Friends With Kids
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Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, and Jon Hamm join Jennifer Westfeldt and Adam Scott in this hilarious ensemble comedy about a group of close friends whose lives change once they have kids. When the last two singles in the group (Westfeldt and Scott) decide to have a child together—but still date other people—their unconventional experiment leads everyone to question the nature of family, friendships, and true love in this laugh-filled film featuring Chris O'Dowd, Megan Fox, and Edward Burns.

User Reviews
Mis 😜😜 2021-06-17
First of all, I just think the movie is odd and inappropriate. It’s so confusing and even the thing at the end like cmon. I just think I could find a better movie for a BETTER price

Riderlab 2018-10-19
I rarely take the time to write a review but this movie was so morally bankrupt that I had to do it. The characters are shallow and the foul language unmerited. I agree with what others have said-that it is more of a drama than a comedy-which would have been fine had it been entertaining. Then, finally toward the end, you think the characters are getting it (i.e. developing some sort of depth, understanding and moral compass) they blow it with the worst ending in movie history.

Danyel1975 2017-09-17
But this one is forced and icky and uncomfortable. The ending is ridiculous and wrong.

LEHY89 2017-08-25
I never write movie reviews, but this was the worst movie I have ever seen. Ever. I couldn't watch Jennifer Westfeldt's character for another minute. Not even Adam Scott, Jon Hamm, Kristin Wiig, Chris Odowd and Maya Rudolph could save this. I have NO idea how this has 3.5 star ratings.

Jjayc13 2014-06-30
It's my life!!! Me and my best friend seen this now we have a kid and very happy... She's that love of my life❤️

Rudy_Chasal 2013-03-16
I love this movie. I have lost track of the number of times I've watched it. I practically watch it every other day. It makes me laugh a lot. The cast couldn't be better, but my favorite character is Jason, played by Adam Scott. This movie deserves ten stars, not five. I ONLY WISH THE SOUNDTRACK WAS AVAILABLE.

Mishybee007 2013-01-15
The acting made me cringe the writing was well done but whoever casted this movie boo you. It's highly predictable movie... Just like someone said the least likeable characters are the main ones

tbird2345 2013-01-07
Whoever wrote this movie confused being raunchy for being original; the result was an incredibly trite rom com plot with truly unlikeable and crass characters. I don't know why I bothered watching to the predictable ending. I pity any child raised by those wretched narcissists.

samjyee 2013-01-07
Truthfully, I only got this movie because of the cast. I wanted to like it, but it was just awful. There are some really HILARIOUS parts, and for that, I am giving it 2 stars instead of 1. This is a typical rom-com chick flick with more crude, raunchy humor. The ending is predictable, though not very romantic.

Moongimp 2013-01-05
Unfortunately the least likeable actors were the main characters. There was very little chemistry between them. The male lead was really badly cast, the guy from parks and recreation just doesn't seem like a 'player'. Hearing him say "I wanna f##K you so bad" was really funny, it wasn't supposed to be.

Tommy_G99 2013-01-05
This was the best movie I have seen in years!! I recommend it to all audiences.

EmiandDrew'smom 2013-01-05
I laughed out loud for the 1st hour, went a little south after that, got a little depressing, and just kind of fizzled out in the end. Maya Rudolph is hysterical in this. Worth the rental price.

Plizzo 2013-01-05
Not hilarious at all, so please don't call it a comedy. It's a rather serious and boring comedy, if at all..

1336western 2013-01-02
Totally predictable and one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. Don't believe me? Fast forward to the cooing line of the movie and decide for yourself. Great cast, such a shame they all now have this on their records.

Annemarie1216 2012-12-30
Made me laugh and cry. Great storyline and perfect movie. Rented it when it was 99 cents and had to do it again! Well worth it

strangehart 2012-12-29
That's all i can say. i want the 2 hours of my life back.

Brandon/Carol 2012-12-27
We loved this movie, one of our favorites of the year. Perfect mix of comedy and romance! Great job!

rsows 2012-12-25
Wonderfully relatable topic and good entertainment, if you're willing to swallow a huge lump of salt

@gentleman_of_leisure510 2012-12-15
I paid for this movie when it was 99 cents and it never played. Not happy about that is there anyway I can get what i paid for?

Galexa07 2012-12-14
I think it's a mistake to say this is a comedy and sell it as that. Now, getting that out of the way, I really liked it. It's good and charming. It's HOLLYWOOD (hence the end!) but it tells some truths here and there about changes in life with kids, relationship with friends, feelings about our spouses, children and friends, mistakes made and changes within ourselves. I enjoyed it a lot.

BeadNut 2012-12-13
Glad his was only a $.99 rental. Even at that, it was a waste of money. Irritating plot, acting, everything. Didn't even get through it.

Reindeer meat 2012-12-13
0 stars. Everything about the leading lady was so annoying that it made me angry. The entire movie just sucked and the ending just topped it off. This is the first time I have ever reviewed anything...that is how bad this movie was. I rented it as a 99 cent rental of the week on iTunes.

Mznursekika 2012-12-13
Cute had it down point but overall not bad made me cry a bit..

dj D77 2012-12-13
The movie wasn't bad at all

Pragmatic1 2012-12-12
I laughed out loud, and didn't care who else on the plane knew it.

jason_philo 2012-12-12
The best acting in this movie was done by the infants and toddlers. It was the only time the illusion of disbelief was achieved, and they were absolutely adorable. Especially the main couple's child. Just scrumptious. Seriously, the children acted better than the adults. Megan Fox could've had a log stand in and no one would notice. The SNL crew did do better here than on the show—they barely looked like they were reading their lines.

alex45679 2012-12-11
The movie started off well, but the ending ruined it. Horrible ending

Vee Santana 2012-12-10
Stupid movie hated it. Not very funny. Didn't finish the movie. Wouldn't pay a penny for it. 👎 Wouldn't even give it a star but its mandatory.

Russian45 2012-12-10
I highly recommend this movie to everyone!

Pollyluna 2012-12-09
Which I do hate the abrupt ending ...I do love how this movie goes. I loved it

austoninhouston 2012-12-08
Made me cry. I was stoned, but still.

seghughes 2012-12-08
I was really expecting to see some comedy and romance, did not see either. The ending was not only predictable, but also cut really short and just straight up stupid. I was really disappointed.

KublaiKan't 2012-12-08
Seriously boring moving. There are a few laughs but they are so far in-between with nothing else happening that it's a real boring movie. It's not romantic - there is no chemistry between the leads or any of the other couples. The script may have been great but the directing, acting and editing completely killed it. Don't bother. For 99c, it's about a buck overpriced. And that's being nice.

MissTipp 2012-12-06
I laughed. I cried. I laughed and cried. Overall good movie.

jimiano23 2012-12-06
One of the most ridiculous movies I have ever seen in my life absolutely terrible!!

MLBROW5 2012-12-06
Went in expecting a decent little indie rom-com, came away feeling meh about the whole production. This is obviously Westfeldt's movie as she directs, writes and stars in the film. Unfortuntely she does not do any of these very well. The two areas in which the film struggle are with dialogue and character development. While I wanted to care about a character one way or another, the dialogue and lack of focus on some of the characters make this impossible. With a solid cast this is very dissapointing. Outside of one scene with Jon Hamm at a dinner, there are no stand out moments in the films or with any characters. There are far better movies to spend an hour or two watching. If you want to see a indie rom-com done right, then by all means watch 500 Days of (Summer). That's the perfect example of how to develop characters you feel for and geniunely are compelled to see the story through to the end.

Armanimia 2012-12-05
It is an okay movie.

crisanthemum 2012-12-05
Almost didn't rent this based on customer reviews, but I'm glad I did anyway. The movie was very honest, well written, and had a lot of heart. Really appreciated what the main character went through, all performances felt very genuine and real, not surprising because it was a great cast. Really glad I watched it.

Awe Heal 2012-12-05
i enjoyed watching this. thanks iTunes for the $.99 rental!

mikevb 2012-11-14
Plot was ok but not real exciting and predictable. I think they made an attempt at it but it didn't quite meet the mark. Not worth the regular rental price.

Basketrgrl67 2012-11-05
Its one of those movies that you think its cute movie when you watch it the first time but once you watch it again and again you LOVE IT. Hilarious and deep, one of my favorites.

ijustyn 2012-10-08
Watched it for the cast. Stopped from the lack of interest. #tldr

Hdgdyfh 2012-10-01
A real feel-good movie...perfect when you don't want to think...just enjoy.

Ezra 23 2012-09-27
I felt like it was interesting from beginning to end. It did have some parts that were like get to point. But it's all worth wild at the end. FYI Megan fox is way hotter than the leading actress .

Jakeohh 2012-09-21
Good comedy. Rec.

OlgaWeintraub 2012-09-19
If you are 30 plus and have kids, and your friends you used to live the fabulous single life with have kids, things change. If you expect to laugh the whole time while watching this movie, forget it. In a good way. This is a movie about being a new parent, and about being a part of the parenting duo. You get the point. There is this certain something about parenting, which is indescribable and beautiful . Even for the "career / single / free - used to be"s. This movie is about that. I read some bad reviews about this movie. (Also, the trailer doesn't do it any justice.) I guess, when people see the cast from the Bridesmaids, they expect the same thing. It is not and it is great. It feels very natural.

Reign In Blood. 2012-09-16
2 Stars for megan..

Fanfoot. 2012-09-12
Really really boring. Not funny. Not well acted. Not worth your money.

Cleeeeng 2012-09-09
Was a bit disappointed given the hype nymag gave it. Most of the characters are super one-dimensional, and Kristen Wiig has like 3 lines in the movie. And it's really just not that funny. It's more that you know it's supposed to be funny rather than feeling its actually funny.

Aleurone 2012-09-08
Very juvenile and very poorly written. It's a 30 Something concept that relies on juvenile references for laughs. Amazing these actors would participate. If you're over 16 or maybe 14 in maturity, skip it. I didn't finish the movie. Waste of money.