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This season, Ton and Allen juggle the demands of their very first store-front, Haff-Ton Pawn. But with the new venture comes tremendous risk, problems with employees and increased competition from vengeful rivals.

User Reviews
imtigger2 2013-03-16
My wife and I used to LOVE this show, and in our opinion, they've just ruined it with the fake pawn shop (straight up, it doesn't exist, I live up the street, I know it's not at that corner..) and this "YO! Sup wit dat Big Sis is DA QUEEN of Pawn ya'all!" Wow. It's truly unfortunate that they've decided to go the route that most of these shows are going right now... "Trying" to add "entertainment" stories (i.e.; fake segments) between the GOOD stuff (actual bidding and collectibles , you know , what the show is about, right?). Pawn Stars is going that same direction by slowly adding in these "lets trick Rick" and "lets make fun of Chumlee" segments in between the show that we all love to watch. It's becoming ridiculous . Allen and Ton used to sound intelligent, seemed to have fun and loved showing us (and teaching us) about what we are seeing and discovering. Yes, I'm intelligent, "I know" that ALL of these shows are scripted. Front to back, however... The items themselves are real, and its a blast to "discover" and "find" unique items with the boys in their travels. But then they felt the need to add "Yo! Big Sis!"(sic) and a fake shop for.... What reason?? Come on... The fake fights with other bidders is bad enough. Seriously bad enough, but this crap??? We're bummed. We used to love the show. It was a gem on a "pile" of these shows, and now they are going to the same place the others have... THINKING they are entertaining us with these fake side stories.

DexterRudeRemoval 2013-03-13

pugluv2001 2013-03-06
At least these guys are the real deal. They interact well with each other and that makes it so enjoyable to watch-Especially Allen! What a cutie:)

Trespjitggj 2013-02-06
It is a great show but I haven't seen pawn edition yet because it doesn't come on tv as much but I will !!!!!!!!!!!!! Buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!