Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
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The year is 2065 AD. The Earth is infested with alien spirits, and mankind faces total extinction.

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The year is 2065 AD. The Earth is infested with alien spirits, and mankind faces total extinction. Led by a strange dream and guided by her mentor, Dr. Sid, scientist Aki Ross struggles to collect eight spirits in the hope of creating a force powerful enough to destroy the alien presence and pure enough to protect the planet. With the aid of the Deep Eyes Squadron, Aki must save the Earth from its darkest hate and unleash the final spirit. FINAL FANTASY is the groundbreaking new CGI film from the creators of the Final Fantasy Video Game Franchise.

User Reviews
quintission 2021-06-18
iTunes should have a dual language version of the movie offering the original Japanese audio and English subtitles

JKBlohm 2019-11-23
For real, watch it now, and just block out the fact that it says Final Fantasy. As a kid, I had my dad rent this cause of the name, and when I watched it, I thought it sucked. Then I watched it again about a year ago, now well in my twenties, and it’s a pretty solid film. However you think you remember it, just go back and give it another go.

GooieGreen 2019-04-10
This was such a big deal at the time that it came out, with the effects and big names attached to it. But it remains a shell of a story, having little to do with the series as a whole and is still hard to sit through. Nothing really happens; it sort of gets lost in how expensive the animation was to make before realizing there should be something interesting to move the plot along.

Sanctuary718 2017-01-24
I like this movie. I don't care much for the video games and i've played them however i DO LIKE THIS MOVIE. and NO I won't be buying anymore versions of this video game. I don't care much for JRPG's anymore. And i've been gaming for thirty five years.

Slyaloud 2015-06-07
This is a really good movie: great story, characters, direction. The only mistake was to call it 'Final Fantasy' because it doesn't have much to do with the video game series.

Runincircles70 2014-08-22
It should have just said, by the creators if final fantasy. It didn't follow the final fantasy plot of a group. The movie had some decent action but didn't have any final fantasy feel to it. Ff7 advent children was what I was expecting.

Ugtbk IMF 2014-01-25
I rate this on the basis that I have final fantasy advent children, need I say more?!?!?!? Let's be honest here! It's like watching standard definition on your old grandmas TV in cased in wood to a 75' Sony LED 4K Flat TV.

Jaiden Wolf 2012-09-17
As much as I personally love this movie, I don't understand why it's so expensive while it's so widely considered as such a failure. The truest of Final Fantasy fans get the most out of this movie by keeping in mind the possibilities and theme of an older time where sequels and continuations were not commonplace. This is another story, on another planet, in another dimension, another reality and imagination. By keeping an open mind, one draws their own connections between various points throughout the movie, and is able to enjoy its story as much the interactive iterations of the franchise.

UnlimitedBladeWorks 2012-09-02
It was a great mysterious movie, also kind of weird.