Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
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A skid-row florist's "mean green mother" of a monster plant is the center of the looniest, nuttiest

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Seymour--an orphan and a nerd who works in a run-down flower shop on Skid Row--spends his time doing menial tasks and dreaming of his co-worker, Audrey. Then, one day, just after an eclipse of the sun, Seymour discovers a strange plant. The exotic plant draws customers, saves the flower shop from bankruptcy and makes Seymour a hero in Audrey's eyes. But the plant has a rather unique appetite ... and it's getting interested in Audrey too.

User Reviews
cyclops guy👁👁 2023-09-01
This movie is really good and 😄! Five stars duh!

Bigmac2850 2023-05-11

Bank of America_Knoxville 2021-06-10
Frank Oz chiseled his name into the cinematic history books when he made this film. The smash hit Broadway musical that was itself an adaptation of an old Roger Corman B-movie, (go look it up – it’s Jack Nicholson’s first on–screen performance!), the gonzo absurdity (intentionally) over-flowing with hilarious anarchisms “Little Shop of Horrors” is nothing short of pure cinematic bliss. No review of this film, (or original Broadway musical), is complete without mentioning the jaw-dropping performance by Ellen Greene as Audrey. As if her star-power and perfect Broadway vocal chops weren’t enough, this is a movie that also boasts – to name just a few – the talents of Levi Stubbs (as the voice of “Audrey II”), Rick Moranis, John Candy, BILL MURRAY, and of course Steve Martin shows up to give THE BEST CAMEO PERFORMANCE OF ALL TIME. There are masterpieces and then there are Masterpieces. File this one under the latter, and MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE DIRECTOR’S CUT because the “theatrical version” is the stupid studio-managed version of the film wherein the ENTIRE THIRD ACT IS COMPLETELY CHANGED FROM THE ORIGINAL BROADWAY ENDING BECAUSE THEY ARE COWARDS WHO WERE AFRAID OF UPSETTING AUDIENCES.

monicasoria 2021-06-10
Great classic

AbbieIsWeird 2019-11-11
I’ve watched it 7 times in one day

WolfieReveiws 2019-07-17
Awesome movie. First saw this on a United flight. Fun story. Like the voice actors. Can’t say much more. But now I want an Audrey 2. 😂

Rawr-ger 2019-05-06
This was my first introduction to musicals in movie format, I must’ve been about 7 when i first fell in love with Menken’s master piece ! Great film, cheesy, quirky and fun. Most definitely a must watch!!!

Leoboy265314 2019-03-22
I loved this movie it has a great moral, though I still think the real ending is so much better than the theatre version plus I love that song

EmoChic1314 2019-01-17
One of my all time favorite movies!!

SugarEevee 2018-12-26
One of my favorite Rick Moranis Movies

Kaididdlehopper 2018-09-20
Awesome musical with hilarious performances by Steve Martin and Bill Murray. Levi Stubbs is excellent as the voice of the alien. Very entertaining!

Gold Nube 2018-05-07
Childhood favorite!!!

ASRIELCAPTOR799 2018-04-22
I don’t even write reviews, but I had to about this one. The songs are good, as are the characters. It’s just a great movie🌹

Laylajcjfhjdifeu 2017-12-03
I love this movie and it’s so amazing my mom was in the musical and she played Audrey and she did amazing and I love how in Suddenly Seymour Ellen Greene go’s from this tiny voice to a huge belt

Roliwage 2017-10-25
Seeing this with the orginal filmed ending is incredible. It puts it in the same league as Ghostbusters. It gives you the ending of the stage muscial, but then delivers so much more. Sure, it's not as happy an ending as the theatrical version, but this is the version I will watch from now on. So glad the ending was restored!

David Ginotti 2017-10-19
The iTunes version of the film did have the directors cut included, but now it has been removed. Hoping it comes back.

Akrone8101 2017-08-18
We put on the musical at my school and it's very similar to the movie.

PatriotOne1776 2017-05-18
This is one of my favorrite movies! However, iTunes needs to inform the purchaser of the actual "Aspect Ratio" of the film they are purchasing. This has got to be, possibly, one of at least a dozen movies or more that I have been mislead into purchasing... that was not as depicted in the trailer of the film presented to view. I already had the standard definition version of the movie, of which was also portrayed as the original widescreen aspect ratio. I made this second purchase so as to have the HD version. However, again, suckered into purchasing that which is not! I will be contacting iTunes about this issue. We should be made aware of what exactly we are purchasing. The listed details for this movie is that it's in Widescreen, which is to say that the movie is to be in it's originally intended Aspect Ratio, instead of what I got. A zoomed in version of the movie.

KaraB LMT 2016-05-03
This is a movie to watch over and over! Great music; great performances.

6button9 2016-04-23
Is it the good or bad one?

Punkin99 2016-02-02
Great movie, it is my favorite👍😀

e.txcountryboy 2015-10-03
I love this movie, been a fan since i was 8 years old, so i am sure you are asking why the 3 stars. Well this is the movie I grew up with, it is the one with the sappy happy ending. In recent years the original ending has surfaced and it was taken, cleaned up and put back into the movie for a Director's Cut. While this movie is great the Director's Cut is by far superior. So for that reason i gotta put a lower score and try to discourage people from buying or renting this version. One day if iTunes adds the Director's Cut then by all means buy it.

BJ AS 2015-06-23
Little shop of Horrors is by far the best show written by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman. The songs are absolutely timeless, the dialogue is awesome, and the characters are so funny and likable you want to play every one of them in a production near you. Levi Stubbs, Rick Moranis, and Ellen Greene were the perfect casting choices, and made audience fall in love the characters and this sure-to-be classic of a musical!

Theatrenut101 2015-04-11
Okay, I am NEVER one to say this unholy sentence, EVER... but... The movie is far superior to the off-Broadway version. With one exception... Ellen Greene needs to leave. Just... No. Her character voice works with the dialogue, I guess, but it ruins her singing for me. "Somewhere That's Green" makes me cringe every single time I watch it... But I still watch it, out of a morbid curiosity, trying to figure out how she possibly was satisfied with herself after recording it. OTHERWISE. Rick Moranis just gets a "YES." from me. Nuff said. YES. Vincent Gardenia is just great. Steve Martin. Need I say more? :) Crystal, Chiffon, and Ronette, those sassy lassies get a thumbs up. Love the sassafrass!!! And I must say... The big lady with the opening solo in "Down On Skid Row" IS AMAZING!!! Yup. That's pretty much it. Best movie ever. :)

R nR 2015-03-07
I love the story, the twisted humor, the classic characters and most of all, the catchy music! Steve Martin slays me every time! But why can't I get English subtitles in the movie? I'd love to sing along. Help a girl out here !

Slowpokegal22 2015-03-07
I am sooo addicted to this movie!!

FloresTai 2014-12-20
I have loved this movie since I was a child!! Truly a classic!!

Magical pewdiepie01 2014-07-19
This movie is bæ . 🙌

Kitty Lover14 2014-04-30
Love this movie and always will

WickedTerry 2014-04-06
One of the best musical comedic classics and you don't have the movie soundtrack? Shame! Come on, make it so!

Urryolchap 2014-01-12
Love this movie after just recently seeing it. Rick Moranis was awesome in this as well as Steve Martin. I live the music but am disappointed the soundtrack for the movie isn't on here. Please add it! :)

duck897 2013-12-30
this movie is the greatest! it may sound cheesy and not that great from the trailer, but really buy it! rick morains and ellen greene were absolutely perfect and steve martin was the funniest! :D

Wii Jaye 2013-11-14
You have the movie, but not the soundtrack? Get it together Apple. :)

NintendoGeek333 2013-11-14
This is my all time favorite movie, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys the original off-Broadway show. I’m just a little disappointed the movie soundtrack and the Director’s Cut aren’t on iTunes Store.

ifyoulikemyopinion788791 2013-10-20
a must see great movie if you like my taste in movies from my selection than you will like this one too.

Snap_415 2013-06-22
Great Movie, Great Quality