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Major Crimes is back on the case for a thrilling second season as two-time Oscar® nominee Mary McDonnell continues as Captain Sharon Raydor, the head of the LAPD’s Major Crimes division, joined by an unforgettable ensemble cast. As the second season opens, the team immediately dives into some of the most challenging and fascinating crimes yet, including the murder of a big-time film producer’s wife, an apparent murder-suicide and a high-speed car chase that leads to a triple homicide. Just as the squad seems to be adjusting to last year’s leadership change, however, Deputy District Attorney Emma Rios (new series star Nadine Velazquez – Flight, Hart of Dixie) arrives to challenge Raydor’s intentions and shake up the department. Torn between what is right morally and what the law commands, Raydor and her team are faced with more personal and professional struggles than ever as they continue to make deals and crack cases.

User Reviews
British Bulldog 2014-05-08
I wrote a review a while back saying that I was trying to like Major Crimes, but not sure for ho much longer. Well I think the time has finally come. I watched ‘Boys will be Boys’ and it was just awful. No humour whatsoever, formulaic script, character lacking any depth and Dusty is just irritating. Not even Tom Berenger can help this flailing show now. The only positive thing is they could possibly easily replace McDonald and explain it easily enough (transfer, retirement etc) and bring in someone with my charisma. I think it’s time to either change the lead actor or let this show end.

JC0327 2014-01-19
The writers and actors of Major Crimes deserve major kudos. The story arc between Captain Rador and Rusty has turned a somewhat annoying character from The Closer into a character that you not only like but admire and care about. When the show first started I thought it would never live up The Closer but it has more than surpassed my hopes. Mary MacDonnell, Graham Patrick Martin, and GW Bailey have taken their characters from the sidelines of the closer to Major players on Crimes. If you want a great family show wrapped in a crime show, look no further.

suzyq135 2014-01-18
I watched every episode of the closer and now major crimes, my favorite tv show!

Complexity2 2014-01-14
This has become my favorite show! It has the regular bad guys plots with each episode, another bad guy plot that continues through all the episodes, a long list of fantastic characters, each with their own unique personality and sense of humor. That would be enough to merit a five star rating. But what puts this show at the top of my list is the storyline with Rusty and Captain Raider. The love between the two characters is subtle, yet very strong, You can actually feel it. I look forward to every new episode and can't wait for future seasons!

RCrumpler02 2014-01-02
Wonderful show! I was a HUGE fan of "The Closer" & Kyra Sedgwick!!! I have to tell you, Mary McDonnell has done an amazing job filling the lead role!!! Still an amazing, very talented & awesomely entertaining cast!!!

ShanEnigma 2013-12-02
I totally love this show! It is one of my two most favorite tv shows and is also one of the two best shows ever! Wish there were more like this on tv now a days. Captain Sharon Raydor is great! Super Amazing Job- Mary McDonnell!!! Also luv Provenza, Flynn, Buzz, Rusty, Tao, Sanchez and Sykes! Hope TNT keeps this show on for many more years/seasons to come! The cast performances continue to amaze and entertain from the pilot of the 1st season and on to now with the winter premiere of season 2! Wonderful job and shout out to the entire crew and cast! I've absolutely loved and thoroughly enjoyed each and every episode! Keep up the good work!

Era_is_Me 2013-09-30
The second season of this show has been even better than the first. Absolutely incredible. Though the addition of Emma Rios was annoying at first (and she still is to some degree), it doesn't take away from the rest of the show. I can't wait for it to come back from hiatus for the rest of the season. Anyone rating this show any less than 5 stars just because you aren't receiving the episodes in a timly fashion, you're idiots.

Johnson 1125 2013-08-31
I really like this show. I paid for a season pass but why does it take so long to post the new episodes? It's Saturday am and the previous episode is not posted. Why hasn't the new episode become available? You have no problem taking my money. Why is there a problem giving me what I paid for?

[][][][][][][][] 2013-08-28
The reason you pay for a season is so you can count on it being in your library. episode 7 came out sunday. Its thursday night and it isn't on iTunes yet. It is all over the internet but since i PAID for it I'm holding out for iTunes. frustrating!

MLF56 2013-08-23
I don't think your main audience is that interested in his storyline. Find another way to appeal to a younger audience. This actor is obnoxious and his role is overdone.

Saul Zaddik 2013-08-09
Sure crime is the driver, but when did you last see police characters think about or discuss the department's budget. When did they last discuss the advantages of a confession as opposed to a conviction by a jury on a budget. These are real factors today. Then there is the wisdom of the female captain clearly demonstrating her wisdom and suitability for the position above her. One minute this series is deadly serious and the next it will make laugh so hard your side hurt. Reality, truth, humor and murder each week.

RSM82354 2013-07-25
I have come to enjoy this show a great deal - particularly Flynn & Provenza, not to mention Sanchez! HOWEVER it's Thursday afternoon and still no download. What is the point of buying a season pass which is supposed to be "convenient" when we have to literally beg for the episode to be downloaded to us? I could see if it were a general problem, but other instant video providers had the episode ready Tuesday morning. And for the price of the season's pass I'd expect that we would have gotten the episode long before now. What gives?????

Katie girl 88 2013-07-25
The July 22 episode is not posted. I paid for the season pass and I want to know why the latest episode is not available.

alrecap 2013-07-25
One would think that with all the $ Apple makes from selling episodes, the LEAST they could do is give some information about WHY the latest show is not available. Come on, Apple!

Drawde99 2013-07-24
Where is the July 22nd episode? I paid, I want it.

still waiting!!1 2013-07-23
I am not at ALL happy that iTunes has not yet posted the most recent episode which i have already paid for -- what's the problem????

Locks pear 2013-07-23
Great series...but missing most recent episode!

Mowerman1974 2013-06-19
I did not care for Capt Raider on The Closer, but she has done a masterful job transitioning her character from antagonist to protagonist with such ease. Her ability to gain the teams trust and allegiance so quickly felt natural and adds to the authenticity of the show. Keeping Provenza & Flynn around wasn't a bad idea either. Thank you TNT!

Lns678 2013-06-13
Just as compelling as previous seasons--though I miss kyra sedgewick!!