My Amityville Horror
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Watch while in theaters! A personal retelling of the infamous Amityville haunting that terrified an American family in 1975 and shocked a nation.

User Reviews
Joj0pug 2013-09-02
Don't bother spending your 💵!! Not worth the time either.....

DSZ1984 2013-09-02
I whish I could have my money not buy. This is about a guy with very serious personality issues who says offensive words to every person that approach him with questions on a documentary he agreed to be a part of...

GreenPrell 2013-08-31
I wish they would have called out the liar and narcissist features in this movie. They really played with kid gloves and spent way too much time on the charlatan "paranormal experts."

mjt5736 2013-08-16
I really enjoyed this film and I guess like everyone else I was looking for some answers. Well reader, I'm sad to say there are non here that will surprise you In any form. It's a journey into someone's personal terror..

FullServ Inc. 2013-08-10
If you have nothing to do, and feel like wasting money then watch this docu. I thought it sucked, the only interesting part is at the end.

Squinner 2013-08-07
This "documentary" is just a rant about how much Danny Lutz hates his stepfather.

navebro78 2013-05-20
I saw every single movie twice, saw the interviews, behind the scenes, about everything and this is the one I want to BUY not rent, but BUY this movie from iTunes! I sure hope that I can be able to grab it when it's on sale,...

sc1996 2013-04-25
I love The Amityville Horror and the whole story behind it. It freaks me out and is quite possibly the scariest "true" story I've ever heard. And don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this documentary for what it is, but I just expected more from it. I wanted Mr. Lutz to tell us more about the paranormal events that he and his family witnessed in the house, but instead he kinda seemed to avoid talking about all that. Yes, he does explain some things that happened in the house, but there could've been so much more than what he said. Personally, I would've loved to hear him talk about all the paranormal events from day one to the day he moved out than to hear him ramble on about what he felt about the whole thing, which is pretty much what he did for the most part. It revolved a lot around his personal life instead of the actual Amityville horror story. But I did like it for what it is, and with that being said, this is definitely worth a rent, especially if you like horror and/or you are interested in a disturbing and scary story.

Huge14u 2013-04-20
Terrible...... I agree with sad. Known drug user and liar. Just trying to make some fame because he lived in the infamous house. Thumbs down on this misery of a documentary.

Wicked Midget 2013-04-02
A bogus documentary if I ever saw one. I didn't know if "Danny" was trying to sell his spooky story about living in one of the most infamous houses or trying to prop himself up as a rock star. Seriously, what does his guitar playing have to do with anything? Well, anyway, I gave it two stars because it did help me sleep.

estos 2013-03-26
I wanted more info on his story as it relates to the house rather than an hour and a half of complaining. The son needs help. He's really unlikable in this documentary and it makes this hard to watch.

Xmlee 2013-03-25
I'll be honest and say I was expecting a lot more out of this. It was captivating, but only because I was expecting a lot more to come out of it (that never happened). Don't get me wrong… it is interesting, but $7 to rent it is WAY WAY too much. I'd give it a 50% before thinking about the $$, and a solid 25% after taking that into count.

Horror movie lover358885 2013-03-23
This might be one of the worst documentaries I have ever seen and trust me, my standards are very low. Anyway there seems to be no point no consistency and the best parts are only in the trailer anyway. Poor David Lutz-who knows what really went on, but unfortunately this documentary is so badly done, instead of telling his story, it only adds to his angst. Whoever gave this good reviews must be really BORED.... And I meanREALLY BORED and love to waste money.

Lordstimpy 2013-03-21
This documentary is awesome. At first glance I expected it to be an "unsolved mysteries" kind of film with cheesy re-enacments and deep voiced narration, but what I got was a well constructed, thought provoking insight into the boy (now man) who lived through The Amityville Horror experience. I was hooked from the opening shot. The cinematography is beautiful, (rare for documentaries) and the tone is pitch perfect. The film serves as an objective look into the life of Daniel Lutz, the youngest child of the family who lived through the notorious haunting. This is not a documentary that proclaims to have the answers. The director lets you draw your own conclusions as to what side of the fence your on. Overall really enjoyed it and while I don't believe any of it happened, the main character of the film certainly does, which makes for a very compelling 90 minutes.

cjboffoli 2013-03-19
Despite the promise of exploring a potentially compelling subject, that promise arrives unfulfilled as this film is more boring than interesting. Lutz is a wholly unlikeable and unsympathetic character who is ever more annoying the more he's on-screen. And the film isn't helped much in that he's surrounded by pseudo-experts without any inkling of journalistic objectivity. At certain points I wondered if I was watching some kind of Christopher Guest mock-u-mentary. Like when they wondered aloud if the film's crew were pious enough for them to take out a piece of jewelry with a reputed piece of the "true cross" embedded in it (yeah, right). Forget, of course, that they're sitting in a janky suburban basement with roosters shrieking in the background. When Daniel started to describe George Lutz' ability to levitate things through telekinesis my intelligence was finally insulted enough to just turn this film off. It wasn't worth finishing.

labyrd 2013-03-19
This film was made by a 20 something year old kid who wasn't alive untill the 3rd movie with his knowledge of this scam coming from Internet and terrible movies. Like the actor in this film Eric Walters is young and impressionable it seems like he was scared of Mr Lutz this film like the rest is a get rich quick scam with very little spent on producing this film.Dan lives in his own little world not evolving from the scared 10 y/o boy who was involved in the biggest ghost scam of its time ....and the amityvile hoax has seen its time I wouldn't even recommend purchasing a bootleg of this scam if the producers of this film make any money from this you can be sure they will pursue another amity scam.....When will the scam end?

texas_state11 2013-03-19
Ok i am a horror movie fan, i'm not religious but i have had spiritual experiences so i believe in an afterlife-i also have my BA in History and Religion so theres my story anyways... i have seen the movies and documentaries about possession and amityville. i love to research this stuff... anyway in my opinion this is completely FAKE! i completely agree he is extremely aggressive in his p.o.v and if you dont understand (agree) with what he is saying he becomes a miniature hulk. i think his stepfather was abusive and maybe the parents would tell them they saw 400 flies, psychologically putting in the children's heads in the end they believe it. Btw obsessed with chicken and the roosters INSIDE the old ladies house... The one who said it was possessed lol just thought i'd mention that ;) ok changed my mind i give it one star bc i cant give 0!!! Seriously a piece of wood from Jesus' cross- can you buy that on ebay? Btw you may kiss my cross with a random piece of wood

Whosaidwhato 2013-03-18
People are dead set to either make this movie or not fit one,general box. Take it as a documentary about life after super natural events if you believe in super natural, or a psychological thriller if you don't believe in super natural. It's like watching a real life version of a mental patient's confession tapes. You can't tell what is real and what isn't and that's what I love about it. The blurry line between reality and imagination is what people are missing. It doesn't always have to be black or white. I'm someone who grew up fearing super natural, not necessarily believing in it, and I loved it. Come on, if you liked rubbish like sinister, Moma, or paranormal activity, you can't beat on this movie, because its the same style

RaduRanga 2013-03-17
the main interviewee almost threatening in ihis approach to make you believe in the supernatural. was hoping this would be more about an interesting stoy rather than ghost peddlers. i stopped watching after they pulled out "actual" wood from the cross of jesus...seriously

F.E.Feeley 2013-03-16
This is a really tough film to watch. This isn't a scary movie and isn't intended to be. No ghosts will jump out, no furniture will be flung, I think there is one unsettling photgraph and that is it. The content of the story , however, will set your teeth on edge. This is a very deep and personal look of the life of one of the children to live inside of The Amityville Horror house, this American iconic place of legend. And it breaks your heart. From the first few minutes, Danny, begins to recall the story of what happened inside of that house and what his family was like. Whether or not the story is true, doesn't really matter here. What does matter is that Danny believes that the story is true. What I think we see here is an man who had to deal with some of the worst kinds of child abuse there is and that is pychological abuse. It breaks my heart that no one loved this kid, and possibly his siblings, the way a parent should love their kids. Danny's tale, while dramatic given the legend of that house, however isn't that unfamiliar. He tells his story in a crass, unpolished, passionate, and heartfelt way that keeps the viewers attention through the entire thing. I just hope that after this video, Danny, can find the peace he was looking for.

BrianPolPhil 2013-03-16
What is the point of this movie? It's a psychological profile of an angry man with a troubled family history. The only mystery is whether he is being purposefully dishonest or whether his traumatic family life led him to imagine the events. Either way, it was very uncomfortable to hear this man's angry defense of his story. And one final thought: It is really weak for a documentary to state that they requested interviews with his siblings but were denied. Does this excuse the fact that the sources you did use were uninteresting? We watch documentaries because of the access they are able to gain. This isn't the evening news. If you don't have decent sources, don't make the documentary. I feel liker an idiot for paying $7 for this.

Gumbala 2013-03-16
Im from Amityville and its crazy how they make it more than how it really was . Still good just funny

rainismoi 2013-03-15
I watched this movie all the way through and it kept me mostly interested. But, just having finished it I have to wonder what the point is. It doesn't answer any questions and the stories (while interesting) aren't really anymore earth shattering than your average ghost hunters type show. This movie did leave me feeling really sorry for Danny Lutz. It's obvious (whether his story is true or not) that he has some really deep wounds from his childhood.

HLLA02 2013-03-15
This film is an incredible look at the now grown man who lived through one of America's most famous hauntings. A must see!

bearcat222 2013-03-15
I read this book when I was a kid and have always been fascinated by the story so to hear from one of the people who actually lived through it was a real treat. Definitely worth the price of admission!

TrinaS49 2013-03-15
By far, the best Amityville Horror yet!