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Ayumu’s got problems. He was murdered by a serial killer and resurrected as a zombie by a cute little Necromancer who refuses to speak to him. Then he got mixed up with a magical girl and her deadly pink chainsaw. After that, he made out with a vampire ninja! Between his harem of mystical misfits and his decaying body, Ayumu could end up even deader before solving the mystery of his own death!

User Reviews
RelicLord 2016-11-22
I love this series as a manga, as an anime it's fun BUT why list it as MA if they're going to censor it? TV-14 is closer to what the rating should be which is why it gets 4 and not 5 stars. It has a great mix of humor, action and drama with some panty fan service.

Alex4191 2014-11-08
i need season 3 :(

Venom1561 2014-04-30
On a lighter note please add the blu ray versions to itunes ASAP😭😭😭😭 We'll not buy otherwise😡😡😡😡😡

Cardcaptorhailey 2013-10-05
I admit, some parts of the original Japanese are better than the dub, but some parts of the dub outshine the Japanese original! Haruna is still hilarious, no matter what language she's in. And Eucliwood, your thoughts? Eu: *writes* [Truly splendid.]

blunite01 2013-09-12
Very funny. Lol it's worth every it has good themes as well and a very cool story line. Best anime I've seen

SkyNatsume 2013-07-07
I'm not a dubs fan but this was just as funny I enjoyed every second of this series . I just can't wait for Funimation to release the second season in September . I can not recommend this enough worth every cent any anime fan would be honored to have this in their collection.

I <3 BestBuy 2013-03-26
Is This a Zombie is such an awesome action packed series, my favorite character Are the Necromanser, Haruna, Yuki, and Seraphim.

jiwegunjrvckoejfi 2013-03-15
Hanura calls eu a neckwearmancer it's not because of a bad translation

Aikawa ayumu 2012-12-23
It's haruna Ha-ru-na Anyways this is my favorite anime BUT funimation did a crapy translation Necrowearmancer? It's necromancer,but other than that it still is hilarious as long as it doesn't get dubbed And it's called is this a zombie? I know because I've learned how the language is structured desu means is and kore means this so kore wa zombie desu ka? Means This is a zombie? It makes so much more sense though just to call it Kore wa zombie desu ka?

anime#1 2012-12-15
finally a great comedy anime has arrived

inu6679 2012-12-15
YEESSS i hope season out soon