They made the dialog sound spontaneous and kept the pace fast and the movie from getting maudlin or campy. This'll become one of my fave rom coms.

Ill momma 2014-04-27
In the beginning of the movie you might think that this is a stupid FBI movie that your brother or dad wants to watch, or it will be gory and that there will be a lot of killing. This movie is the total opposite of that. This movie takes a giant turn after they get "grounded". The funny part of this movie is how they each are like little kids fighting over a toy at the playground! It is ridiculous how they are using professional hacking devices, "top-dollar-equipment"to ruin the "romantic life" of one another. So an after all grade I give this movie 5 stars.

BOYAKSA 2014-04-17

AudreyE995 2013-08-10
Chris pine is such a good actor! And I thought the movie was really spot on! Especially since she choose FDR at the end! A really action packed movie for everyone to enjoy! Thumbs up!

Gabby12194 2013-07-18
This movie is beyond funny i recommend it to any one who's in the mood for a laugh out loud comedy

Reggiefish7 2013-05-09
I didn't really like it and the money's not really worth it

Jst_visiting 2013-05-08
For time killing fodder, not worth a buy. Maybe see if they opt to rental.

xBigBlueWHALEx 2013-02-17
Tom Hardy can do it all and shows that you dont have to be perfect looking to be an awesome actor

neonpanda44 2013-02-08
I am not going to pay $20 for a movie. If this was for rent, iTunes would Make more money because most people aren't willing to pay that much.

Pandas 415 2013-01-22
Horrible price

sugarland588275 2013-01-20 would have $8 more in your account, iTunes/people who made this movie/big jerks for not making it available for rent.

Asantekamill 2013-01-17
Really? $20 .00 for this garbage? It's been out for a year. N.... Please!

Museveni06 2013-01-07

Xcrunner00654 2012-12-29
I love this movie. All the characters are so funny. I would recommend this to people who like action/comedy movies.

paynisparty 2012-12-28
i cant believe two not-so-bad-looking guys are fighting over HER....ew..

FindTheTime80 2012-11-29
I give it 3 stars because the performances were good, considering everything else. I also quite enjoy seeing Tom Hardy on the screen. I felt like all of the characters were flat and given no depth, especially Reese Witherspoon's Character... and I had a dislike of Chris Pine's Character. So, while I secretly was rooting for Tom Hardy, I really didn't get into it because I couldn't "bond" with any of the characters, because they weren't characters, just faces with words to say and things to blow up. I wasn't pleased with the way the movie went and it seemed over the top for no reason. A Love triangle, with bombs and spy planes... Didn't really work. The comedy could have been played up more but I only found myself laughing when Chealsy Handler was on the screen. Mr & Mrs Smith, now that was a fun movie... a bit too much on the gender wars, but still fun.

rlubo07 2012-11-13
I loved it! I was not really thrilled about who won the girl in the end but it was funny and fresh, must watch!

That Uki 2012-11-11
It has great action, and this movie has a lot of gut busting jokes. Reese Witherspoon trying to decide between two guys (Surprise, surprise, both of these guys somehow work together as spies) at times seems too repetitive. The upside to this movie is that you will laugh a bunch of times, and it has a lot of slick visuals, and the action sequences are pretty memorable. The downside is that there is a LOT of pointless dialogue that seems to go on forever. (Sometimes you might even consider playing russian roulette with yourself to pass the time during some conversations) There is a villain in this movie, however you wouldn't even bother noticing him at all since he is very boring, two dimensional, and he doesn't seem that threatening at all. (All he does is smirk, and give you that dull "I'll kill ya" look) You won't see him at all during the movie (Thank God) However he seems really out of place in this movie. Also, the plot is predictable, and has a ton of clichés. However the movie is fun, and it is a good way to waste some time. There are similar movies like this one. Honestly, if your looking for a good action/ comedy romance spy movie. Then watch Knight and Day, or The Killers instead. Those 2 movies are kind of better then this one. I recommend that this movie as a low rental.

empiregem 2012-10-21
We're not going for Oscar awards here but it's a fun rom/com with some action. I was laughing hysterically in some parts, and Tom Hardy is always nice to look at. :)

Micheboo 2012-10-20
I have no idea who these companies hire to rate movies, but they should be fired. Cute, and great, romance. It was funny, sexy, entertaining, happy and did I mention entertaining. Watch it! :D

xXmanutd4lyfXx 2012-10-16
Yes the movie was predictable but it was a good film overall. Deserved 3 stars but I thought the ending was pretty funny so I gave them the bump to 4 stars.

scrubsarecomfy 2012-10-07
I rented this movie and loved it! I'm not sure what type of avant garde wanna-be reviewers that RT is using nowadays, but this movie is worth a rental. It does what it promises: funny story, decent plot, a lot of laughable moments, and great actors. Skip the RT reviews and look at the customer ratings--they're where the accuracy is at.

BM0713 2012-10-06
All of the jokes and even the plot has already been used, there is nothing new brought by this movie. I saw it in theaters and honestly had a hard time staying awake, the relationships weren't believable and a lot of it just didn't make sense, they could of made it so much better, for those people who thought it was good have obviously never seen a movie before.

This was awful 2012-10-06
I hope that all the actors can still get work after this dog! Save the 1:37 minutes to go trim your nails or something worthwhile.

iamrunmommy 2012-10-01
I love the mix lf comedy and action. But, like other comments, i think it could have been more fun.

Deadeye [+] 2012-09-27
If ya like a ton of action and a bit of comedy like me, then you'll love this If ya like those two with a lil bit of romance and a good lookin girl then you will buy this movie like I did

ActuallyMaikk 2012-09-27
Not half as fun as it could've been. The main actors stay way under their limits perhaps due to the weak story.

Shewolfdc 2012-09-20
The professional critics missed it with this movie. I loved it. Yes it's a predictable romantic comedy, but the two male leads do a great job and bring something fresh to the genre. I felt like they had an almost 'Moonlighting' pace with their dialogue. Great fun.

EaJyt 2012-09-13
despite the opening introduction, the rest part picture of the movie is so rough and low- resolution!!! to be honest my mood is almost ruined ! It's absolutely not worthy of buying

Qmarie 2012-09-10
Why are all the reviews (from rotten tomatoes) for this movie bad? I loved it! I just went on a long distance bus ride with my team and another team which was about 32 people and watched this movie and everyone loved it! Our whole bus was cracking up!

VicNTom 2012-09-04
This means war was funny but it was all expected.

TheyMostlyComeAtNight 2012-08-28
If I had no sense at all, I might enjoy this movie.

bubblezandpopcorn 2012-08-27
Funny and clever!

macuser35 2012-08-26
A surprisingly good movie. Wife and I enjoyed it, easily worth the rental price.

Brenda Gregorio 2012-08-21
Awesome movie chris pine was amazing!!

Hey452276();3635$ 2012-08-19
It's really like whats gonna happen next that's why it's awesome